If only ISIS would murder and dismember children in nice little downtown clinics, most Americans would probably be united in arguing against bombing them. But no, ISIS had to go and do its baby butchering out in the open for the whole wide world to see, so…game on and let the bombing begin!

As Christian pilgrims who temporarily call America home (and thankfully so!) consider the indescribable horror that is unfolding in the Middle East at the hands of the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS), we would be very well served to govern our emotions, gird ourselves against manipulation through those emotions, and remember the following:

A. Justifying perpetual war overseas.

B. Justifying the surrender of individual freedoms and liberties at home.

The demonic horde presently ravaging Syria and Iraq, leaving a long, wide path of grotesquely murdered and dismembered children’s bodies in its wake, represents a sort of evil beyond the ability of language to capture or convey.

What ISIS is doing to children in the Middle East is horrific beyond words.

At the same time, what the US is doing to children in its own land is equally horrific qualitatively…while being significantly more horrific quantitatively.

This is one of the vital points purposefully missed and dutifully avoided by the “leaders”, media, and pop-culture that would have us plunge headlong into yet another war without any serious thought or careful contemplation.

The qualitative equality between the butchering of babies in America and the butchering of children in Iraq is easily established by virtue of the fact that, in both places, innocent children are purposefully murdered via the most grotesque processes imaginable, with their bodies then torn to pieces and discarded as trash.

American “medical facilities” routinely burn babies to death using acid or pull them to pieces while still alive. They punch holes in babies’ skulls and suck the child’s brain out so that its collapsed little head can then be discarded in a “safe and legal” manner.

American businesses and practitioners have been performing most of these sorts of acts for generations now, with at least 50,000,000 babies tortured, burned, and pulled to death along the way.

So what is it then about the Islamic State’s ongoing massacre of innocent children that has folks in the Unites States outraged to the point that they are being easily manipulated into yet another war? Why is it that ISIS need “only” murder and mangle thousands of children in order to inspire American ire and lost for (another) war while the equally grotesque murder and evisceration of millions upon millions of American children on American soil inspires…well…a whole lot less anger and almost zero calls to bomb or militarily crush the murderes in question?

Why are American child murdering factories “out of sight and out of mind” where most Americans are concerned as those same Americans howl for war to “stop the evil” of ISIS “by any means necessary”?

All of the measurables seem to paint America’s baby-murdering rampage as much, much worse than even the ongoing ISIS nightmare in the Middle East.

Americans murder and are murdering today millions of babies. Tens of millions. Many tens of millions.

Americans murder babies by the most vile of practices, some chronicled earlier, including the use of acids to burn and surgical tools to pull apart living, feeling innocent children.

Why are so many Americans so quickly and easily led to a place where they are determined to see to it that the American military does “whatever it takes” to stop ISIS’ rampage across Iraq while not expecting or demanding anything at all along the same military lines of intervention in order to stop the ongoing, systematic, mass murder and dismemberment of American children right here on American soil?

The answer is as obvious as it is pathetic:

ISIS is evil because it murders children in the open. If the folks in ISIS were”good” and “civilized” and “reasonable” like we the people here in the Great United States of America, they would know that you ought to murder and dismember innocent children only in the carefully sequestered privacy of neat little downtown clinics.

That’s civilized.

That’s right and good.

That’s how we roll here in the “Christian” nation of America, and, doggonit, if you don’t murder and dismember your children the right way, like us, we will hunt you down and we will make you pay, ’cause we in ‘merica are the undisputed, unquestioned champions of a baby’s God-given right to be murdered and dismembered in the privacy of a clinic by a medical professional in the name of liberty and the freedom to choose!

[insert “U! S! A!” chant here]

This is our reality, people.

This is our America, my brothers and sisters.

This is not the America that we are pitched and sold through lour schools, televisions, and talk radio, but it is the actual America in which our Lord has purposefully placed us.

So let’s be real. Let’s be honest. Let’s ditch the blinders and open our eyes fully…


The Neo-Con goes on and on…


One recent Neo-Con argument for an immediate plunge into full blown war mode (again) in Iraq came last week from Allen West. His call to arms was the subject of my last post, Note to Allen West: American “Christians” have dismembered FAR more children than ISIS this year.

As for whether or not I would personally like to have the power to immediately end the lives of those doing the decapitating and dismembering of children and others across Syria and Iraq over the past several months, the answer is: Absolutely!

