One of the weirdest and most telltale signs that we’ve become a people completely disconnected from reality is the way that here in America, even most “conservative” professing Christians have come to cherish and defend the concept of religious pluralism.

The idea that we have the “God-given ‘right'” to worship any god or practice any religion that we choose has become a defining jewel in America’s crown of pride and self-delusion. The “freedom to worship” any god is a centerpiece of the American worldview and foundational to America’s identity…which pretty much explains in a nutshell why we are where we are now as a culture.

Even our favored conservative “experts” and “leaders”, while almost always claiming Christianity, nonetheless relentlessly lead us along this path of religious pluralism, encouraging us to “stand up for the ‘religious liberty'” upon which America was built and upon which it must stand.

[insert “U! S! A!” chant here]

Even as we commemorate the 9/11 attacks we are now encouraged by our “conservative Christian” leaders to defend and enable the “God-given ‘right'” to open propagation of Islam and Muslim worship in America. The question begging to be asked here is: “So which ‘God’ gave us this ‘right’?” If America is serving a god in all of this propagation of religious pluralism, it sure isn’t the God of Christianity.

Even so, all of this defense and adoration of “religious liberty” (and therefore the many (infinite) other gods empowered by it) is relentlessly pitched as a basic duty of all good and properly patriotic Americans. “Religious liberty” must be defended no matter the cost…literally…

After all, this is the same “religious liberty” we must as good conservative Americans defend for witches. (See: Religious “Freedom” Update: Witch leads American heartland “lawmakers” in “prayer”.)

And it’s the same “religious liberty” that we good conservative American patriots must protect for Satanists. (See: Detroit celebrates All-American “right” to worship Satan. [insert “U! S! A!” chant here])

You know, that “religious liberty”.

Is anyone else’s head spinning yet?

Is anyone else hearing Twilight Zone music?

And what does God – the real One – have to say about this All-American and uber-patriotic approach to religious liberty? What does He say about allowing the open worship of false gods in the land? What has He prescribed where the worship of false gods is concerned?

Do “We the People” even care?

Well, whether we care or not or like it or not, He has spoken, and with clarity:

And God spoke all these words, saying,

“I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.

 You shall have no other gods before me.”

~ Exodus 20:1-3 (emphasis added)

You may recognize this as number one of The Ten Commandments, found in Bibles as well as on all sorts of publicly displayed monuments, plaques, and statues fiercely defended (the statues; not the actual commandments) by “conservative Christians” all across the fruited plain…while the very same people automatically dismiss and openly trample the very commandment from God that is at the top the list.

When God says that we are to “have no other gods before” Him, He is not saying that other gods are okay as long as they’re not placed above or beside Him. That’s not the idea being expressed here at all. This is not God making an argument for a hierarchy of false gods that is somehow acceptable so long as we place Him atop the pile in some symbolic way. That is a wildly blasphemous (and very American) concept.

What God is explicitly condemning is the presence of any false gods in His sight. He is forbidding in the clearest language possible – here and throughout all of Scripture – the worship of any and all false Gods. He is specifically telling us that we cannot allow the open worship of false gods in our land. To allow for such open worship of false gods is to mock the one true God and beg for His wrath.

Which brings us to America.

Here in the “land of the free” and home of the NSA, we’re all about the proud adoration and defense of our “right” do to exactly that which God has explicitly condemned and forbidden, namely: Openly worship any god we like. (See: Note to ‘Merica: There is no “God-given right” to worship false gods. Repent accordingly.)

So the next time you’re “wondering” why we’ve completely come off the rails and are now proudly (and suicidally) proclaiming the “legality” of “gay marriage” and the long-running “legality” of child sacrifice in the name of convenience and profit, please understand that there’s no need to wonder. There’s no real basis for confusion here. This is not some great baffling mystery requiring some supernaturally empowered Columbo or Perry Mason to figure out.

