I must admit to having had a giddy good time of it last night, watching Democrat after Democrat fall.

It was an absolute blast.

Even better, as a Tennessee resident who had the opportunity to support the “Yes on 1” campaign, it was thrilling and gratifying to see that amendment pass, allowing for my Bible-belt state to finally begin to act legislatively on behalf of the unborn children who are now “legally” murdered here by the thousands each year. (ISIS has nothing on Bible Belt America. See: Our Murderous Hypocrisy: How America is “outraged” by ISIS…while strangely comfortable with mass baby butchering at home.)

Between the success of Yes on 1, the statewide thumping of Democrats in Tennessee, and the nationwide thrashing of the same from coast to coast, last night was a hoot.

While we definitely need to note and thank God for the victories that came yesterday, we need to be careful. We’ve seen this sort of thing before. We’ve been led down this path more than once, actually…

And while sometimes political tidal waves like the one that came crashing down on Obamaville last night can be fun – a whole lotta fun (!) – they can also very distracting and very deceptive.

The distracting power of this sort of political theatre is incredible; almost impossible to overstate.

The talk and thought dedicated to dissecting the events of yesterday went on and on through the night and will continue to do so through today, this week, and beyond. The talk, talk, talk will captivate and dominate millions upon millions of minds, and what will be missing from all of this mind-dominating talk and pontification?

And I mean completely missing…

What will it be?

Why, the Gospel-fueled Great Commission, of course.

And right now, for many of you reading this, you will immediately think (and perhaps even mumble or shout out loud), “Of course that’s missing! It doesn’t belong here!”

For those of you who are pagans and openly unbelieving, this is a perfectly normal and reasonable response in that pagan, unbelieving context.

But for those of you who profess Christianity – meaning that you claim to submit to the lordship of Christ the King of creation – this is a very big, and very bad, deal.

Where the Christian worldview in action (aka “life”) is to be defined by the Gospel and Great Commission (see: Matthew 28), somehow the vast majority of American professing Christians have for the most part become completely detached from this approach to life.

This rejection of the Gospel and Great Commission as the centerpiece of life in all realms – including the political – has left these professing Christians wide open to all sorts of manipulations – manipulations that have been ongoing and increasing in effectiveness for generations now.

And the easy manipulation of professing Christians has made the rest of the culture all that much easier to manipulate. As always, cultural decline and darkness begins with the professing church. When the professing church abandons the Gospel-fueled Great Commission, that church has consigned the culture in which it lives to ever increasing darkness and death. (See: Judgment begins with the Church…not the Democrats.)

In our modern American church-led path to apathy toward God, His Gospel, and His Great Commission, we have experienced decade after decade and generation after generation of profound political and cultural manipulation to the great benefit of the secular money-printing, ruling elite class atop both the Democrat and Republican Parties. Without embracing the Gospel as the only true solution to our sin problems, individually and culturally, we have become purposefully enslaved to a downward spiraling circular path that will ultimately (and purposefully) lead us into the tyranny of Statism. (See: How do we stop America’s voter-assisted suicide? )

This is why we have (supposedly) wild swings to the Right and then to the Left, and then back again later, only to find in hindsight that, with every Right/Left step taken, we have only marched ever further down the path to the Orwellian State that is even now unfolding before our eyes. (See: Enemy of the Statist: Christ-Centered Liberty vs. Man-Centered Tyranny.)

As this week’s reference point along these long-running lines of systematic deception, consider the following two articles, both published today by CSNews.com:

100% of Newly Elected GOP Senators Campaigned on Repealing Obamacare.


Boehner: ‘Jobs and Energy Bills’ Come First; No Mention of Obamacare.

Are we surprised that, even now, only hours after the “Republican Right” tidal wave hit, there is already open maneuvering away from repealing Obamacare? We shouldn’t be. These maneuvers actually began long before yesterday’s election.

As written here earlier this week in How do we bring politics back from the dead?:

Republicans are expected to do very well, almost assuredly re-taking the Senate and extending their majority lead in the US House of Representatives.

But will this mean the end – or even the beginning of the end – of Socialism in America?


Quite the contrary, sadly.

Has any previous “conservative” Republican sweep into power ever actually removed any of the gigantic Socialist programs that now define our culture?

Is State-controlled children’s education a target for elimination by today’s resurgent G.O.P.?

Or is it a prized, cherished and actively defended idol? (An idol that just so happens to come straight out of the Communist Manifesto…yet is still adored and defended by modern “conservatives”.)

How about Social Security?


Did any of these overtly Socialist programs have a near-death experience the last time “conservative” Republicans rolled into power in Washington DC?

How about the time before that?

Or the time before that?

We’ve got to wake up.

We’ve got to step up to the plate and act like believing Christians.


We’ve got to learn the difference between real victories and contrived fictions used to further cement us into the distraction and destruction of a Gospel-dismissing worldview.

We’ve got to learn the difference between political puppet show noise and Gospel-fueled Great Commission-driven action.

We’ve got to stop swooning over the phony waves of phony politics and seek the very real and supernaturally powerful change made possible only through the supernatural Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So in this very entertaining political season, let’s keep our eyes on the ball.

Let’s not fall for the same old lines again (and again).

Let’s actively, openly seek and apply the Word of God as our starting point in every political thought and conversation…and let’s elect true leaders who will do the same.


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  1. liberalism, conservatism are counterfit frauds…falling far short of our Creators laws, it's just another form of new age idolatry, begging your allegiance to the "merchant" philosophy. "for their way's are not my ways" proclaim the Lord, but their sorcery is powerful hard to ignore, making us consumers so we will be consumed by the false god Mammon, the elephant in the room!!

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