When a Christian is born through their supernaturally imposed spiritual regeneration, they are made anew. They are fundamentally transformed in an instant. They are literally brought from spiritual death to spiritual life. In that magnificent moment of conversion, they are made into what God describes in His perfect Word as “new creatures”.

As new creatures, these reborn men, women, boys, and girls become defined and definable by new parameters, and they are imbued with a new heart, a new will, and a variety of amazing new abilities and attributes.

The attribute I’d like to touch on briefly here is that of new vision.

New creatures have new vision, and new vision brings with it a new perception of depth.

In much the same way as our physical vision makes use of two distinct perspectives in order to acquire a more accurate understanding of the physical world in which we live, so too does our new spiritual vision make use of two previously unknown perspectives, so that we might have clarity that we could never have known prior to conversion.

The first perspective clarifying truth attained through the new creature’s new vision is that of God’s holy nature. 

The second pertains to the true nature of man, both before and after regeneration.

With these previously unknown and unknowable truths brought into focus for the first time at the moment of a believer’s rebirth, they are given the spiritual equivalent of depth perception.

Just as two physical eyes are crafted to provide physical depth perception, so too are the twin truths of the complete holiness of God and the total depravity of man crafted so that they instantly and effortlessly illuminate depths that are not even noticed, much less understood or appreciated, by the spiritually dead, unrepentant, and unregenerate man, woman or child.

With this new vision, once self-absorbed God haters get a first glimpse at the pure holiness of the God they once openly mocked and sought to violate with every thought and deed. They finally gain the slightest sense of the depth of their guilt, and they are broken.

With this new vision, God’s adopted sons and daughters see the depths of the condition from which He chose to save them. They finally begin to see what they never could before: That they were completely dead and doomed to suffer the righteous wrath of the holy God against whom they had completely rebelled.

And through these profound revelations, the true depth of God’s grace is brought into focus…though not completely.

Not on this side of our physical regeneration, anyway. But in every day between this day and that promised one to come, our new vision will serve to guide us ever closer in relationship with and appreciation of our perfect Father, all to our eternal joy and all to His eternal glory.




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