Ever wonder why the “conservative Republican Party” seems to routinely serve as the right side wingman of a movement that is always leading the culture – wingmen included – to the left? Ever wonder why the “conservative Republican Party” always seems to end up defending the leftward lurches that it “fought against” a generation or so ago? (How many top-tier G.O.P. “leaders” are advocating the elimination of Social Security, the IRS, Medicare, the Welfare State, the Warfare State, and the removal of State involvement in children’s education?)

I used to wonder about these things, but not so much anymore. After many years of avoiding the most glaring and obvious of answers, I finally accepted the hard but undeniable truth that the Pagan Right of the “conservative Republican Party” and the Pagan Left that dominates the “liberal Democrat Party” are, in fact, two halves of the same Pagan Dragon, and both halves of that Dragon are leading us by any and all means available to their shared goal: Statism.

I was once again reminded of this when I took in a little bit of Fox News programming while visiting a relative’s home last night.

I don’t watch a whole lotta Fox News anymore, so when I find myself exposed for any amount of time to that favored mouthpiece of the Pagan Right, I often get an unsettling yet valuable reminder as to who I was and what I used to think not that long ago.

Back when I defined things much more by the light of secular “conservatism” than the Word of God, I was all about me some Fox News. I’d often have it on in the background when I was eating, working, playing…whatever. I’d catch Shepard Smith, O’Reilly, Hannity and Greta on a regular basis. And filling the radio portion of my daily media diet pyramid there was a semi-steady feed of Rush, Mark Levin and the like. I was down with the whole Pagan Right program…including, of course, seeking out and feasting upon my own favorite flavors of Pagan Right programming.

Feedback loops are funny (and sad) that way.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that there’s nothing useful or even good to be gleaned from the Pagan Right. I’m just saying that it is very important to first recognize this stuff as the Pagan Right and treat it accordingly.

One suggestion I’ve made to folks who are in a situation similar to that which I found myself in several years back is to stop listening to or watching any Pagan Right programming entirely for one full month while using the time that would have normally been spent there instead on diving deep into the Word of God – particularly into the Word as it relates to the responsibilities and limitations of the Family, Church and State.

Get a biblical sense of what civil government is, and what it is not.

Do that diligently for 30 days and, if the Spirit of God truly is living within you, the first time you flip on Rush or Fox News after that month long switch from Pagan Right propaganda to biblical truth, you will very likely be simultaneously amazed, horrified, and relieved. You’ll be amazed at what you are able to see with some clarity for the first time, you’ll be horrified at the thought that you quite happily spent [x number of] years immersing yourself in Pagan Right propaganda, and you’ll be relieved that God has seen fit to grace you with the pain of this awakening so that you might personally repent, reform, and begin to finally address things like politics, civil government, and the role of the state from a Christian rather than a secular Statist perspective.

Sorry to have chased that rabbit down; it seemed kind of important. Thank you for your patience. Now, back to the original trail…

So I was watching Fox News last night. Megyn Kelly was interviewing this newly out-of-the-closet gay conservative author and contributor to Fox by the name of Guy Benson. He was very articulate, well groomed, and nice. He made all kinds of fantastic secular conservative points about subjects covered in his just completed book and talked some about how awesome it was that here in the great land of America, he could come right out this way and proudly be the gay Guy that he is. Of course, Megyn was all “yay!”, “rah! rah!” and “good for him!” for being so “brave” as to be an openly gay conservative Guy. Or an openly conservative gay Guy. Or whatever.

This wasn’t exactly stunning news. Quite the opposite, actually. And that’s why I thought I’d compose this little reminder (or wake-up call/alarm) to any Christians who are still under the sway of the Pagan Right.

The Pagan Right will lead you (and the rest of us) to hell just as surely as will the Pagan Left. They are two heads and two wings of the same Pagan Dragon.