We have deteriorated to this level over the past 200+ years – with the rate and trajectory of our decline increasing greatly as we go along – because we have first disregarded the crystal command of God to forbid the open worship of false gods in our land.

I know, I know…this all sounds so very un-American of me…which is precisely the point.

When “conservative Christian” wannabe “leaders” and “experts” like Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, and every other Pagan Right Wing political advocate try to woo (as they always do) conservative Christians with appeals to the importance of “religious liberty” (by which they always mean religious pluralism, which God despises), they are leading us deeper and deeper into darkness and ruin.

Got it?

Please get it…

I know it’s hard. I know it’s challenging. I know it grates against the All-American core we’ve been programmed to embrace since toddlerhood through State- and Corporate-owned “education” systems and pop culture, but we have to shake off the lies. The hour is late and it’s getting darker by the second. We really need to take hold of this hard truth and repent accordingly.

Right now…while there is still time.

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We’ve been allowing these Pagan Right Wing Statists to educate, manipulate, and use us for generations now. It’s well past time that we stopped supporting them and started actively opposing them.

It’s time that we stopped feeding our children to them for “education”. (See: Statism 101: State-run “education” makes a State-dependent population.)

They really do adore and will always encourage us (and our children) to embrace the God-hated concept of religious pluralism. They really and truly believe that all “lesser gods” ought to be freely worshipped as a sort of placebo for the masses, so long as said masses understand clearly that the true God above all others in practice is the Almighty State.

In this America is not different from Rome at its core. The State is god in practice, and anyone who will not acknowledge this and submit accordingly must  – and will – be punished.

See: Kim Davis.

If we want to actually deal with the problem of Islam in America, we will have to reject the “religious liberty” approach of our Pagan Political “leaders” and experts. (See: Fox News Equates God’s Law With Islam. American “Conservative Christians” say, “Amen!”)

If we want to successfully address the problem of Witchcraft and Satanism in America, we will have to repent of our enabling them through this satanic construct of “religious liberty” and submit to the loving rule of Christ as King in practice. (See: Well color me satanic and call me America!  Or: How our cherished tolerance for false gods is killing us.)

If we don’t want witches leading our “legislators” in “prayer” anymore in America, we have to repent and submit to the God we’ve mocked through our perverse approach to “religious liberty”.

See again how profoundly un-American all of that sounds these days?

Stop witchcraft?!

Outlaw Islam?!

Ban Satanism?!

Sounds pretty crazy in our proud All-American modern context, doesn’t it?

Of course it does.

And that should tell us all we need to know about America and where she stands in the eyes of the one true God…who will not be mocked by any nation…’Merica included (see: Psalm 2).

May He grace us with repentance and restoration while there is yet time.



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11 Responses

  1. I've always thought that the internet could be used as a voice for the next great messenger of God. Thank you for proving me right.

  2. Galatians 1:8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. (9) As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.

    America was founded upon the Word of God the King James Bible an for over 200 years America prospered was a light on the hill. When the new age modern versions came (niv, esv, nkjv et, al) preaching another Jesus, another gospel. America as Paul wrote was accursed for worshiping a false gospel. We set these false bibles up as idols.

    Satan is working behind the scenes to bring about a global government and one world religion. Part of his plan is to convince Christians to turn in their King James Bibles for "new and improved" versions that have been systematically corrupted to advance a New World Order. Once God's people have been disarmed of their spiritual weapon, they will be powerless to stand against it.

  3. Scott Alan Buss, your post has perfectly targeted much of our national sin. Thank you for sharing so succinctly. The God of the Old & New Covenant bless you.

    1. Well, KDL, he thinks he's a fire-breather, so he'll just huff and puff and blow your legal rights out the window, I guess. Delusional sucker, isn't he?

  4. Horse hooyah. What part of "You shall have no other gods before me" do you not understand? How do you expect to build the 'spiritual' kingdom when you don't follow the principles it's built upon?

