Just when you think you can chill out and relax on a quiet Thursday evening after a long, productive day…Mitt Romney has to go and open his Neo-Conning, god-in-waiting, presidential wannabe yapper…

Or, to be more precise, The Mitt has to go and release a new Washington Times op-ed piece in which he dutifully plays the role of elite “conservative” representative of the emerging American Orwellian State. In this capacity he takes on the standard task of explaining to the so-called “conservatives” still stuck on the fly paper of contrived, controlled political theater known as Republican vs. Democrat that the government really needs to grow a bit (again), arm up (again), and get ready to pursue (another(series of)) war(s) overseas.

All in the name of “fighting terror”, of course.

Honestly, has anybody still in the Republican Party even read 1984?!

Either way, as was probably apparent after the opening sentence, this was not a post that I planned to make, and I will not be spending much time here fleshing out the many solid reasons for sadness, sickness and alarm at the way guys like Mitt Romney are still somehow able to manipulate masses of professed Christians in America into supporting the dawn of an Orwellian Super State the likes of which …well…the likes of which they might better understand if they read books like 1984.

Or,better yet, the Bible.

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But hey, this should be anything but surprising. When the nature of God as revealed in His Word is tossed overboard in pursuit of “real” or “doable” or “practical” solutions, well…only darkness and despair can follow, no matter how much the world would have us believe otherwise.

In order to get a much better sense of why we should all be properly concerned, please take a moment to peruse the following articles. They should help some in understanding exactly what is going on here and what to do about it (hint: the second part involves the Gospel and Great Commission).

Here they are:

Problem>Reaction>Solution: Why we will beg to have our freedoms taken away and go to war forever < Please, if you only read one of these, make it this one.

So even the Germans are creeped out by our Surveillance State

The America Idol (Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Almighty State)

US raises terror threat level to “Orwellian”: Citizens line up to hand over more freedoms

Singing Sweet, Sweet Lies in the “Land of the Free” and the Home of the NSA


Finally, I leave you with my favorite (which, in this context means, “most disgustingly pliable and propagandistic”) pull quote from Mitt’s masterpiece in today’s Washington Post:


Further, the appeal to “common humanity” as the foundation of this new world order ignores the reality that humanity is far from common in values and views. Humanity may commonly agree that there is evil, but what one people calls evil another calls good.


Thanks for the (unintended) clarity there, Mitt.


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