I recently received several emails including a pic of the above Allah stamped buck attached to a variety of protestations and howls of outrage that Allah would be placed on our beloved national currency. The general idea implied if not outright stated in these emails was that this was yet another example of Christianity being assaulted by Islam.

And while I have no doubt that some doing the defacing see and intended it that way, too, there are more than a few huge problems with that notion.

While the aim here is not to try and tackle all of those issues in one post, I thought it might be helpful to at least consider the nature of the US dollar as it actually exists in light of Scripture.

So please join me in setting aside tradition, habit, and all of the pop-culture and government promoted propaganda that we are swimming in daily and focus for a moment on the following passage:


A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is his delight. ~ Proverbs 11:1


Here we see a “false balance” as being worthy of the same categorization as homosexuality.

In order to add some clarity as to what God is expressing when he addresses the subjects of homosexuality and a false balance in such a manner, let’s have a gander at the definition of “abomination”:


[uh-bom-uhney-shuh n]
1. anything abominable; anything greatly disliked or abhorred.
2. intense aversion or loathing; detestation:
3. a vile, shameful, or detestable action, condition, habit, etc.:

One thing that seems to come through clearly here with just a little bit of honest reading is that we’re not, in this instance, dealing with a very tricky or cloudy issue. Things are fairly simple, straightforward and clear: God despises an unfair balance.

When we see or hear or read that God despises a thing, we really ought to sit up and take notice.

When we see or hear or read that God despises a thing that we have been conditioned to embrace, adore, and spend our life energy pursuing, well…we can understandably feel quite intimidated and perhaps even fearful at the prospect of such a present reality.

While a good and proper fear of the Lord should inspire conviction, correction, and repentance in His people, we ought never fear anything or any one other than the Lord.

Nothing of this world should inspire fear in His people.


Yet, especially in America, even approaching the dragon of Monopoly money fueled commerce has become such a fearful prospect to most professing Christians that they simply refuse to look directly at the beast, much less confront it with the light of biblical truth.

It is in this context that we find Christians once again to be most responsible for the darkness coursing through the veins of our civilization.

This is why I would like to share these points with you now. It is my hope and prayer that God might even now in this late hour be moving His people to awaken and take action, and that he might use this simple, flawed attempted presentation to help some along that path.

With that said, here are seven reasons as to why God despises the US dollar:


  1. It is as “unfair a balance” as a balance can possibly be. Since the dollar was finally severed from its last objective restraints by president Richard Nixon in 1971, it has literally become detached from all external restraint. Those with the power to create (by printing press or keyboard stroke) this “money” are able to do so effortlessly. All they need is the will to create it. All they have to do is make a decision for there to be billions, trillions, or more, for whatever reason they desire, and the “money” becomes available…all while everyone else in the world is forced to spend their very life energy in pursuit of the amount of “money” made available for them to chase after by those who crafted it out of thin air. This “fiat currency” or “Monopoly money” approach could not possibly be more of an unfair balance. It is the ultimate “unfair balance” of Proverbs 11:1 and it is therefore the ultimate abomination of Proverbs 11:1.
  2. It fundamentally corrupts the concept of work. When some have the power to literally create wealth out of thin air, the requirement that work be done at some point in some way in order to acquire wealth is destroyed.
  3. It fundamentally corrupts the work ethic. When some have the power cited above, and others (the vast majority beneath them) do not, all who dare look are able to confirm that the concept of a true and good universal work ethic has been fundamentally undermined and corrupted.
  4. It enslaves the many to the few. When some are granted the power to craft the “money” needed to sustain life out of thin air, they are effectively granted the power to own everyone and everything beneath them. This is no exaggeration and it is actually the point of all fiat currency like the US dollar: Fiat currency is designed to accomplish fiat slavery of the masses.
  5. It fundamentally corrupts business. When some can either manufacture limitless wealth from nothingness or benefit from their friends who have been granted such power, and the rest of humanity is left to scrap and claw for even enough “money” to feed themselves, the business playing field has been fundamentally compromised and truly “free markets” become a fiction.
  6. It empowers the emerging Corpo-Fascist State: Governments and corporations use the power of fiat currency to control masses from birth to death. The few who are able to craft “money” from nothing use that wealth to build and expand governmental systems and corporate powers in ways that would be impossible if there was a biblically sound form of currency in place.
  7. It enables perpetual war. Without the ability to craft “money” out of thin air, it would be impossible to finance the never-ending military adventures used to perpetuate the growth of the State and the control of its subjects.

I hope that these points are clarifying and helpful, and I pray that, rather than inspiring fear of the abominable system that has come to wrap its tentacles sop tightly around every aspect of our lives, they will instead inspire God-fearing, God-glorifying contemplation and action on the part of His people.

Lord willing, I will share other hopefully helpful thoughts along these lines soon, including solutions and biblical principles to guide us along the way as we tackle the challenges that He has placed before us.


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