So what if our children are taught that all religions are to be respected equally?

So what if our children are taught as much about Islam as they are about Christianity…and all from a supposedly “neutral perspective” (in stark contrast to a biblical perspective)?

So what if our children are taught to presuppose no absolute truth in history, art, math, or anything else?

So what if our children are taught that religious beliefs are “personal” and that “real world education” centers on setting aside your religion so that you can pursue knowledge (education) and thereby better understand and enjoy “real life”. (See: Redeeming Children’s Education: Confronting Our Satanic Approach to the Pursuit of Knowledge.)

Isn’t that what education is supposed to be?

Isn’t that how things are and how children ought to be taught here in “the real world”?

Isn’t that the American way?

Isn’t that what the American State has discipled us to believe?

Well yeah, it is “the American way”, at least insofar as the American State has shaped and molded our path and approach to the pursuit of knowledge over the past 150 years or so. It is not, however, a true approach to the pursuit of knowledge or anything else. (See: The State as God in practice: How we currently evangelize through government, law and education.)

Even so, this fundamentally false approach to education is now deeply entrenched, cherished, and adored in America, including Bible-Belt America, where I happen to live…and most professing Christians still seem to think that their State-run children’s discipleship program is pretty much okay.

One of the more annoying signs of State-sponsored, deeply ingrained unbiblical groupthink in America is the way that professing Christians in America actively defend the State-managed discipleship of their children in the same emotion-driven, idol-coddling, Scripture dismissing ways.

One of the most well worn of these near-universally employed tools of denial is the “But our schools are different!” line.

Oh sure, their schools refuse to presuppose the lordship of Christ over math, art, language, history, and everything else.

And yeah, their schools presuppose that there is some “neutral reality” apart from Christ that can be appealed to and used as the foundation from which to pursue knowledge (education).

Yet these schools are still “different” to these people in some meaningful way.


Because their schools are taught by nice people who embrace “Christian values” (as defined by the emotions and traditions of men rather than by Christ in His Word) and even many times claim to be Christians. These “Christian teachers” even often go to “conservative” churches where their pastors support what they’re doing (see: Why is the beast of Socialism eating our children? Ask your pastor.) So see, it’s practically like their children are receiving a Christian education at these schools.

I’ve had many conversations with professing Christians defending the State-managed discipleship of their children who appeal to the “basically Christian” nature of education as pursued at their schools in just this way. In this they demonstrate that they have learned much from their teachers; perhaps much more than they realize. In their personal embrace and proud, All-American defense of satanic presuppositions regarding knowledge and education, they demonstrate that they have been thoroughly discipled by the State.

This multi-generational approach to State-centered, Christ-dismissing discipleship has been rolling along for a very long time now all across the increasingly State-dominated “land of the free” and home of the NSA.

Especially in rural, Bible-Belt America Schools.

Like in Tennessee, for example.

Or Maury County, to be more specific.

Which makes yesterday’s article at The Spring Hill Home Page interesting:

Maury County Director of Schools Chris Marczak has asked parents concerned about a seventh grade social studies class on the history of Islam to discuss their questions in a Sept. 17 meeting with district teachers and administrators.

“If we are truly going to Grow Maury County together, then we need to openly talk and discuss about what we want to emphasize in our county,” Marczak said in a noon Thursday statement to district parents.

I encourage you to talk with your children, talk with your teachers, and talk with your principals. We are here to help your children be prepared for Life.”

The issue arose over new state-mandated standards on middle school social studies about early American history. The standards were developed two years ago and implemented in the 2014-2015 school year.

A Spring Hill Middle School parent complained after seeing a school project her daughter had created featuring the Shahada, or Five Pillars of Faith in Islam: prayer, almsgiving, fasting, pilgrimage and creed.

The creed pillar is known in Arabic as “Shahada,” and in transcribing it students were instructed to write, “Allah is the only God,”. . .

Call me suspicious (in a “test all things” kinda way), but this doesn’t sound to me like anything even remotely resembling a Christian approach to truth, does it? Is this approach to education even compatible with Christianity?

It sounds more like an approach to the pursuit of knowledge centering on religious pluralism, which God despises, doesn’t it? (See: Note to ‘Merica: There is no “God-given right” to worship false gods. Repent accordingly.)

It sounds like an approach to truth that utterly dismisses (and therefore openly disrespects) Christ as Lord over (and Author of) every subject under consideration, doesn’t it?

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When Maury County Director of Schools Chris Marczak says, “If we are truly going to Grow Maury County together, then we need to openly talk and discuss about what we want to emphasize in our county,” he is absolutely right. And when he says that, “We are here to help your children be prepared for Life”, he is making plain that which has really been plain for a very long time now: The State-run children’s “education” system – even in rural Middle Tennessee – really, truly, honestly believes that Christ is not the essential core of education, the pursuit of knowledge, and life.

A student is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher.

~ Luke 6:40

See what the State and its employed teachers are modeling here for students?

See the satanic presuppositions unconsciously assumed and embraced in the manner in which education is pursued through State-run systems and schools?

According to these satanic systems and those who model them for students, the comprehensive lordship and true Life that is Christ is not something that teachers, parents and students need to acknowledge, much less emphasize or center on in Maury County, Tennessee, (or anywhere else) in order to “prepare for life”. Consider this approach to “education” in light of the following:

We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ

~ 2 Corinthians 10:5 (emphasis added)

This approach to education and life is precisely why we have “gay marriage”, child sacrifice, and jailed obedient Christians as the “legal” normal now in an America loaded with professing Christians. (See: Presuppositional Law: Where we begin with law determines where we end.)

And it’ll only get worse if we continue to enable and support the State-run discipleship and mind-sculpting of our young.

The State is not neutral toward Christ.

Nothing and nobody is neutral toward Christ.

The State is actively opposed to Christ, and it will always – for many State-serving reasons – “educate” others accordingly. (See: Statism 101: State-run “education” makes a State-dependent population.)

Even in rural Tennessee, where our schools are not different where it matters most.



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