Who are we and why are we here?

What makes for a good life right here and now? What makes for a productive life right here and now?

What is success? How is it best defined? How is it best pursued?

The answers that we provide – and have been conditioned to provide – to these questions determine how we spend our lives. The things that we believe  – and I mean really believe – about purpose, productivity, success, and the “good life” quite naturally determine how we spend the seconds, minutes and hours that comprise our days, weeks, months and years.

This is why God has lovingly revealed in great, vivid detail the true, life-preserving answers to these vital questions.

It should not then be surprising that our modern American Corporate/State-run culture would have us to set those beautiful truths aside and instead buy wholeheartedly into something else…something “more practical”…something that “works” here in “the real world”…

It is in this context that Corporate-controlled pop-culture and State-run “education” systems claim to dutifully supply us with “everything that we need to know” about the pursuit and application of knowledge here in “the real world”. And we, for the most part, buy into it.

But who exactly are we trusting to determine what we “need to know”?

What is their worldview?

What are their objectives?

What do they think of God, man, sin, salvation and, well…the meaning of life?

Kind of important questions, right?

Sure they are. These are basic, fundamental essentials. They’re the starting point for assessing whether anything that these Corporate/State-sanctioned “experts” are advocating is really any good for us at all, much less the best thing for us and therefore worthy of our personal praise, support and application.

Not-so-coincidentally, fundamentally important questions such as these are not seriously asked, much less seriously explored, and tend to be diligently avoided at every turn by the Corporate- and State-controlled “experts” and the carefully constructed system of systems in which we live, think, work and play.

Why are those vital questions sidestepped and sequestered from consideration? Why are the answers to those questions persistently and purposefully avoided?

Well, because “we don’t need to know” those things, silly!

“We don’t need to know” the things that Scripture makes plain as the heart and essential core of all true understanding in order to live the “peaceful, productive” lives that our Corporate/State masters would have us to live.

Not only do we “not need to know” the answers to these therefore-unnecessary-to-ask questions, we are quite actively discouraged from getting anywhere near those questions when we start to stray towards the edge of the bubble-world “reality” that we are encouraged to embrace as truth here in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA.

This is why things like homeschooling – and particularly Christian homeschooling – are so reviled and abhorred by the Corporate/State-system and its most well-programmed drones. This is why that system does everything that it can to paint Christian homeschoolers in the darkest, most suspicious light possible.

Christian parents actively raising their children by the perfect, sufficient Word of God are the supreme threat to…well…pretty much everything that Statists of all stripes strive to achieve. And don’t let terms like “Statist” cause you to narrowly imagine only caricatures of Cold War-era Soviet styling or Orwellian/Nazi-eque figures of flagrant darkness and evil. While these well known Communist and Nationalist versions certainly fit under the umbrella of “Statist” thought quite neatly, another group that fits there just as neatly is that of the typical modern American “conservative evangelical”.

The typical American “conservative evangelical” these days freely (and happily) ships their children off to the State for “education” starting at (or before) the age of five, cherishes the State-run children’s education model (which was taken directly from both the serpent’s tongue in Eden and the Communist Manifesto), and imagines that by sprinkling prayers or Bibles or Ten Commandment plaques around the fundamentally anti-Christian institutions of State-directed children’s education, those institutions will somehow be made into something good.

Flowing from this “conservative evangelical” approach to truth and the pursuit of knowledge comes the inevitable and ever-increasing support of things like Social Security, Medicare, perpetual war in the name of peace, perpetual surrender of liberty in the name of safety and countless other culture-defining impositions made by Statists from the Pagan Right, the Pagan Left, and everywhere in between on the Pagan socio-political spectrum.

The whole enterprise centers on a particular understanding of truth and knowledge, and how they are to be pursued and applied in the real world.

Scripture makes plain that Jesus Christ is King, that He has all authority here on earth right now, and that we are to submit to His lordship in every realm of creation and area of life while teaching all others to do the same. (See also: The devil only holds what we leave in his hands.)

The modern American Way as embraced by most modern American “conservative Christians” would lead us in precisely the opposite direction, all to the benefit of the American Corporate State, of course.

Where Scripture lovingly commands us to take every thought captive to Christ – every political, economic, artistic and legal thought, for example, the American Corporate State and its system of systems tells us to keep our religion in its place and not get “too zealous” or “extreme” so that we can “have a good life” here in “the real world”. (See: What does Jesus bring to politics, education, law, and economics?)

Of course, all of this requires us to discard Scripture and embrace the American Corporate State’s definition of things like “truth”, “knowledge”, “purpose”, “the real world” and even “Christianity”.


So it is that Corporate State-controlled “education” tends to be the rough equivalent of a long, rambling Jedi mind trick that rolls right on through our childhood, shaping our adulthood and our every pursuit, including the way in which we raise the next generation of good, happy, American citizens compliant American Statist drones.

