ACORN Activist Cheers

And the hits just keep on comin’…

First, broke the ACORN/child prostitution story. Then they broke another.

Of course, in between stories numbers one and two, the cocked-and-loaded “you’re just a buncha racists!” guns were blazing, as they always seem to be these days. In case you haven’t figured it out yet,  all who oppose Obama, Obamaism, Obamacare or Obama pals are, of course, racist.


Actually, I was thinking that many – maybe even most – who actually think that ACORN’s flagrant support of the most vile sorts of wickedly unethical and illegal activities, including the active support of things like child prostitution, just might be of that opinion because, I dunno…they think that child prostitution is evil?


Does it really sound that crazy? Have we fallen that far? And where’s the race part in here, exactly?

I know, I know…the right wing nutjobs who have a problem with child prostitution being supported by ACORN are the same loons constantly yammering about how partial birth infanticide is some kind of awful thing, too. Talk about radical!

But fear not, America. All is not lost. There is a silver lining here:

We have discovered that gigantic leftist “community organizing” groups can support the entrepreneurial spirit. They can support business in America.

So long as it involves child-rape, prostitution or infanticide, of course. Those are big businesses that they can really get behind.

The spirit of free enterprise is not dead on the left!

So relax, you right wing nutcases.

There’s always a silver lining to be found if ya just keep lookin’.


See also: “Advance the Cause of Child Prostitution? YES WE CAN!” 

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9 Responses

  1. America, remember the 7 congressman who voted NO on investigating ACORN. The only reason they voted NO was because the believe that the American people will not remember when their election terms comes up.(Time has a way of making people forget, our elected officals are counting on that) If ever in a time of this Great Country that the American People need to stand up for what is right, now is the time. Our elected officals are ignoring our demands , they believe they are above our demands because in the past we have turned a blind eye to our elected officals. This has only served to give them unmitigated power. Now is our TIME AMERICA to bring back what our Founding Fathers intended when they drafted our Constitution.

  2. Lets all call all of our senaters and congress people and demand a REAL investigation into ACORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do not like acorn or obama because of what they are not because of race issues.

  3. Call your two Senators and your Representative and DEMAND an immediate and thorough investigation in ACORN. I did.

    I will start to give EVERYONE in the U.S. Senate and Congress who does NOT call for an investigation into ACORN abrand-new middle name. For instance, if I call Sen. Barbara Boxer's office today and find out she is not for a complete investigation into ACORN, I would then refer to her from NOW ON as Sen. Barbara 'Child-Prostitution-Ring Boxer, since they don't mind their tax dollars nor mine to fund a group that helps put these rings in our neigborhoods.

    Thanks for listening,

  4. We're not racists because we oppose proposed reforms to health care, or of "Cap & Trade", or partial-birth abortion. We're racists because we oppose the first black president this country ever elected.

    You're missing the nuance here. No matter what the proposal, if we oppose that person (for any reason whatsoever), then we oppose it because he's black and that's just racist, pure and total bigotry because we won't allow our minds (let alone our morals and ethics) to embrace him totally.

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