If I had a magic button or the power to appropriately punish and prevent them from shedding one more drop of innocent blood or causing one more father, mother, brother or sister to shed a tear for their ruthlessly murdered and mangled family member, I would do so, and right now. Yesterday, if possible.

Yet it is just that sort of immediate, and even reasonable (to a point), emotional response that The Powers that Be are counting on from  American masses as they continue to manipulate us into thoughtless compliance with program after program and policy after policy each aimed at marching us one step closer to the final, formal inauguration of an all-out Orwellian Super State.

While the State-empowering goals of perpetual war abroad and reduction of freedom at home (the two primary reasons for the regular US support of groups like ISIS) are apparent to anyone with eyes to see and are very well documented and fleshed out elsewhere, what I’d like to do here for a moment encourage believers to consider a few vital and relevant biblical principles as they relate to this unfolding nightmare scenario.


Shock, Awe, and Mind Blowing Hypocrisy


First, in our arrogant, prideful, and self-righteous zeal for (another) war in order to stop the horrors perpetrated by ISIS, we are demonstrating a level of hypocrisy that is almost as hard to quantify as the horror of systematically mass murdering children.

To parade as champions of justice, and defenders of children from things like murder and dismemberment while we actively, openly murder and dismember many more innocent children than ISIS has even dreamt of decapitating, we are demonstrating the sort of prideful delusion described in Romans 1. In turning a blind eye to our verifiably greater (by the numbers), ongoing slaughter of innocent children for convenience, we demonstrate to a watching world that we are not at all truly interested in the preservation of innocent children’s lives. We are merely intent on dictating the conditions under which

Our insistence on dictating these terms of child dismemberment is born of a desire to prop up our pride.

Our building rage and lust for another war “to protect the children” is just the latest attempt to preserve the fiction of our pretend reality – a magical fairytale universe in which America isn’t actually doing anything all that bad – much less equal to (or worse than) what ISIS is doing – by “safely” murdering and dismembering millions upon millions of innocent children in “medical facilities” for convenience.

Since we are not yet close to repentance in America, we are enslaved to the preservation of our pride through the pursuit of increasingly insane demonstrations of madness on our way to the final darkness awaiting our culture just around the corner.

To justify and even demand the bombing of ISIS for what we do to children on a much more massive scale here in America is to show the world one of the greatest demonstrations of hypocritical, self-righteous, unbiblical judgment in all of human history. We aim to “correct” ISIS’ injustice while bearing “the plank” of ongoing systematic murder of innocents via abortion in our own land.


The Wrath and Judgment of God upon America


Four of the most common manners in which God punishes rebellion nations, as recorded in Scripture, are:

1. Famine

2. Pestilence

3. The Sword (of enemy nations)

4. Wicked leadership

Any casual glance through Romans 1 in our modern context reveals that America has earned and is under the wrath of God. As Christians in America, we are not to be distressed or panicked as we watch biblical truth once again validated here and now, as it always has been and always will be in every realm and in every time in His creation.

We are to rest in Him, not in the “lay down fo a nice nap amidst the storm” sense, but in the trusting, confident sense that allows and inspires us to actively seek to do His will right here and now where He has purposefully placed us.

We live in amazing times, brothers and sisters!

And we are here purposefully!

With that understood and appreciated, as we watch and notice that America is in rebellion, is under the wrath of God, and has already been afflicted with wicked leadership (largely as a result of Christians allowing themselves to be manipulated into the shell game of the corporate controlled political puppet show that is American mainstream politics), we ought not be surprised in the least that we may well be watching the Lord raise up foreign  powers to afflict us.

We also ought not be surprised to notice that our own anti-Christian, globalist-occupied government is actively funding, fueling, and encouraging these potential tools of God’s judgment upon America.

As the coming judgment unfolds, it brings to us our great opportunity – the great opportunity to actively proclaim and apply the whole, undiluted Gospel of Jesus Christ as the one and only true solution to every aspect of this smoldering mountain of crises and cultural carnage.

We can once again embrace the command of Christ to make disciples of all nations and teach them to obey all that He has commanded. We can take this Great Commission and, by His grace, see otherwise unthinkable salvation and restoration come to our land and its people…one supernatural salvation at a time.


But before any of that can come, there must be repentance.

And repentance requires the ditching of all excuses…the surrender of all self-centered pride…

…including, most certainly, America-centered pride – a pride that has led us to the brink of disaster and has left in its wake, among other things, the dead, dismembered bodies of over 50,000,000 little babies.

God is not blind to this.

May He grace us with clarity of sight so that we might recognize and repent…while there is yet time…


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