Howdy and Happy Monday, y’all.

We’re pleased to share with you now the “beta version” of a new project we’ve been working on: The End Times, a news satire and parody site from a Christian worldview perspective.

Here’s why we’re tackling this particular mission:

For far too long, Christians have ceded the most culture-impacting realms of creation to the enemies of Christ. As a result, the arts have been overrun and dominated by anti-Christian worldviews that have used their cultural influence to lead us all deeper and deeper into darkness.

Comedy has become a cesspool. Satire and parody have become saturated in perversion. The lack of Christian worldview perspectives shining through God’s creation of humor has taken an incredible toll.

We’re here to help change that.

With The End Times, we hope to engage in the culture-shaping realms of satire and parody in a manner that not only makes people laugh, but prompts them to think critically and, more importantly, biblically, about the issues, causes and personalities shaping current events.

A Christian correction to The Onion and similar wildly popular satire sites has been on our mind and backburner “To Do list” for a very long time. Adam Ford’s recent launch of The Babylon Bee served as inspiration and encouragement along these lines.

We were planning to formally launch The End Times on April 1 (seemed like a good date to launch a news satire and parody site), and we’ll still be ramping up and polishing the site between now and then, but we just couldn’t resist sharing it with you now.

Your patience with early stage site construction issues is much appreciated, as are your ongoing prayers and support.


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Finally, here are a few good intro/reminder links for those of you who are new to Fire Breathing Christian and curious about exactly what’s goin’ on ’round here:

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And especially this one: Never forget that apart from God’s grace you and I are complete morons.

Thank you for your support!


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