    Matthew 28:19 ALL authority in heaven and earth is given unto me. Not later…but at THAT POINT. It is not future, it's NOW. Our Christian forefathers understood that Christ IS King, not that Christ WOULD BE King.

  5. I would contend that you are missing the intent of Christian support for religious pluralism. One can support pluralism without supporting the other religions it allows.

    With pluralism, however, we as Christians are enabled to live freely in a society that, like it or not, is not and never will be completely Christian. No nation on earth can be completely made up of followers of God. The children of Abraham are not physical descendants, but rather spiritual ones (Rom 9:7-8). The body of Christ exists in the physical world among those who deny their Creator. That is an undeniable fact. But when we contracted ourselves into this society (going by the Lockean theory of government here, which is what America is generally based off of), we decided that we wanted the freedom to be Christians in this society without fear of persecution. So we (generally speaking) separated the Church from the State. By doing so, we (attempted to) ensure that the government had no authority or right to infringe on our worship of God, nor to prevent us from proclaiming His Word.

    But to make such a bargain in a pagan society (yes, we live in a pagan world, and that will not change until Yeshua returns), we had to give that right to other religions too. It comes down to this: If our government has the authority and the right to ban Islam, it has the same right to ban Christianity. If it can interfere in one religion, it can interfere in another. And it WILL interfere with Christianity if it can, because it is a non-Christian government. So we decided that there are areas of life that our government has no authority over – religion being one of them.

    So this is the best we can do. Obviously, our country has slid away from this original ideal, and we now have a government that very much interjects itself into our religion. That is unfortunate, but our hope is not in Man, so we have nothing to fear. We are in this world, but not of it. Our ultimate king is the King of the Universe, and he will not be mocked. Right now, it is our job to spread His Word and build his (spiritual) kingdom on this earth. And one day, that kingdom will be a physical one as well, and all wrongs will be made right.

    Until then, however, religious freedom is one small protection that helps us spread the Good News.


    1. Your entire presentation seems to presuppose the "real world" ultimate authority and therefore necessity of obedience to The State above Scripture. It's a very familiar pro-Statism argument aimed at rationalizing around obedience to the crystal clear commands of God on this subject, but it's familiarity doesn't make Scripture any less plain and it doesn't make us any less obligated to obey the Word of God in opposition to the word of man (and The State) on religious pluralism.

      1. How do you intend to enforce these rules on a population you claim will hate god unless he personally does something about it?

      2. Firstly, your arguments are closer to statism than mine, as you are the one advocating more state control over citizens' lives.

        Secondly, I can't quite see where you get this sentence from: "Your entire presentation seems to presuppose the "real world" ultimate authority and therefore necessity of obedience to The State above Scripture." Where in my argument do I deny YHVH's ultimate authority? As I said, he is the King of the Universe whose son will one day reign physically on this earth. That is undeniable, and it is a day to be anticipated with joy. BUT at this present time, the Messiah has not yet been given physical dominion over the earth. That will not happen until his return. Right now, we as the Church are commanded to go and spread the good news, living in the world but not being of it. A part of living in the world is (usually) being under a secular government. We live amidst those who are in open rebellion against God! It is a fact. But it is not our duty to impose the laws of God on them – Yeshua will do that as righteous judge. Right now, we are to tell them of our Kinsman-Redeemer who has bought us back with his own blood. We are to bring them into his spiritual kingdom, following his laws and encouraging others to do the same.

        But nowhere in Scripture do I find the mandate to impose the laws of God on unbelievers. Now is not the time. What is the good of imposing laws and making people moral, if they are not spiritually regenerated? It will only give them a false sense of security. That is not God's plan. In this age, he will draw his people to himself, and those people will follow his commands. The others in the world will not do so, and it is not for us to force them to bend the knee. Yes, one day every knee will bow, and every tongue confess that Yeshua HaMashiach is Lord. But not yet.

        So I guess a question for you would be… where in Scripture do you see the mandate to impose God's laws on unbelievers?

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