It would seem that the Pagan Right is far more dangerous in that it has the ability to intrigue and ensnare folks with a semi-Christian worldview with an ease and efficiency that the Pagan Left simply cannot match. This domination of political thought within the professing Christian church by the Pagan Right has played a great role in manipulating the church into a position of supporting rather than opposing Statism. So long as Statism is pursued through appeals to secular conservatism, patriotism, the American flag, and American traditions, most professing conservative Christians are all for it.

As long as they continue to follow the lead of the Pagan Right, these “Christians” will be the wedge by which the walls of the professing church (and then the broader culture) are cracked wide open in favor of everything from “gay marriage” to…well…you name it. Once truth is defined by anything but Scripture, everything is ultimately up for grabs and destined for Orwellian Statist “redefinition”.

Back in February, Outside the Beltway shared the not-at-all-surprising “news” that Republican Support For Same-Sex Marriage On The Rise. This rising Republican support coincides with rising support for the profanation of marriage from within the professing Christian church, and insofar as we allow our political ideologies and loyalties to be forged by Pagan perspectives (from the Right or Left), we will only see this trend continue.

Truth be told, the Republican Party has been pretty gay since the days of Constitution-trampling Abraham Lincoln (who is also almost universally adored and worshipped as an icon by most “conservative Christians” in America). If Barack Obama even attempted half of the most seriously unconstitutional things that Abe actually did, modern day “conservative” Lincoln worshippers would come completely unglued. They’d form mobs and storm the White House. The irony and hypocrisy in this is both remarkable and pathetic.

While there have been a few relatively bright Republican-ish spots in the interim (thank you, Ronald Reagan), the Republican Party overall has served as a startlingly consistent and successful advocate for the massive growth of State power at the expense of individual liberty over the past 150 years or so. (See also: Are people who cannot dissolve a political union truly free?)

And these days, most “conservative Christians” in America are proud of that Statism, whether they are able to recognize it as Statism or not. (And usually not if they were “educated” in State-controlled “schools”…which “conservative Christians” tend to adore, of course. What a weird coincidence, huh?)

Most American “conservative Christians” now defend and cherish things like government run children’s “education”, which is a concept yanked straight out of The Communist Manifesto (after being yanked straight from the serpent’s tongue in Eden; see: Genesis 3).

Most modern American “conservatives” will defend rather than advocate the elimination such rank Socialist program as Social Security and Medicare.

The list of Pagan Right “concessions” to the Statist goal of the whole Pagan Dragon is long…and multigenerational. The serpent is quite content to digest our culture slowly, and, apart from submission to Christ as King in practice, we’ll always be willing to hand it over to him to eat and process into whatever he leaves behind.

This is why the “conservatism” of today sure looks a whole lot like the Socialism and Marxism of days gone by.

This is where Pagan Right thought has led us, and this is the direction that it will continue to lead us until and unless we repent of our willful compliance and idolatry.

We’ve got to own up to and repent of our having been duped by the Pagan Right if we are to ever go about the process of actually righting this ship. We’ve got to acknowledge the tyrannical, Statist nature of Abe and most Republican “leaders” who have come since.

We’ve got to get the Statists and Statism of the past and present out of the closet and into the light.

Under the purposeful guidance of the Pagan Right, we’ve watched the systematic redefinition of patriotism, liberty, freedom, justice, peace, law, and even gender. We’ve witnessed the Pagan Right (and Left) supervise the transformation of fundamental concepts like marriage, family, work, and welfare into ever malleable tools by which the State has amassed more and more power to itself through the purposeful enslavement of more and more Americans…all while the “church” has rolled over and played dead.

The re-working of language has been absolutely Orwellian…and it has been every bit as Orwellian on the Right as it has on the Left.

Now peace is the justification for perpetual war.

Now protection of “the American way of life” is the justification for constant surrender of the actual privacy, liberty and freedom of individual Americans.

Now the State will take care of us.

Now the State will “educate” our children.

Now it is a good thing to freely allow the public worship of false gods…while arguing for hanging Ten Commandments plaques in government run “schools” like some sort of lucky rabbit’s foot.

