Beat Lamar Alexander


Lamar Alexander.

He’s folksy.

He’s polite.

He’s “successful”.

And he’s a Republican.

So he’s gotta be good then, right?


He’s also for adding new taxes, against eliminating Cabinet departments, for raising existing tax rates, for increasing the so-called “debt limit”, for expanding Food Stamps, for “Cash for Clunkers”, against defunding the “Bridge to Nowhere”, and he voted to confirm fabulously progressive Obama nominee Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.

He’s voted for the Immigration/Amnesty bill of 2013.

He’s voted for the ginormous “too big to fail” business and banker bailouts that were enabled through TARP.

He’s voted to advance Harry Reid’s gun control bill to the floor (S 649).

He’s all for Common Core…while saying things like, “Let’s don’t talk about Common Core.”

He’s voted against ending “green energy” subsidies.

He’s voted against prohibiting taxpayer funding for stem cell research.

This is what “being effective” looks like.

This is what “getting along” looks like.

This is what good ol’ fashioned folksy pragmatism and “living in the ‘real world'” looks like.

In other words, this is what an anti-Christian worldview in action looks like in its preferred Republican form.

Plaid shirt or no plaid shirt, Lamar Alexander is a globalist, an elitist, and a progressive. He is each of these things as a consequence of embracing an anti-Christian worldview.

As demonstrated by his decades long and well documented track record of political action, his worldview is thoroughly unbiblical and anti-Christian, no matter how many Bibles he owns, how frequently he attends a church, or how gosh darned nice and friendly he seems to be at any given moment in that snazzy plaid shirt and cap.

Now that we are heading into the home stretch of Primary Season here in Tennessee, Lamar is doing what anti-Christian Republicans have been doing so effectively for so very long: He is pretending.

He is pretending to be “one of us”.

He’s pretending to have our best interests at heart and in mind.

He’s pretending to do “the best he can” to advance “conservative principles”.

And, if national polls and political prognosticators are to be believed, most of us here in Tennessee are eating it all up…again.

We’re buying the same old song, dance and political puppet show.

The same “good cop/bad cop” routine that has worked so well for so long for anti-Christian globalist controlled Republican and Democrat front groups seems to be working as well as ever.

Check out this recent gem from Campaign Mode Alexander, who recently told Tennessee’s News Channel 11 that:

“The problem with our economy is the big wet blanket of Obama regulations that is keeping people from creating jobs, which is making it too hard to get new jobs…And if we have a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate, I’ll be chairman of the Health Committee, and we’ll replace Obamacare as rapidly and as responsibly as we possibly can.”

Please note the early deployment of “Good Cop/Bad Cop” propaganda. Obama is the problem. The Democrats are the problem. The “liberals” are the problem. So we need Republican Lamar Alexander to save us from those guys and their destructive plans.

Next up comes the predictable appeal to The Power of the System and the necessity of preserving that system and its status quo rather than doing anything truly revolutionary to free ourselves from it’s grip. “If we have a Republican majority in the U.S. Senate,” Alexander tell us, “I’ll be a chairman” of an important committee.


We’ll have a Republican progressive globalist as a committee chairman rather than a Democrat progressive globalist chairman of the same.


Now might be a good time to scroll up and revisit all of those, um, interesting positions on things that tell us so much about Alexander’s true worldview in action.

Does good ol’ “conservative” “Christian” Republican Lamar Alexander think the State should control the “education” of most, if not all, American children? Of course he does!

Does he wanna see that State-centered control of the formation of minds and worldviews grow and deepen via gems like Common Core? You betcha!

Does good ol’ “conservative” “Christian” Republican Lamar Alexander think that the State should bail out “too big to fail” banks and businesses, thus removing all consequence of terrible decisions from them and placing those consequences on the backs of those working to survive at the bottom of the Corpo-Statist Ponzi Pyramid? Definitely!

