In the wake of Scotland’s recent spirited attempt at leaving the “United Kingdom”, many folks have been inspired to ask and contemplate some important fundamentals regarding true freedom, liberty, and the decentralization of government. Separating from the binding controls of large and ever-growing socialistic states has great appeal to many, including most who hold to a biblical worldview and understanding and love of the God-defined roles, responsibilities, and limitations of the family, church, and state.

Today’s National Journal posted an interesting article on the subject, and it seems clearer by the day that big changes are washing over our culture, whether we like it or not. Whether those changes will ultimately prove to be mostly awful or mostly positive will be largely impacted by whether they are managed and directed by increasingly centralized, globalist-run governments and corporations, or by more decentralized, locally minded interests. That’s one theme among many in the ongoing and growing conversation on this subject, anyway.

For most of us in America, questions of decentralization inherently tend to lead to the topic of secession, and the topic of secession tends to be almost instantly derailed from serious consideration by way of that well-established tool for avoiding substantive contemplation of any politically incorrect thing – The Race Card.

While we will not take the bait here and even begin to defend secession and/or decentralization of government power from ridiculous accusations of being inherently “racist”, I would like to encourage the serious contemplation of a few important relevant questions along these lines:

[Tweet “Did the American Founding Fathers support the concept of ‘indivisible political unions’?”].

I propose to you that radical (and beautiful) decentralization is coming, and coming soon, right here to this world. The systems that be and the powers that be behind them know thatb this move is afoot and in the wind, and they are preparing accordingly.

My hope and prayer is that we, as Christians, will seize this moment to seek the will of the Lord as revealed in His Word, proclaim His Gospel and pursue His Great Commission, so that we might, in this incredible time, find our way free of many of the imposed, contrived chains that bind us and use whatever new freedoms we may find all to God’s glory and therefore to our lasting benefit.


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  1. I believe that God's Judgement on the "church" will be the spark that ignites the fire of counter-revolution in this nation formerly known as the United States of America, now better represented as the Socialist States of America.

    Keep up the good work Scott.

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