Now family is whatever you want it to be, Bruce Jenner is a woman if he says he’s a woman, and the ends justify the means when it comes to winning elections and shaping the culture here in “the real world”.

And these are Republican positions, folks! These are things that most “conservatives” in the Republican camp actually believe and support with their time, energy, and tons of money. (These folks helped Mitt Romney take in over a billion dollars in pursuit of a Pagan Right presidency.)


So can the G.O.P. be saved?


The same way that America can be saved: One individual supernatural salvation and grace-fueled act of obedience at a time.

The “trouble” with this approach, from our impatient and lazy little human perspectives, is that it is designed to change the culture from the bottom up through the faithful proclamation and application of the whole Gospel not only or even mostly) by the Big People at the top of the cultural and political food chain, but more so through the “little people” that make up the fabric of society. This runs counter to the persistent Pagan promotion of good ol’ top-down leadership and cultural transformation. Republican “conservatives” are looking for another Ronald Reagan to save us and Democrat “liberals” are looking for the next Clinton and Obama to keep the “progress” a-rollin’. The bottom-up path of supernatural cultural resurrection through the Gospel-fueled Great Commission just “can’t be done” here in “the real world”…or so the Pagan Dragon tells us.

Sadly, most “conservative Christian” Republicans seem to still be buying what the Pagan Dragon is selling.

Lord willing, that will change, and soon…while there is still time.

Lord willing, repentance will come so that restoration might follow.

Until that happens, expect more of the same: Tens of millions of co-opted “conservative Christians” shoveling billions of dollars and lifetimes of energy into a movement that is, at the end of the day, striving to secure everything that most of them claim to vehemently oppose.

That’s what happens when you make an idol of politics, tradition, patriotism, and America. The devil loves idolatry of any flavor. He works brilliantly with them all.

Nothing proves that more clearly than the ongoing Statist success of the Gay Orwellian Party…as supported by “conservative Christians”.


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Soli Deo Gloria!


4 Responses

  1. Our hope is Jesus and, He will establish His Kingdom when He returns. Until then we are living in enemy territory, in the world but not of the world. We are not going to find what we are looking for in any government here on this earth because this world is not our home.
    I appreciate you pulling the mask off of the conservative "christian" right. The serpent hiss is much more subtle if you have been raised in this church going, flag waving, "America worshiping" culture.

  2. If we lived by the early Christians examples then we would not join the military, nor take any interest on loans, we would love our enemies, be against capitol punishment, take care of exposed babies, we would welcome immigrants ("illegal or not") we would lose our pride, detest all forms of violence and share our belongings with others!!! But we live in the Material age where god is money, violence is justified, riches are striven for and banking our norm. So sad the fall we have taken, we have conformed to the ways of the wold

  3. Arthur Schlesinger, 1939: "The chief liberal gains in the past generally remain on the statute books when the conservatives recover power. Liberalism grows constantly more liberal, and by the same token, conservatism grows constantly less conservative…" Also, Robert L. Dabney on Conservatism in 1897:

  4. Hello, brother Scott…thank you for being the Watchman on the wall. Your posts have truly inspired, humbled and convicted me.

    Thank you for that!

    You mentioned Reagan. I wanted to share a link with you that surprised me. I remember hearing about Nancy's attraction for horoscopes and psychics back when Ronald was in office, but like so many deceived Christians, I disregarded the seriousness of the occult.

    Bad move, but there it is. Praise God He has opened my eyes.

    So anyway, I've not verified Reagan's involvement in these things, but just wanted to share this information with you.

    Thanks so much – you and your family are in my prayers.

    If only more "Christian men" were aware of their duty to be the spiritual leader of their household and more women were aware of God's awesome plan for their lives as Christian women and mothers we wouldn't be in this mess.

    It's no small wonder the enemy continues to strike at the heart of families…a fully committed husband and wife who are battle ready with the Power of His Armour and the Sword of Truth are truly a force he cannot withstand.

    But I digress…thanks again, Scott – enjoy the extra time you're able to spend with the family these days.

    God bless,


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