Since Jedi mind tricks and the like only take root in the weak-minded, the Statists understandably strive to have their worldview-shaping hands on our kids by the age of five, at the latest. Vulnerable little unformed minds are inherently pliable things. (Which is one of the more obvious reasons why God has lovingly commanded children to be educated in an explicitly Christ-centered manner; see: Redeeming Children’s Education: Confronting Our Satanic Approach to the Pursuit of Knowledge.)

With the children of American “Christians” routinely handed over by the tens of millions each year, the Corporate State then decides what its “human resources” need to know (the religious worldview of Humanism) – and what they don’t need to know (the Author and personification of all truth: Jesus). The anti-Christian system of systems then goes about the business of stamping the minds of the masses accordingly. Of course, this explicitly Marxist/Satanic approach to the molding of young minds is openly supported (and often vigorously defended as legitimate) by even a great many professing “conservative Christian” pastors, so it must be okay then, right? (See: Why is the beast of Socialism eating our children? Ask your pastor.)


Need to validate the concept of centralized power and the supremacy of the national government over all, even in the minds of children from so-called “conservative Christian” families?

No sweat!

Just use the well established fiction of Republican icon Abraham Lincoln as an unassailable, unquestionable champion of all-American goodness.

Nevermind that “preserving a union” by bludgeoning one “partner” into submission might be a decidedly bad (and wildly unbiblical) approach to “union preservation”, and that obliterating basic Constitutional provisions on a grand totalitarian scale along the way might pave the way for other less flagrant wannabe tyrants in the future (see: Barack Obama). The ends justify the means, baby! The American State is god and Abraham (Lincoln) is its true prophet. Amen and god bless ‘Merica! (See also: Are people who cannot dissolve a political union really free?)

Need to get the little kiddies in line with the notion of an indivisible political State above them as a good thing to adore, cherish and defend at all costs?

No problemo!

Just have ’em start reciting a “pledge of allegiance” written by a Socialist for the purpose of promoting the sale of American flags to State-controlled children’s “education” facilities. (See also: The God of Government “Education”.)

On subject after subject and in realm after realm of life, culture and civilization, the Corporate American State has succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of the most ardent Statists over the last 100-150 years in almost completely rebooting America. The American Corporate State’s system of systems has almost completely replaced the explicitly Calvinistic/Great-Commission foundation provided by Pilgrims and Puritans of our past with a State-as-god-in-practice worldview, propelled and protected by adoring support from even the “conservative Christian” masses who have come to regard Pagan Right/American Statist “experts” as the sages and prophets best equipped to guide us all to “good”, “happy”, “productive” and “successful” lives here in “the real world”…as unbelievers define all of those terms, of course.

As long as we continue to embrace Pagan understandings of work, economics, patriotism, law, and education itself, we will see things continue as they are now in America. We will receive – from both our Pagan Right and Pagan Left “leaders” and “experts” – the next step toward the living hell of full-blown anti-Christian Statism…and then the next…and then the next…

It’ll always be “the best that we can do” here in “the real world” and it’ll always be done “for our own good” by our favored Pagan leaders, of course. That’s always the way these things are spun. Since it always seems to work so well on us, why would it ever change?

As long as we keep feeding our children to the beast of the State and happily spending our time in pursuit of what we’ve been told is a “good”, “productive” and “successful” life, each generation will continue to follow the now long-established American tradition of producing future generations that are always even more Statist than the last.

Until we repent, submit to Christ as King in practice in every realm of life right here and now, there will be no happy ending for America or for Americans of this generation, and it’ll only be worse for the generations to come.

Until we repent and by the grace of God believe His perfect, sufficient revelation concerning the true meaning and purpose of family, business, work, life, education, law and everything else, we will be the ever-malleable, ever-programmable little lemmings that the State and its owners would have us to be.

Until through our true surrender to the Gospel command to repent we receive the Spirit of God within us and are finally empowered to live by His grace according to His Word, we will be slaves to sin and slaves to those unrepentant sinners who would have us to serve them instead of Him.


Remember: They have set up the present day American system of systems so that they might define for us what it means to be good, true, productive, lawful, patriotic and successful…all in self-serving, purposeful opposition to the life-defining truth and power of the Word of God.

So let’s stop empowering them.

Let’s stop feeding our children to them.

Let’s on every subject strive to comprehensively renew our minds and the minds of our children in the Nature of God as revealed in His Word, all by His grace, for His glory, and to our eternal benefit.

Let’s stop raising Corporate Cogs and start raising the very things that they hate and fear most: Christ-centered, culture-transforming Jedi.


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  1. You cannot serve two masters…you will hate one and love the other. You cannot serve God and state….

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