Though we are rightly horrified and reasonable in our anguished howls of outrage at the great and graphic evil unfolding in Syria and Iraq, there’s something peculiar about our “outrage”. Something foul. Something hypocritical to the point of vulgarity.

We understandably clamor for immediate and decisive military intervention to “save the children” and others who are being systematically murdered and dismembered “over there”…yet we advocate nothing of the sort when it comes to dealing with known mass-baby-murdering and dismemberment enterprises scattered all across our land. These well-known and easily located houses of horror operate with full legal protection.

They are American businesses. Very profitable American businesses.

They are symbols of American liberty, freedom, and choice.

And they murder and dismember far more innocents than ISIS on a routine basis, to the tune of 4,000 or so per day, every day.

This present reality should incline us to some serious, soul searching contemplation and questions, three of which I’d like to pose here:

1. How long before we are desensitized to ISIS-style brutality in the same manner that we’ve become comfortable with the ongoing systematic butchering of 4,000 or so babies a day at home in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA? While this angle is rarely if ever addressed, there can be no doubt that we are now in the process of becoming accustomed to grotesque displays of depraved savagery in the form of beheadings and bodily dismemberment at the hands of Islamic State (aka “the artists formerly known as ISIS” (aka “the artists formerly known as al-Qaeda”)).

After all, isn’t the most significant distinction between the murders of ISIS and the murders of Planned Parenthood the fact that the former takes place out in the open and the latter takes place in nicely sequestered clinics?

At the end of the day, it’s not the fact of the brutal massacre and tearing apart of innocents’ bodies that truly disturbs us.

It’s the fact that it’s done out in the open for all to see that really bothers us…for now, anyway.

2. Is (originally US-funded/supported) ISIS an example of God raising up the sword of one group to use in the punishment of another as a demonstration of His wrath? Scripture provides many examples of this. Has America not earned – indeed, has she not vigorously pursued – the wrath of God for generations now? Is there even the most remote sign that Americans are en masse on the verse of serious, biblical, Christ-centered repentance? If not, then why would biblically literate Christians expect anything better than the judgment of God to fall upon America?

3. How is it that we can openly advocate the bombing of baby murderers over there while openly protecting baby murders over here? One of the surest signs of a failed worldview is inconsistency, and our policy with regard to baby murderers is Exhibit A as to our gross insanity and murderous hypocrisy. Here too we see Romans 1 in action, practically defining every detail of modern Americana.

These are three questions that I’d encourage Christians to prayerfully and thoughtfully consider. If you have any additional questions to pose or comments to make, please make them in the comments section below. Your input is much appreciated.

May God grace us with complete brokenness, surrender, and repentance as a people…while there is yet time.



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