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The Fire Breathing Christian Podcast is now listed on iTunes. Woohoo!

We’ve submitted it to a variety of other streaming services as well, but now that it’s iTunes ready I’ve put a Podcast tab at the top of the FBC site’s home page linking to the new Podcast Page (which you can access by clicking here).

The fourth installment of the podcast was posted on Monday and we’re tentatively aiming for Monday weekly releases from here on out, Lord willing and schedule permitting. This is a first small step towards where we hope to go with audio/video formats and the podcast is very much a work in progress, but we’re happy to have it off the ground and very appreciative of your feedback and support. That said, please feel free to send on any thoughts, criticisms, and suggestions that you might have on the podcast (or anything else FBC related) to

We’re hoping to soon incorporate interviews with like-minded Fire Breathers as well as interaction with listeners of the podcast and readers of the blog.

Subscribing to the podcast on iTunes (or wherever you choose to stream it from) is hugely helpful, as is sharing with anyone that you think might appreciate what we’re doing at Fire Breathing Christian.

Thank you for your prayers and support! Your encouragement is more appreciated than you know, especially in these early stages of the FBC mission.


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