Can Snarky Language Glorify God?

Is it ever appropriate to speak harshly? Is it ever appropriate to speak in an irreverent tone? Is it ever appropriate to speak sarcastically? Is it ever appropriate to speak in a cutting, sometimes intensely critical manner? The short answer to each of these questions is: Yes. Not only is it sometimes appropriate to speak […]

The End Times Recent Article List (Please Share)

For those of you who enjoy satire, here’s a list of recent articles posted at our new Christian satire site, The End Times: Cult Leader Hands Out Wrong Kool-Aid At Picnic, Has To Start Cult Over From Scratch In Desperate Last Ditch Effort To Destroy Ted Cruz Campaign, Jeb Bush Endorses Ted Cruz For President […]

“Building Bridges and Razing Hell Through The End Times” – The Hell Razer Report Podcast

In this week’s installment of The Hellrazer Report podcast, we encourage believers to seek and seize opportunities to advance the Kingdom of God wherever those opportunities may lie…even (and especially) when they’re not in our preferred areas (or comfort zones) and even when they don’t seem to “fit into our schedule”. In other words: Be careful what you […]

The End Times: Your Trusted Source for Apocalyptic News, Sports, Politics and Fashion

Howdy and Happy Monday, y’all. We’re pleased to share with you now the “beta version” of a new project we’ve been working on: The End Times, a news satire and parody site from a Christian worldview perspective. Here’s why we’re tackling this particular mission: For far too long, Christians have ceded the most culture-impacting realms of […]

Trump Owns Evangelicals Through Relentless Barrage of Jedi Mind Tricks

GOP front-runner (and likely sith lord) Donald Trump continued to maintain a magical, svengali-like grip on the simple, submissive minds of thousands of voting evangelicals as his dark march toward the Republican nomination rolled through Super Tuesday and on into March. “Man, I wish I could do anything close to that,” said a still-recovering, disheveled and […]