Can Snarky Language Glorify God?

Is it ever appropriate to speak harshly? Is it ever appropriate to speak in an irreverent tone? Is it ever appropriate to speak sarcastically? Is it ever appropriate to speak in a cutting, sometimes intensely critical manner? The short answer to each of these questions is: Yes. Not only is it sometimes appropriate to speak […]

The End Times (Christian Satire) Summer Article List

With the Clinton/Trump campaign rolling through the summer, there has been much fertile ground for apocalyptic Christian satire over the past few months. Here’s a sample of the work we’ve done at our sister site, The End Times, over the course of what was indeed a very hot and very apocalyptic summer of 2016: Trump Builds Wall Of […]

The End Times (Christian Satire) May Article List

Howdy and happy Memorial Day weekend! With May drawing to a close, it is time once again to share a list of articles from The End Times, our recently launched Christian satire site. So far, things are rolling along quite nicely. We’re very thankful for the mountain of encouraging feedback, prayers and support you’ve given us as […]