As the Monopoly Dollar-fueled global fiat economic system teeters on the brink, as the American military lurches from war to war abroad, and as the Orwellian American NSA Security State continues its rollout over the homeland, what is the one question we are all now programmed to purposefully ponder right on cue with all the passion we can muster, like well handled Pavlovian rats?

As we are led by the nose to bomb and invade the Middle East (again) to “save the children” from the murderous horde known as (US-funded/trained) Islamic State while simultaneously using our police to protect mass baby butchering facilities scattered openly all around our land, what is the question we are now called to entertain with single-minded focus?

As we watch fictional economics deployed to prop up the value of stocks and assets so that the comfortable can remain comfortable and the in-control can remain in control while the simultaneously inflated prices of things like food drive the struggling masses more and more into the slavery of State dependence, what is the question above all questions promoted above all others throughout “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA?

Can there be any doubt?

Is there any question as to The Question?

What could it possibly be, but…:

 Are you ready for some football?!

[Insert Monday Night Football theme music here – and not the lame new fluffy androgynous version…bring on the Hank!]

Yes! It is time – time once again for the Greatest (and most spectacular) Distraction on Earth (or at least North America)!

Don’t get me wrong. I do love me some football. (Seriously; and in a spirit of full disclosure, I would like to make plain my undiluted adoration of all good things Oakland Raiders and Arkansas Razorbacks related.)

I also appreciate the perfectly good, proper, and even healthy use of things like sports, film, books, and art as an occasional distraction or escape from the unpleasantness of particularly dark times.

But that’s not what we have here in America. Not even close.

What we’ve got here isn’t a failure to communicate.

What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate anything meaningful.

And that failure is purposeful.

For most of us in America, immersion in the pro-State corporate programming system has been  a life-long experience. It’s the water in which we swim; the Matrix in which we live.

We have had self-absorption and shallowness shoveled, hyped, and aggressively marketed our way from every direction to the point of saturation, all aimed at “protecting” us (and our precious feelings) from the serious contemplation of anything meaningful. As such, we have been successfully fed, spun, and entertained into a place of near total vulnerability, weakness, and compliance with the very corporate State that has been programming us at every turn for all of our lives.

This is where past generations’ abandonment of Scripture – and our unwillingness to repent for the same – has led us.

After generations of abandonment of Scripture as our true guide in detail in every realm of life, we have become, quite predictably, lost.


Rudderless and purposeless.

This has made us very easy targets for manipulation.

With the biblically defined spheres of family, church, and state having long been tossed out the window in favor of man-made (and very corporate/State friendly) counterfeits, many of us are now, in this late and darkening hour, are being graced by God with an awareness that we have become, by design, a culture largely composed of compliant, malleable, and happily ignorant drones. We’ve been trained through State- and corporate-controlled systems for generations to embrace, empower, and expand the power of those same State and corporate systems, and now that the long road of progressive change seems to be nearing its end, we are not liking what we see as our final destination.

With that long planned final destination finally coming into focus, many of us are growing concerned with its Brave New World
/1984 vibe, and some are reacting with understandable trepidation and even, at times, active resistance.

But the masses still seem to be in full blown “happy distraction mode” as the noose is tightened around their collective neck.

After generations of State- and corporate-controlled cultural programming, the typical American “adult” male (chronologically, at least) knows much about his favorite team(s), game(s),  and show(s), and precious little, if anything meaningful at all, about the true nature of politics, economics, or anything else of consequence.

These chronologically adult males are in this place of ignorance and weakness because they know next to nothing about the true nature of God as revealed in His Word.

Once we were convinced that there were “better ways” to do things here and now “in the real world”, we became destined for such sad servitude and pathetic existence.

Our rejection of the Word of God really does explain everything about why we are where we are…and how we can reverse course.

Our rejection of the Word of God is how we got to a place of “conservative Christians” looking to Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Fox News for their political solutions, rather than seeking and standing firmly on the sufficient detail lovingly provided by God in Scripture.

Our rejection of the Word of God is how we got to a place of “conservative Christians” defending and actively supporting the overtly unbiblical and explicitly socialistic concept of State-controlled children’s education – and then idiotically wondering aloud as to “why the younger generations just seem to keep getting worse”.

Our rejection of the Word of God  is how we got to a place of “conservative Christians” doing all that they can to secure anti-Christian (Mormon) leadership of the land out of a love of “lesser evil” secular “solutions” rather than doing all that they can to secure a Christ-honoring foundation for the land by doing everything that they can to secure Christ-honoring leadership (as defined by Christ himself).

Even touching upon the subject of socialist State-run children’s education will cause many modern “American men” to squeal like little girls about how their feelings or the feelings of their families are hurt when even a hint of convicting light is brought in that direction.

Even mentioning the fact that idolatry of America is, by definition, idolatry (and a particularly dangerous form of idolatry at that), at this point seems to inspire little more than the reflexive defense of the idol in question.

Yep, we’re in a tough spot…but we are here purposefully, so we have to tackle these things to God’s glory with confidence and grace, all while counting on Him to perfectly handle the “consequences” of our obedience.


Obama as God’s Judgment Upon “Conservative Christians”?


Since Scripture seems to reveal a plain record of God’s judgment against a people being reflected by, among other things, the installment of wicked leadership, might not the presidency of Barack Obama be well understood as evidence of the judgment of God upon self-described “conservative Christians” who continue to unrepentantly act in open rebellion against Him with their actions while simultaneously claiming His name with their lips? Could Barack Obama be merely a symptom of the primary ailment rather than the main problem itself?

Isn’t the “primary ailment” here sin itself, and isn’t that just as actively (and proudly) embraced by “conservative Christians” as it is by “those evil Democrats”, liberals, and progressives? I mean, aren’t these folks all equally inclined to dismiss Scripture as the binding authority against which their ideas are to be tested and under which they are to be submitted?

If they are all – conservative and liberal alike – inclined to dismiss Scripture as the ultimate standard in their approaches to economics, politics, and children’s education, than what is the real difference?

Aren’t they all just rebels?

Maybe rebels wearing different colors, carrying different flags, and claiming different goals, but rebels nonetheless in the eyes of God.

If so, then what else should we have ever expected at the end of the day from such unified (against God) worldviews but the Orwellian nightmare that we are watching unfold before our eyes?

What other ultimate destination could there have ever been apart from the light- and life-giving power of God as perfectly revealed in His Word?

These are the questions that we should be asking and exploring.

These are the questions that we should be praying and seeking the wisdom of God over.

Which is precisely why we are being encouraged to do anything but that very thing by the anti-Christ corporate-State system that has wrapped its tentacles around and into every nook and cranny of our lives.


Through our favorite financial experts, religious experts, political experts, business experts, social experts, and expert experts, we are again and again and again given everything that we supposedly need. Which is, of course, from their “expert” perspectives, everything but the Gospel.

We are being distracted, misinformed, and entertained into oblivion…all by design.

Our only hope for restoration is the whole, undiluted Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Great Commission in action.

[Tweet “Our only hope for restoration is the Great Commission in action.”]

So what do you say, Christian?

Are you ready to take up that Great Commission command to faithfully proclaim and apply the Gospel throughout all of God’s creation right here and now?

Or, instead, are you ready for some football?


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