We Americans are indeed a very funky people.

Unfortunately, almost all of our funkiness is of the bad sort these days.

As we covered earlier this month, 110 million Americans have an STD at any given moment. That’s over one third of our population.

Clearly, generations of State-controlled education and corporate-controlled pop-culture are paying off. Talk about a people who are embracing their freedom and liberty!

We are proud, confident, arrogant, entitled, and, for the most part, happily ignorant and compliant…which just so happens to be exactly the way that the State and corporate-controlled systems want us to be. Weird how it worked out that way, huh?

I mean, we freely ship our children off to the State for “education” and we freely allow (and usually encourage) the corporate-spun pop-culture to fill in most of the rest of the “educational” blanks, and then, whaddaya know, even the vast majority of professing Christians who attend “good, Bible believing” churches go and end up living just like the world.

It is flat out weird how it keeps working out that way…generation after generation…

But hey, don’t worry: Your kids are different. They will make it!

[insert diabolical belly laugh here]

So says the system…again and again…

And it keeps working…again and again…even more effectively over time, actually, since each generation is more enmeshed in the State/corporate worldview than the one that came before it, all by design, of course.

Satan and his systems are very patient.

So it’s really not hard at all to understand why we have become what we have become in America.

We’ve become exactly what we were destined to become when the Gospel-fueled Great Commission became invisible in the realms of politics, education, law, and economics. Once the Word of God became foreign to (or estranged from) conversations on children’s education, business practices, law, and government, our fate was pretty much sealed.

With that in mind, just look at us now:

We are loud, proud, passionately self-referential, emotion-driven animals dedicated to and consumed by our ever-increasing appetites for spiritual and physical promiscuity. Oh, and we can be very religious too, lest you get the idea that church congregations aren’t loaded with the mentality described in that last sentence.

Such animals as the typical modern day American are easily controlled. We uncritically revere and happily obey “the experts” assigned the task of thinking on our behalf, be they teachers, doctors, lawyers, pastors, or Oprah. By all accounts and reasonable standards of measurement, the State/corporate programming has been a runaway success.

We excel at culture-sanctioned promiscuity. We physically or mentally fornicate and encourage the same in everything from marketing and business to entertainment and education, and we  spiritually fornicate by claiming things like Christianity all along the way while displaying nothing but open disdain for the lordship of Christ the King in practice. We do all these things on a scale and with a blasphemous hypocrisy not quite matched by anyone else in human history.

And man, are we ever proud of it!

[insert “U! S! A!” chant here]

This vulgar reality of the “land of the free” and the home of the NSA took yet another unnerving twist when Ebola was ushered into the country last month as the the wicked leadership of our once-republic decided to suicidally usher in Ebola Patient Zero, Thomas Duncan, via an unfettered Ebola Airways flight from Africa to Texas. (A move that has since been amazingly repeated by allowing another Ebola Airway virus seed drop in New York City weeks later, after Ebola was known to have already arrived by similar means.)

Among its long list of disturbing qualities, Ebola is an STD.

And, as we’ve already touched on here, America is a land loaded with folks who are well into the STD groove.

Can you see the problem here? The great, looming, potential problem?

If so, just ignore it. And if not, well…just ignore it, too.


Because ignoring reaity is what we do here!

Just like our “expert” pastors, teachers, and politicians tell us.

And also because we have…*drumroll*…ObamaCare!

Yes, the good folks who brought us State-controlled children’s “education”, open borders, airborne Ebola, a teetering economy at home, and perpetual war abroad have also given us the miracle of ObamaCare.

Which means we are not to worry.

Which means we should be very concerned.

Let me explain:

A quick consultation of some of the now-legendary marketing done on behalf of ObamaCare makes plain the same Orwellian reality that covers everything that we are being pitched in every other realm of our anti-Christian worldview dominated culture.

In an American fantasyland where anything goes sexually, where marriage and family mean nothing (because they have been perverted to accommodate everything), where opening our borders up to any plague seeking entry makes sense, where “conservatives” happily support the Communist Manifesto’s advocacy of State-controlled children’s “education”, where “raising the debt ceiling doesn’t raise the debt”, where individual freedom and liberty must to be surrendered in order to protect freedom and liberty, where perpetual war overseas in the name of peace all makes sense, and where the professing Christian church has utterly ditched the Great Commission command of Christ the King to apply His Word in every realm of life and culture right here and now, then why wouldn’t we promote promiscuity in the name of health? Why not?

Why not encourage STD transmission at the very same time we actively usher into the land the most dangerous STD on earth?


Why not?

Everything else that we are doing seems to be aimed at destroying ourselves in futile rebellion against the unbreakable Nature of God as revealed in His Word, so why not do this one thing, too? At least we’re being consistent.

If Christ the King is not our standard, then who or what is?

Are you beginning to see the problem?

Are you beginning to smell the full funkiness of what we’ve become?

Are you beginning to see the essential nature of Christ’s lordship at the active centerpiece of everything that we do, and not just on Sundays or Bible studies, or in “safe” conversations with select people?

Are you beginning to see the inescapable need for the true Gospel and Great Commission to be actively proclaimed and applied in every realm of our culture right here and right now?

If so, good…and be prepared for stiff and fierce opposition, very often from “conservative Christians” who despise the active, present authority of Christ the King over every realm of life as much as any liberal, progressive, or homosexual activist. The greatest (and most effective) enemies of the Great Commission are often times those who are comfortably ensconced in the best of “conservative, Bible believing” churches.


So be warned…and be encouraged! Victory is ours, no matter what they or any other enemy would have you believe.

The enemy has ObamaCare, public schools, wickedly stupid leadership, and churches loaded with thoroughly programmed apathetic drones…drones just waiting to be freed, transformed, and empowered by our supernatural weapon: The whole, undiluted Gospel of Jesus Christ the King!

So it is that our Great Commission can restore even this dark and dead culture, one spiritually resurrected person at a time.

That is precisely what we have been placed here to do…all purposefully…all by God’s grace, all to His glory, and all to our benefit…right now and forevermore…

So let’s get to it!

And thank you, ObamaCare…for yet another wake-up call…


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