Raid of ACORN Office

Having just watched the entire video of the California installment of the ACORN investigation as presented at, I am both horrified and encouraged. Horrified for reasons I shouldn’t have to explain to anyone other than an American leftist and encouraged that such an important story as this has been broken and is having such an impact in the ongoing American culture war.

But at this moment I am most compelled to pray for those who have been caught in the net of this remarkable demonstration of good ol’ fashioned investigative journalism. And I would like to encourage every Christian to do the same. Take a moment to pray specifically for each of those who have been exposed.

Pray for Tresa. Pray for Bertha. Pray for every ACORN worker and associate that you know of by name.

Yes, even (and perhaps especially) the Rathke brothers who launched this wretched organization.

As this mind-blowing  saga of anti-Christian activism (leftism is, by its very nature, in opposition to Christ) continues to unfold, exposing a nationwide program of the most vile sorts of advocacy, those who claim Christ must make it a priority to pray for the individuals involved in the perpetuation of the rank evil that has been so clearly revealed.

You’d be hard pressed to find a more stridently anti-ACORN activist than I, but if there’s one thing I know with even more certainty than the fact that ACORN is top-to-bottom, coast-to-coast corrupt, it is that I was once every bit as lost as each and every one of those we’re seeing captured in one damning video after another. They are slaves to sin and in active rebellion against Christ, just as I once was, and only He can save them.

So let us pray that He will.

Each and every one, and all to His glory.

Remember this always: Every Christian man, woman, boy and girl was once every bit as lost as Theresa and Bertha are now until the Sovereign Lord of Creation, by His grace, chose to claim them as His own. Only through His matchless grace can any be set free from the slavery currently afflicting the parade of ACORN advocates we see night after night rightly captured on video via the nightly news and opinion programs.

These people are hurting. They are scarred. They are in great pain.

They need our prayers.

Be angry at ACORN. Be enraged. Despise ACORN, every “progressive” Marxist principle for which it stands, and act accordingly in the pursuit of righteous judgment and the restoration of American culture.

But never forget that you and I were once no less lost, no less pathetic, no less helpless and no less in need of a complete, all-powerful Savior. We were dead until He freely chose to give us life, and if we allow ourselves one fantasy in the midst of all of this head-spinning political drama, let it be this:

That God would choose to glorify Himself through the conversion of Theresa…and Bertha…and every ACORN worker under His sun.

I will do whatever I can whenever I am able to aid in the campaign against American leftism as epitomized by the ACORN organization. I will pray, speak, write, share, vote…all in opposition to the clear and present evil that is ACORN and its Marxist philosophical engine.

But before I make another post or express another political thought, I will pray for Theresa, Bertha and every ACORN worker that I’ve come to know.

I humbly and respectfully ask that you do the same.

Thanks for taking the time to read…and pray.


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  1. It is so hard to pray for those who are lost when we have been shown what type of people they are but then,,,you are right. We can come down off our high horse. Sin is sin and we all have it. We are not any better, just forgiven. I have prayed for them and I pray the government will cut off the money so this kind of corruption cannot continue.

  2. And while we're at it, pray for our leaders, too. That is the command of God.

    I discovered not long ago that, in my daily prayers, when I got to our leaders, it was more perfunctory than in true belief, almost like a chant. I'm sure that, least that portion of my prayers wasn't heard and, because of my lack of faith there, maybe none of my prayer was heard.

    It's only by prayer with faith that the prayer will be heard and answered. I don't like the answers sometimes, but now I pray in earnest for our leaders.

    BTW, good post.

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