What does it look like when the people of a land abandon the Gospel and openly oppose the Great Commission of the Church to “make disciples of all the nations” and teach those disciples to do all that the Lord has commanded in His perfect Word? What does it feel like to live in a land captivated and increasingly defined by satanic approaches to education, economics, family, church, and state?

Well, just look around…

Open your eyes.

Take off the red, white, and blue blinders.

We’re so far down our proud path of rebellion that we no longer even see the truth anymore. Oh, we talk a lot about a “Christian heritage” and “belief in God”, but don’t ask us for particulars. Don’t ask us to present, much less apply, what this God of ours has actually said about education, economics, and politics. Don’t expect us to understand, much less adore or apply, what He has plainly said with regard to the roles, responsibilities, and limitations of the family, church and state. Nope, don’t wanna go there…not one little bit…

Just shut up and let us sing “God bless America!” again while happily caressing the illusion that He will do so because…well…we’re America.

In this, three things seem clear:

1. As our minds have been given over and inclined to pursue everything but the Gospel and Great Commission as solutions to our problems, we are a people who have been given over (see: Romans 1). Our minds are gone; they are enslaved to man-centeredness.

2. The Church, in its failure to proclaim and apply the whole, undiluted Gospel of Jesus Christ, is far and away the most to blame for the currently unfolding Orwellian nightmare that is the American State. If repentance and restoration are to come, they will have to come first to and then through an obedient Church. Until and unless that happens, the American culture will and should be doomed.

3. Every wicked thing that we see unfolding around us is a direct result of our rebellion against the Gospel and refusal to apply the Great Commission. From State-controlled “education” systems programming the minds of children voluntarily fed to The Beast by their accomplice parents to an economic system based on the abomination (see: Proverbs 11:1) of fiat currency, each and every consequence of these perverse approaches to life are the result of our actively despising and rejecting the life-giving authority of the Word of God on these subjects. It is the Church of Jesus Christ that is most responsible for the existence of the NSA, the Department of “Education”, the IRS, Homeland “Security”, and all the rest. And it is the Church who must lead the way through Gospel-fueled repentance and Great Commission inspired application of the Word of God if there is to be any real hope in America (or anywhere else).

As you’ve probably noticed by now, it is the norm here in the “land of the free” for Americans to be vigilant and prepared.  They’re vigilant in that they dutifully take in all of the State-enabling propaganda that they can swill down through everything from public “education” and People magazine to television and talk radio. They’re prepared in that they stand ever ready to hand over more and more of their freedom and liberty to the State whenever it “asks” them to do so…all for their own good, of course. Americans have embraced all of these things because, above all else, they’re loyal to and proud of their beloved American State…just as they’ve been told, taught, and entertained to believe since before they can remember.

It is in this context that headlines like yesterday’s  “UK Raises Terror Threat Level to ‘Severe'” ought to concern us, and not only because there are evil  forces out there bent on using terror to accomplish their goals. It ought to concern us because there are evil forces within and above us who are at least as hell bent on achieving their goal of totalitarian control “for the good of the people” through any means necessary – certainly including terrorism.

Or the employ of terrorists.

Like Islamic State (aka “The Artists Formerly Known As ISIS”).

(For a more detailed explanation of how we are manipulated through the likes of ISIS and Islamic State, please see last week’s post: Problem>Reaction>Solution: Why we will beg to have our freedoms taken and go to war forever.)

Because we have abandoned Jesus Christ, who is Truth personified, we have made ourselves open and available to every manipulation of the enemy…and the most powerful human enemies in the world right now tend to share a whole lot of ultimate goals, all of which center on explicitly anti-Christian views of finance, work, education, politics, and warfare.

It just so happens that these same explicitly anti-Christian views tend to dominate everything from Fox News and CNN to talk radio and most “Christian religious” programming…and they certainly form the core of State-controlled children’s “education”.

We have been so thoroughly conditioned for so long that we now happily choose to swim in the cesspool. We freely choose to play the roles assigned us by those who have created “money” from nothing and used it to buy everything (and everyone) under them. We proudly play the game and push the Gospel and its Author away, imagining and hoping that somehow, someway, it’ll all work out in the end.


As Americans, we want life our way. We want it on our terms. This is the guiding concept that we have been programmed to embrace…and it is the concept through which we are about to become the wholly owned and controlled slaves of others.

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This is the context in which we as New Creatures in Christ have been perfectly placed.

As 1984 America begins its tyrannical bloom, we have been graced with incredible opportunities to proclaim, apply, stand for, and be persecuted for the Gospel and Great Commission.

May we strive to obey Him, conform to His will, and actively do as He has commanded right here and right now…while there is yet time on this side of eternity.


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