There comes a point at which the warm handshakes, friendly smiles, and killer pot-lucks just can’t cover things up anymore.

There comes a point at which even the most naïve and immature Christian begins to sense through the Spirit of God within them that something is way off. Something isn’t right. Something stinks.

For year after year, decade after decade, and generation after generation, we’ve watched (and presumed to wonder at) the steady, steep decline of each successive generation away from a Christian worldview and toward a humanist/Statist approach to reality. As the culture’s committed march to darkness has shambled on, generation after generation of Christian parents have been encouraged by their “leaders” to keep right on feeding their children to a State-run system of explicitly anti-Christian “education”. And generation after generation we claim (or perhaps pretend) to wonder why, oh why(!), do our kids seem to be less and less Christian and more and more humanistic than the generations that came before them?

Why, oh why, is shipping off our children for State-run, anti-Christian “education” producing…*drumroll*…increasingly Statist, anti-Christian adults?

Yes, we actually claim to “wonder” how that’s happening.

I mean, how could day-long, everyday immersion in an explicitly satanic approach to the pursuit of knowledge produce…increasingly non-Christian worldviews?

How could submission to day-long, everyday saturation in State-run, State-defined, State-filtered “education” so reliably produce…increasingly State-centered worldviews?

Weird, huh?

No, not really.

Not at all, actually.

The mystery here is how anyone ever thought this approach was going to produce anything but an increasingly anti-Christian, pro-Statist population.

Yet time and again we see and hear many professing Christians moan and cry and wonder aloud how it is that our culture just seems to keep getting worse with each new wave of State-run “school” product; how it is that each generation seems to be less Christian and more Secular/Statist than the last.

Golly gee, how can this be?!

Of course, we’ve been encouraged along this idiotic path of false “wonder” and assured civilizational degeneration by “Christian leaders” who, for whatever reasons (and I’m sure they vary greatly from individual to individual), are wholeheartedly committed to a State-run system of children’s “education” that is quite literally lifted from the tongue of the serpent in Eden (and later cloned in The Communist Manifesto). (See: Redeeming Children’s Education: Confronting Our Satanic Approach to the Pursuit of Knowledge.)


With things like the Department of Education “coming out” in the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision begging for the wrath of God upon America by presuming to alter the unalterable institution of marriage, you’d think that even the most dimly lit of “evangelical leaders” would be compelled to acknowledge and repent of previous calls to keep feeding Christian children to the beast of State-run “education”. (See: American Public Schools are Officially Gay.)

And you’d be wrong.

Even now – even after the previously unthinkable cultural convulsions that we’ve witnessed over the past few months – there are many (temporarily) powerful and influential “Christian leaders” who are still unrepentantly advocating for the beast. (See: Have the “We will not obey!” Christian “leaders” repented of their role in bringing us to this hellish condition in the first place?)

Yet by the grace of God more and more of those whom these “leaders” would continue to steer deeper into darkness are beginning to awaken to the cowardice, deceit, and biblical infidelity at the foundation of the pro-government-run-“education” cult. More and more biblically literate Christians are beginning to see what they’ve been sold for so very long and they’re finally beginning to push back against “leaders” who would have them continue to feed their children to the State.

As Dr. Joel McDurmon covered yesterday at The American Vision, Christian pushback against leaders advocating State-run “education” (something explicitly repudiated in Scripture) is building and finally seems to be coming to a boil:

“OneNewsNow.com, a news arm of the American Family Association, published a post-Obergefell article puffing the need to send Christian children into public schools. They got Baptist megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress to blurb it for them. Big venue, big topic, big issue, big name, high stakes—and it comes complete with a reader poll: “What educational environment is best for the children of Christians?”

The piece lures readers with the title, “Christians in public schools—time to exit?” But it is quickly clear that this AFA outlet’s answer is “no.” The piece was clearly designed to confirm the twentieth-century status-quo of public schooling: Christians are just fine here, just educate your children in Bible well at home on the side, and send those little apostles into the public schools as missionaries!

That is Jeffress’s pitch: “… I think if we do our job, frankly, in equipping our children in the truth of God’s Word, they can truly go to a public school as a missionary and not become [a] mission field [themselves].”

In fact, to call for pulling Christian children out would be “to abdicate and give over the public schools to Satan completely,” he says.

The good news is that the readers ain’t buyin’ it.”

