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What a difference seven and a half months makes. In that short span of time Americans have witnessed a political plunge unparalleled since the days of the post-Watergate Ford administration. The untouchable icon of political progressivism that was Barack Hussein Obama has become something less.

Much less.

The One from on high has been brought low. The great, articulate (and clean, even) Agent of Change has been exposed as little more than an arrogant, oblivious advocate of most tired and failed policies of the past.

And what brought about this radical shift? What happened to inspire this Jeckyll-to-Hyde revelation in the eyes of most Americans?


Obama style.

What once was an irresistibly cool, hip and powerful force in American politics has been derailed by nothing more than the honest, open and true-to-form application of the very same policies, positions and perspectives embraced throughout Obama’s well-documented, albeit brief, political career.

Put another way, this friend of terrorist William Ayers has governed as a friend of terrorist William Ayers would be expected to govern. This spiritual follower of Jew- and whitey-hating Jeremiah Wright has governed as a follower of Jeremiah Wright would be expected to govern. This fawning fan of truth-hating Saul Alinsky has governed as a fan of Saul Alinsky would be expected to govern.

In an article published yesterday by The Washington Post, Charles Krauthammer elaborated on the significant problems facing The One as the reality of his beliefs overcome the fiction of a carefully crafted public image designed to specifically obscure those very same ideals (which is, of course, just the sort of overtly deceptive public image-crafting that Saul Alinsky has proudly, and profitably, advocated).

While the Obama plunge is noteworthy and intriguing for a variety of reasons ranging from the trivial to the profound, there’s something else at play here. Something uniquely uncomfortable. Something dark (and no, not that kind of dark, despite what the likes of tax-evading, tax-and-spend socialist Charlie Rangel might say). In the midst of this compelling bit of political theater, there’s a sense of something sinister hanging over the crowd. There’s something different about this situation.

Something creepy.

And this creepiness factor increases exponentially every time a new story breaks about how The One has recently secured the power to effectively shut down private access to the Internet.

What might inspire him to use this new power? That’s hard to know, but from what we’re seeing of his attitide and approach to dissent, there’s not much to inspire a deep sense of security. In keeping with a theme long established by those on the left, tolerance is something to be imposed on opponents.

So what happens when The One is told, “no”?

How does a messiah – or at least a ridiculously powerful brat with a messiah complex – deal with a popular uprising?

And what of his Kool-Aid swilling devotees? How will the Obama worshippers react to the repudiation of their savior?

These are the concerns beginning to creep out of the corners of more and more American minds.

It is impossible to know with certainty at this time how these things will unfold, but we do have  – and have always had – numerous bright, shining keys to the heart and soul of Obamaism dangling before us. They’ve never been hidden.

Perhaps now we will finally make good use of them.

Wanna know what Barack Hussein Obama thinks of you? Care to get some insight as to how he believes you should be dealt with? Do you seek to better understand the way he sees his world and your role in it?

Read Rules for Radicals, the Saul Alinsky “masterpiece” that has so influenced the likes of Barry O and the Clinton Clan (talk about a very bad band waiting to happen…).

This is a fine place to start down the path to understanding the untested, untried and inexperienced man that we have, for now, chosen as the leader of our once great and God-fearing nation.

Perhaps with a little understanding a lot of potential damage can still be avoided.


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  1. Thanks for the comments, I apprecitate them except I would disagree on one point especially, that being that God surely said to take a stand but not for the political arena, but for Him, and that's why His people would be hated.

    As I said, I am not making a stand for anything other than the truth, God's truth, not some political garbage that will only end up being what He wanted anyway, we are headed for the end in a crash and dive movement and all of the in-fighting going on around us, all of the smears and slanders on BOTH sides, on every politicians agenda, overflows into the hearts and minds of not only Christians, but the whole world.

    Words can't stop the inevitable, Obama can't stop it, it was set in motion long before there were Christians or even people, if ya believe what you read, as I do, and it is my job as a Christian to furhter The One Truth, and that is what we should be focusing on. Jesus said to pray for our leaders, not condemn them.

  2. Glad to let ya vent, SCRAPMAN! As for the "shooting fire" bit, I'd have to say no, at least not in the literal sense.

    With regard to Jesus' critics, they were all in awe at his knowledge and detailed presentation of irrefutable truth. He spoke "as one with authority" in the synagogues and offered the sort of substance and depth in expression not seen before or sense.

    Put another way, Jesus would reside on precisely the opposite end of the spectrum in comparison with Barry O, who used the words "change" and "hope" along with the "yes we can!" chant to paint a vacant, undefined, emotion driven banner that the ignorant and uninformed might march behind.

    The same God that came in the flesh in the form of Christ has commanded that His people take a stand and that they will certainly be hated for doing so.

    I hope that this clarification is helpful and I value your input here at Fire Breathing Christian!



  3. "fire-breathing christians"? Do you shoot fire at your enemies, is that how it works? If someone is disagreeable with your "christian politics" you put them in here? That guy who started the whole christian movement? Ya know Jesus? Didn't he once tell someone to "render unto ceasers what is ceasers, and render unto God what is God's, and pray for your leaders…etc.?
    Oh and wasn't that same Jesus belittled for being "untested, untried and inexperienced"? By no means am i comparing Obama to Jesus, what I am saying is being a Christian means letting it happen as God said it would and leave this place to the other non-Christians. The fire-breathing is only making it hotter on this planet, not better. Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing……thanks for letting me vent

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