ca. 1980-2001Everything in God’s creation is constantly about the business of validating His nature as revealed in His Word.


“There is not one single, solitary maverick molecule in the universe”, as R.C. Sproul might say.

All of creation belongs to God and it is all in the process – even at this very moment – of affirming His lordship.

At this point in His creation of time, much of that validation of God comes in the form of wannabe rebels crushing themselves against His law. People, families, nations and cultures strive mightily to do things “their way” in direct opposition to Him. Oh, many of these folks do it with what they claim (and often believe to be) the “best of intentions” and the sweetest of motives, but even these professions of goodness and sweetness are just more self-serving lies when measured in the perfect light of Scripture.

In this context, America is now serving as a great example – perhaps the greatest example in human history – of how a proud people can rebel against and destroy themselves upon the law of God while claiming all along that they are doing what they are doing for the best and most noble of reasons.

While this tragic reality of America’s proudly suicidal nature is now on open display in many areas, one flagrant affliction that we have brought upon ourselves and will continue to inflame through our rejection of God’s clear, loving Word of life is the anti-Christ religion of Islam.

In our idolatry of ourselves we have exalted our law (the Constitution) above God’s law, our law-givers (the Founding fathers) above God, and our traditions above the life-defining and life-bringing Word of God. So it is that, among other terrible things, we have come to protect and cherish the very thing God has forbidden: The worship of false gods in the land.

Not only have we protected this flagrant violation of the First Commandment, but we have held up our opposition to the Lord in this central matter as a virtue and wondrous virtue for all the world to follow.

We talk and we rant and we listen to hour after hour of talk radio railing against the problem of Islam and “those Muslims”…all while vigorously defending their “right” to freely worship any god they choose.

But wait! There’s more!

Not only do we celebrate the “right” to worship any god and wave the banner of religious pluralism around for all the world to see, but we attribute this “right” to God.

Yes, we actually claim that the freedom to worship false gods is a “God-given right”.

Is anyone even thinking about these words when they say them anymore?

Are we so far gone – dead and buried in our self-referential pride and arrogance – that we can no longer even notice the most flagrantly idiotic and inconsistent of concepts?

And in doing these things are we not revealing ourselves to be the worst of offenders and the most mocking of the one true God?

This is what we have done with the light that was once given us. These are the depths to which we have fallen.

And yes, it will get worse…until and unless we repent.

Such is the debasement of our minds here in Romans 1 America.

We may do rebellion more proudly than anyone else before us, but we will not do it any more effectively. Our rank pride is not an asset here; it is a liability. It has blinded us to the most vulgar rejections of God, and those proud rejections are about to kill us…just as they should.

The bottom line is this: If we continue to worship America, our idolatry of America will destroy America. The only hope to save America is to repent of our past and present idolatry of America and submit to Christ as King in practice.

So as we wonder what to do about “those Muslims” and the many plagues currently being used by God to judge us, we might want to begin not with them, but with ourselves. We might want to personally repent of our idolatry and submit to Christ the King as King over every aspect of our lives right here and right now…while there is yet time.


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