At this point, “arguments” such as those made by Baptist megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress, while having always been absurdly unbiblical, are now so thoroughly proven to produce increasingly catastrophic failure and loss on both an individual and civilizational level that it is hard to know what it would take for these “leaders” to recognize and repent of the terrible advice that they’ve been giving on the vital life- and culture-shaping subject of children’s education.

Things like the “salt and light” spin routinely regurgitated by Jeffress and his ilk have been used to encourage the sacrifice of tens of millions of children to a system operating in direct contradiction to the crystal clear Word of God. (See: Ten problems with the “salt and light” excuse for feeding children to the State.)

Yet he keeps…on…spinning! 

It never ends.

There seems to be nothing that will drive these “leaders” to repent and submit to the lovingly clear, detailed, and sufficient Word of God on the vital subject of children’s education. (See also: Southern Baptists flip out over “gay marriage”, but are okay with government-run children’s “education”.)

There seems to be no amount of cultural carnage that will do the trick and trigger repentance and remorse on their part. (See: Franklin Graham’s Incoherent “Fight” Against the Homosexual Agenda.)

There seems to be no number of children from Christian parents that they aren’t willing to sacrifice on the altar of loyalty to their own pet traditions and idols. (See: Ten answers to those “What about socialization?” questions from public school advocates.

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This is why it’s so refreshing and encouraging to see God’s people rise up by His grace and begin to put off these “leaders”.

God is moving through His people.

He is inspiring His people to cling to His Nature as revealed in His Word as the life-giving standard in every realm of His creation…including children’s education.

Christ is reforming and purifying His Bride.

He is moving His people to protect and nurture the children in their care…whether some “Christian leaders” like it or not.


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5 Responses

  1. Thanks again Scott for another timely message of truth. Back in the 80's when my kids were little I had to fight the good fight with my wife to keep my kids in Christian school. It was a battle worth fighting and I can see the fruit of my efforts paying off today. Had I gone along with her lack of wisdom at the time I'm sure that most of my 5 kids would be pagans now. And that was back when the public schools weren't half as bad as today!

    1. Homeschooling your children is not what saves them. God saves them. To say that someone could homeschool their kids and that’s how the kids are saved is false. I know that you, Scott, did not say this, but some comments here imply that people think they can save their kids by homeschooling them. You can give them the most godly education, and they could still turn out to be nonbelievers.

  2. There are actually TWO fronts for Christians in the battle over education. The first front is as you say, getting our kids out of the state run school system. The second front is getting Christians INTO teaching positions in the state run school system. Flooding the system with Christian teachers in ALL levels of education will attack the enemy in the heart of their stronghold on education. Then we expand to take over the teacher's unions, school boards, city councils, police departments, mayors offices, judiciary, state houses and senates and state executive offices. Then we repeat the same thing at the national level. I believe the Great Commission demands that we take control of all government positions throughout the world. We start in our own back yards. Getting the false prophets off of the television is also an absolute necessity.

    1. Howdy and thanks for chiming in.

      It's hard to imagine large scale biblical obedience ultimately leading to anything but the complete abandonment and repudiation of inherently anti-Christian institutions such as State-run children's "education" systems.

      State-run children's education is, by definition, anti-Christ. It cannot be "made good" by the presence of Christians, Bibles, prayers, Ten Commandments plaques or anything else. It is explicitly anti-Scriptural and, as such, irredeemable. God has defined the roles, responsibilities, and limitations of the State just as surely and as clearly as he has for the Family and the Church. The Christian mission is to see to it that the State (like the Family and Church) submits to Christ in all things, which requires the elimination of State-run children's "education". This is the primary reason I would not encourage Christians to prop up or try to salvage the unsalvageable.

      I hope that this clarification is helpful.

      Beyond that point, I definitely agree with your general notion of Christian domination of all valid civil and governmental institutions. I just think that the required biblical/Christian solution to State-run children's education is to eliminate it entirely.

      Your zeal for the Great Commission is inspiring!

      Keep swinging for the fences!

      In His grip,


  3. How wonderful to hear someone, your dear self, expositing the laziness and Godlessness of MOST pastors on Christian Homeschooling. The point is they don't want their wives to do it and why would they want the congregation's wives to do it ? I have 'lived under' two pastors wives who sent their own children to state school and, surprise, surprise their offspring are no longer walking in righteousness or even believing as soon as they reached adulthood. What a terrible testimony, by their fruit shall yet know them. Despite there clear failure in passing the faith to the next generation as it commanded in Scripture, they still actively oppose us mothers who do Christian Homeschool. You couldn't make it up if you hadn't seen it.

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