It’s a good thing.

A great one, actually, especially from where we stand now.

The increasing unbiblical centralization of power in the hands of an unbelieving (read: “anti-Christian”) elite is one of the defining trends of American history.

All of it.

While developments along these lines have picked up steam in recent generations, the seeds for our present cultural implosion were first planted and nurtured long ago. For many generations now through our embrace of State-controlled “education” and Corporate-controlled pop-culture, we have been purposefully led to believe more and more in the concept of centralized power.

Through its abandonment of the Word in favor of the world, America has (ironically) become one of the greatest champions of centralization in practice for roughly 150 years now. While most of its people simultaneously imagine and proclaim America to be a bastion of liberty, freedom, and small government, the reality is precisely the opposite, and dramatically so.

The rate and angle of descent of America into totalitarian Statism under the rule of an elite class has been and continues to be remarkable. That this is happening in a land loaded with folks who are convinced that their increasing slavery is necessary for freedom, increasing wars are necessary for peace, and the surrender of liberty is necessary to preserve liberty, all comes together to paint an almost comically tragic Orwellian picture of the “land of the free” and the home of the NSA.

We would appear to have gone completely mad…and happily so.

But why?


One solid route to answering these questions is to “follow the money”.

Practically all of our fundamental cultural transformation has been accomplished through the invention and use of a fiat currency economic system that allows a few to effortlessly craft “money” out of thin air and then use that fictional wealth to actually buy, fund, and control everything in the world.

We could not have ongoing wars as have them now become normal without this satanic economic system enabling it.

We could not have the Welfare State chaining masses into servitude and bondage through programs that could never exist outside of this satanic economic paradigm.

We could not have the gigantic, Corporate-feeding, elite-empowering leviathan of modern American government that we know now without the fundamentally satanic fiat currency economic system constructed and presently deployed by our would be (and present economic) rulers.

Without that evil system – one which is seems so sadly normal and comfortable in so many ways to us now – each of the great evils listed above simply could not exist.

They would never even get off the ground.

Economies built upon the light of God’s Nature as revealed in His Word could never even begin down the path to perpetual war, perpetual State empowerment, and perpetual State enslavement through the Welfare/Warfare State.

That is the beauty of God’s provision through His Word on the realm of economics.

But we have not listened.

Consequently, we do have (and have grown pathetically comfortable with) perpetual war, an increasingly Orwellian government, and a Welfare/Warfare State committed to the never-ending expansion of its own expansion of power through devouring the last vestiges of true freedom and liberty still (temporarily) available to its soon-to-be-totally-enslaved masses.

The centralization of economic power in the hands of elites atop central banks has led us to this place…and it’s high time that we as Christians recognized and confronted this situation in accordance with the Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

Through central banks, a handful of anti-Christian elites have assumed near total control over every realm of life on earth. Through their self-appointed power to create what we call “money” out of thin air, they have been allowed to effectively own and direct everyone and everything beneath them.

Allowed by whom?

The Church.

With the Church unwilling to confront and correct sin through the Gospel-fueled Great Commission in specific realms like the worlds of work, business, and economics, the weak have been left vulnerable to the manipulations and abuses of sinful men…and those, self-serving, power-seeking men and women have been more than happy to take advantage of that situation.

The Church has neglected and dismissed its duties in these realms for so long now in America and the West that most church attending professing Christians have no idea – and worse yet, no interest in – what Scripture tells us about the true nature of work, business, currency, and economics.

So will it be more of the same in 2015?

Will the flagrantly and fundamentally evil system under which we now labor be ignored, dismissed, and therefore further enabled by most professing Christians in America? Or will they repent, believe, confront and correct sin in this vital realm, as lovingly commanded and equipped to do by their Lord?

The answer to that question will determine whether we move further down the path to centralized power in the hands of unbelievers, or whether we finally begin to correct this destructive course through our faithful proclamation and application of the Great Commission in the realm of economics.

It’s on us, as always.

It’s on the Church.

May God grace His people with the desire, opportunity, and perseverance to lead this culture in repentance, belief, and salvation. Even this proud, rotting land can be resurrected and restored…one supernatural salvation at a time, all by God’s grace and for His glory.


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Soli Deo Gloria!


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