Does good ol’ “conservative” “Christian” Republican Lamar Alexander believe in adding new taxes and increasing old tax rates in order to fund ever growing desires of the ever-expanding State? Yessiree!

In this context we can hardly be surprised when a comically progressive rag mag like Time offers up a heaping helping of pro-Alexander propaganda right in time for the final push across the party primary finish line. They did that very thing last week in a piece entitled A Tea Party Tempest in Tennessee – Why Lamar Alexander should prevail against a hard-right challenger, which included the following progressive inspiring, if poorly written, nugget:

“An Alexander victory would signal that the GOP, at least at the senatorial level, has more in common with the passionate pragmatism of Ronald Reagan than with the provocative postings of Sarah Palin.

Alexander is one of the last of a kind—a politician with a passion for governing, and to govern, as we know, is to choose, and choice tends to require compromise, for, like life, politics is not perfectible.”

While there is much to wince, laugh, or cry about in Time‘s take as presented in the article, at the end of the day, it’s the “politics is not perfectible” line that works best – or at least the idea behind that line.

The celebration of worldly pragmatism and realism has been working like a charm for generations now in keeping many actual Christians from confidently and clearly appealing to Scripture in detail where the formation and application of their political worldview is concerned.

Good ol’ “conservative”, “Christian” Republicans have been incredibly successful in keeping true Christians from trusting and obeying the King of kings in detail in the realm of politics. They’ve been the best “Good Cop” imaginable, or even better. Their “Bad Cop” partners atop the Democrat Party must marvel and thank their god for such good, productive teammates.

The Democrats, The Liberals, The Progressives, and Barack Obama not The Problem. Lamar is not The Problem either. Not the primary problem, anyway.

The primary problem is…*drumroll*…sin.

Rebellion against God’s nature as revealed in His Word is always sin, and sin always produced darkness, destruction, and despair.

The more one (or one’s culture) clings to such rebellion, the darker their fate becomes.

So if those who are not yet supernaturally transformed into “New Creatures” in Christ are, as He has told us in His perfect Word, “slaves to sin”, then who is actually most responsible for the present state of affairs in American culture ad civilization?

We are.


Until and unless we as supernaturally transformed Christians with the very Spirit of God within us personally repent of our past (and present) support of “lesser evil” enabling politics, we will be most to blame for the final, full implosion of America.

The anti-Christian globalist worldview of the Republican and Democrat leadership wings that have been purposefully guiding this nation toward Corpo-Fascism for generations now has only one true nemesis; there is only one true cure for its madness.

That cure is the whole, undiluted, life-defining Gospel of Jesus Christ.

That Gospel impacts and brings life, joy, and peace to every realm in creation to which it is applied.

We as Christians have been purposefully placed right here and right now to do that very thing…

…so let’s get to it.

Starting right here and right now in Tennessee.

Whatever the final vote total in tomorrow’s primary and whatever the temporal fate of Lamar Alexander’s political career, let us take the eternal perspective and strive above all else to honor the Lord who has given us the opportunity to vote in the first place by casting our ballot in a manner that is consistent with His nature as revealed in His word.

That will be our witness in political action.

Lord willing, our obedience here and now will produce the beginnings of changes that many of us long and pray for in America. But whatever happens here in this fleeting vapor of a life, we will never regret that approach in the endless years to come as we spend eternity ruling and reigning with Him over an

From a truly Christ-centered perspective, obedience truly is victory.

So let’s ditch the pragmatic rationalizations and justifications that we have used to set aside Him in pursuit of politics for so long here in America before “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA finishes metastasizing into the Orwellian nightmare that we have enabled through our rebellion. Let’s demonstrate true faith in action right here and now in by obeying and trusting Him to perfectly handle the consequences.


  © 2014 Scott Alan Buss – All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Now this is great, Mr. Buss! I would love to see more candidate reports like this. It is so difficult to find analyses that is not repetitive rants from the establishment. This is definitely share-worthy.

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