The chosen symbol of the American Democrat Party offers a compelling testimony both to God’s providential hand and His perfect sense of humor.

It also syncs well with a party broadly committed to legalized infanticide, the legitimization of homosexuality and open war upon the God-ordained institutions of marriage and family. From this launching point, little things like voter-fraud, child prostitution and state corruption of the arts for the purpose of pushing “progressive” propaganda seem like no-brainers. When you think like this jackass, the ends always justify the means.

Any means.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “jackass” as:

  1. The male ass; a donkey.
  2. A conceited dolt; a perverse blockhead.

The inclusion of most of these elements greatly aids in the presentation of a concise, accurate description of the contemporary American Democrat Party. While most descriptive components included in the above definitions – conceit, perversion and blockheadedness, for example – find confirmation upon examination of preferred Democrat character, not every term applies. It is important to make one noteworthy amendment. There is one term here that stands out as singularly problematic.

I am, of course, referring to the word “male”.

As manhood, male-ness, masculinity and all things manly tend to be fundamentally perverted, maligned and ridiculed by the forces most empowered and exalted by the Democrat Party, it would be a gross oversight to include the unqualified male descriptor in any right definition of the term jackass as it applies to this political party. There has to be a better way.

The substitutions of “androgynous” or “metro-sexual” stand out as appropriate alternatives, but would that be enough? Would either do the trick?

This whole redefinition of terms thing can be tough.

The American Democrat’s preferred approach to definition revision is much easier. Removing restrictive, clearly delineating details in favor of toothless, watery vagaries aimed at reducing a once clear standard or truth to something infinitely malleable so that it might be shaped to conform to any surrounding notion is hardly challenging. It’s a snap!

And it happens all the time, by design and with the intent to transform the clear into the cloudy, light into darkness and the truth into a lie.

When the typical nationally-prominent Democrat speaks of “family”, what does the word mean? When they mention “God”, to whom (or what) do they refer? When they talk about “values”…well…what sorts of values motivate the sanctification of infanticide and the legitimization of homosexuality? These words are employed as hollowed out husks of once meaningful terms, thrown about for the purpose of appeasing those with an attachment to the very real and clearly defined values that once shaped our culture.

Under cover of this rhetorical fog, the Democrat Party advances an agenda openly at odds with the God who ordained the family and defines the values of biblically submissive Christianity.

While some things will remain frustratingly cloudy, we may thank God that He has made every essential thing perfectly clear to those who submit to Him as Lord of their lives. To them He gives ears to hear and eyes to see. Along with these discernment-enabling attributes comes the responsibility to use them.

The identity of Barack Hussein Obama as merely the latest in a long line of openly contemptuous anti-Christians seeking to co-opt the terminology of evangelicalism so that it might be used to actively undermine the foundational principles of Christianity is not in doubt.

Similarly, the identity of the American Democrat Party as an overtly counter-Christian movement is no longer a matter of dispute to the biblically literate, critically thinking mind. The veil has long been lifted. What in the past may have been covert for the sake of political expedience in a once-Christian nation has long since become overt as an ongoing formal declaration of war on biblical Christianity unfolds before our eyes. This Christ-hating, gospel-trampling crusade has been underway for decades and has now advanced to the point that it seems as though with each passing moment another bit of its agenda is formally codified in our land.  

From matters of sexuality, finance and diplomacy to the very definition of family and the sanctity of life itself, the American Democrat Party has become a tool. With unmatched boldness and pride it zealously applies its murderous narcissism to the transformation of our nation. One thought, one word and one vote at a time, each individual member of this God-hating, corrupt body has played a unique role in the decline of the United States of America. Each cause advocated and every vote cast in favor of a movement utterly dedicated to the suppression and eventual elimination of the truth as embodied by Christ and contained in His Holy Word is a step taken on behalf of the enemy of God.

All of the aforementioned horrors have sprung from a shared source: Flight from Jesus Christ as the clear, shining, unshakable source and goal of all that is good. When we abandon Him as our standard in all things, we can succumb to the temptation to sequester politics from Christ’s rule in our lives. If we allow this, we become Lucifer’s political tools.

Our thoughts then become his thoughts, our actions become his actions and our causes become his causes. Our votes become his votes.

That we would take the most precious and historically unique gift that is the right to self-determination through the casting of a ballot – a gift so lovingly provided by our gracious Lord through the establishment of a blessed nation founded upon the clear principles of His perfect Word – and use that divinely inspired instrument to openly support rebellion against Him is an evil only thinkable by a depraved mind.

With each gain made by the “progressive” agenda in America, the cosmic battle between good and evil takes a turn for the worse.

So what’s a biblically submissive Christian to do in this hopey, changey nightmare of a situation?

First, we must pray.

Pray for the nation and culture, that God may deliver us from the path charted by the Statists currently at the nation’s helm. We must also pray for those in this counter-Christian movement, so that they might be delivered from the darkness that once dominated the mind, body and soul of each and every one of us. We were once as they are now. The same God who delivered us can deliver anyone, and we must pray for His intervention in each of our opponent’s lives on an individual basis.

Prayer for our own conduct is also essential. While we must do difficult things, engage the enemy in challenging situations and speak boldly to a culture at war with our Lord, we must pray for protection from the urge to do so in a hypocritical or self-glorifying manner. Those opposed to biblical Christianity will always categorize any voiced criticism as hypocritical and/or self-glorifying on our part in an effort to suppress any expression of truth, but we cannot allow this to result in our silence. We must stand firm and act boldly, but only in a manner glorifying to God. Maintaining this balance is only possible through growing and strengthening our personal relationship with the Lord through prayer.

