Of all the problems with fiat currency, the most basic is that it empowers the dark side of human nature. We’re potentially good but infinitely corruptible, and giving an unlimited monetary printing press to a government or group of banks is guaranteed to produce a dystopia of ever-greater debt and more centralized control, until the only remaining choice is between deflationary collapse or runaway inflation. . . ”

So begins an article from John Rubino posted today at ZeroHedge.

While Scripture supports the notion that man is “potentially good”, this potential goodness can only be realized through the supernatural intervention of God, who must literally save us from our selfish selves by supernaturally imposing upon us a new nature. Apart from that supernatural intervention by the grace of God, man is incapable of even truly good desires (motivated out of a pure and true love for God), much less truly good actions (actions in harmony with the nature of God as revealed in His perfect Word).

Bad things tend to happen when we forget this fundamental truth of human nature.


A false balance is an abomination to the LORD,
but a just weight is his delight. ~ Proverbs 11:1


…the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. ~ 1 Timothy 6:10


The “infinitely corruptible” observation made by Mr. Rubino is also correct as far as it goes, though we are well served to remember and regularly remind ourselves that we are each born fundamentally corrupt. We are born hating holiness and loving sin; hating the lordship of Christ and loving the lordship of self. We are slaves to self and we like it that way…until and unless God graces us with brokenness, repentance, and restoration through His Gospel. Only after such loving, gracious, supernatural intervention are we then able to see, hear, act, live, and love rightly…all by His grace and for His glory.

This supernatural intervention – the salvation of a remnant by the grace of God through His Gospel – is the great dividing line in humanity. The Great Commission mandate to take that Gospel throughout the world so that disciples might be made of the nations, and that those disciples might be taught to do all that Christ has commanded, is likewise a great dividing line in civilization and culture.

One realm of civilization and culture that has been thoroughly corrupted through our rejection of the nature (Word) of God is the realm of economics. Where God lovingly demands an objectively fair balance as the reliable foundation of economic activity, we have for over 100 years now been hoodwinked, spun, and swindled into not only tolerating, but actively embracing and defending, a fundamentally evil economic system built not upon the fair balance commanded by God, but instead upon what He calls an abomination (see: Proverbs 11:1).

We have bought the lie of fiat currency, and enabled our own fiat slavery at the hands of those who have granted themselves the power to craft “money” out of thin air. (See: Fiat $lavery: We have been bought and paid for…with nothing.)

Subsequently, we have become more and more enslaved to the various State and Corporate systems owned and employed by these elites from the self-determined money printing class. Generation after generation, year after year, their power grows and ours shrinks…all by design…

Increasingly in America and throughout the Fiat $lavery dominated world, it is assumed that there will be no mother at home to actively, attentively raise her children, so that they might actually grown in “the fear and admonition of the Lord” and understand, among other things, that the abomination of fiat currency is just that: an abomination.

Increasingly in America and throughout the Fiat $lavery dominated world, it is assumed that there is “no time” left for the things that Scripture tells us are most important to the life of a healthy, mature, empowered and prosperous family…just the sort of family that threatens the control and power of those atop the Fiat $lavery system.

Increasingly in America and throughout the Fiat $lavery dominated world, it is assumed that boys and girls will be fed to the State-controlled beast of public “education” so that they might be taught to arrange their lives in every way around the support and advance of the system crafted by and for the powers atop the Fiat $lavery system. Corporate and business interests trump biblical truth and obligation so completely after generations of this approach in America that most professing American Christians are now far more likely to defend the State/Corporate Fiat $lavery system from biblical critique  than they are to defend biblically obedient families from that system. (See: Dear professing Christian investors: Please stop funding the war on actual, obedient ChristiansWhy Americans don’t do repentance and Retarded by Design: The Mind Blowing Success of State-Controlled “Education”)



And where has all of this perversion of the God-given wonders of money, wealth, business, and economics gotten us?

Well…just look around…

And check out this closing quote from the aforementioned article:

We are, in short, down to the final myth that animates the blow-off phase of most bubbles: that of the omnipotent government/central bank which likes the status quo and has the power to maintain it. They don’t have that power, of course, or else financial bubbles would never burst and we’d still be living in the golden age of junk bonds, dot-coms and subprime mortgages.

What’s different about this iteration is that instead of being confined to a single asset class, the bubble is in financial assets generally, including fiat currencies, government debt, corporate bonds and equities, along with all their related derivatives. Where previous bubbles accounted for hundreds of billions or at most one or two trillion dollars, this one is denominated in hundreds of trillions spread from emerging market bonds to money center bank interest rate derivatives. The number of moving parts and the magnitude of the hidden risks guarantee that when it comes, the dissolution of today’s myth structure will be like nothing any of us have ever seen.

As with all God-mocking, Truth-dismissing systems on this earth, the end will be ugly.

And as with all situations into which God purposefully places His faithful remnant, His people are charged with the task of proclaiming and applying His nature (Word) in every realm of His creation, most certainly including the economic realm.

May God grace His people with the strength to endure every persecution, stand through every storm, and seize every opportunity to proclaim His nature in the realm of economics as the one and only true source of lasting economic peace and prosperity here or anywhere else in His creation.

Until and unless His people lead the way in that reformation, the fiat currency system will continue to purposefully drive masses of men ever deeper into the arms of the State and Corporate systems owned and operated by a money printing class committed to rationalizing and employing “all kinds of evil” in order to secure their comfort and control.


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