This prayer must be accompanied by constant study and contemplation of God’s perfect Word. Therein is our perfect fuel for fighting the battles we are called to engage. With God’s Word etched in our heart and our relationship with Him constantly strengthened through consistent prayer, we are equipped to engage the enemy.

We can then dismantle the organizations that would perpetuate voter fraud and child-prostitution. We can then stand against the forces advocating the ever “progressing” power of the state over the liberty of men. We can then topple the philosophies that embrace homosexuality and the intentional targeting of innocent children for murder.

We can repel the “change” advocated by the cult of Obama.

We can break the party of the jackass.

We can do all of these things, but only if we submit to Christ as Lord over all and act accordingly.


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5 Responses

  1. Can'tcha just feel the love oozing from those sanctimonious "I'm better than you 'cause I know Jesus would never condemn anyone else" modern-day Pharisees? I mean, how could anyone possibly believe that kind and gentle man would ever, ever condemn anyone else?

    'Course, that's the part of the Bible they don't believe. And of course the part about homosexuality. And Hell. And standards. Or about a jealous God. Or the Ten Commandments (aka the ten suggestions). Etc., etc.

    But other than some minor disagreements with the Word of God, they know exactly where they stand, and they'll whup you over the head with it til you back off from all that silly mysticism.

  2. Perhaps the jackass is a JACKAL.Bless you FBC,I am praying to be quickened by the Holy Spirit each and every day. I am also praying for all to receive Him. I hope his return is soon though,as the loss of souls seems to be epidemic.

  3. "Fire breathing Nazis" hiding behind Christianity. The fear mongers, the racists, all those who actually act against God and true Christian values- will in theend be punished by the same God under whose name they tyranize His sheeps.

  4. Oh my. I'm speechless. The breath is clean 'knocked out of me' by the blow of your words. My heart falls to its knees before God and begs mercy on us all. How rempant the lies of the Deceiver whose mission is to divide the brethren. How false his perpetuated doctrine that Democrats are responsible for abortion, homosexuality, ungodliness, and worst of all…the demise of the innocent. There is one Good. He is God. There is one Evil. He is Lucifer. God is Faith, Peace, and LOVE. Lucifer is Fear, Warfare, and Hate. And he has very successfully deceived many with his false progaganda which proposes that righteousness and unrighteouness can be assigned to a particular political party. Only God is Good. Only Satan is Evil. Righteousness is not found in man's governments. Righteousness is only found in the Kingdom of God with our precious Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as its Leader. Only God knows the intent of a heart. It's His desire that we edify, serve, and love each other as we love ourselves. Discernment, wisdom, and unity comes from God. Those who would accuse and divide do so out of unpure motives. America, today, is much like the 'days of Noe,'. And much like the days of Sodom and Gamorrah. Evil is rampant. Like the roving band of homosexuals who attempted to rape the two angels sent from God to deliver Lot from God's wrath on the wicked……Lucifer, today, has his 'roving bands' of destroyers. They rape. They hate. They monk all that is Holy. They plot division and death. They promote fear and hate. They are wicked warriors in the spiritual warfare of all times. They know they are defeated but because God still 'lets'….they continue to kill, steal, and destroy. They devour everything in their paths. They are wolves of the evening. They are damned. They are vile. They eat flesh. They hate man who is beloved by God. They have their mortal temples….as does God. And they are not confined to specific political parties. We …indeed…do not war against flesh and blood. But against spiritual wickedness in high places. Places much, much Higher than the seat of a President. We, as Christians, must stay focused on Truth which drives our spirit man to 'love God with all our heart, soul, and mind. And to love our neighbor as ourself.' We must stay focused on the crucial need to trust fully…'thy will be done.' We must remember what God taught Nebuchadnezzar….'God rules in the kingdom of men.' Like David before Goliath, our weapon is God. 'The battle is the Lord's.' Our weapon is Love. The war was won when God took the Light of Life from the Son. The war was won as the Son screamed, 'My God, My God. Why hast thou forsaken me? To shrink such High warfare to mere political parties is unfair to Christ's damnable suffering as he 'poured out His soul to death'….and 'made his grave with the wicked'……for all men who will accept His awesome sacrifice. Roe vs Wade became law because God 'let.' A deceived young woman who served the flesh wanted to abort, out of fear, her unborn child rather…she said…than have to worry about it being raised beyond beyond her control. How very said. Abortion in the cases of rape, incest, or the health of the mother…has been legal for a long time. But why destroy a gift of life, a child, for any reason? A Christian mother would certainly loose her own life…to give life to her child!!! But God's laws and man's law are two different areas. There is the Kingdom of God with man….and there is the kingdom outside of the Kingdom of God…the world. The purposes and appointments of God can't be reduced to the realm of politics. It can't be done. His plans and appointments are too HUGE to fit into any program of man. But Satan has so successfully redirected the focus and blame for the evils of the world onto the Democrats…..and off himself. Not surprising.

    Please feel free to read and 'delete' this comment. My heart just needed to 'pour' out. I love our precious heavenly political leaders…Father, Son, and Representative Holy Spirit.

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