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For those of you who enjoy satire, here’s a list of recent articles posted at our new Christian satire site, The End Times:

Cult Leader Hands Out Wrong Kool-Aid At Picnic, Has To Start Cult Over From Scratch

In Desperate Last Ditch Effort To Destroy Ted Cruz Campaign, Jeb Bush Endorses Ted Cruz For President

John Hagee Announces Manned Mission To Blood Moon

Christian T-Shirt Maker Forced To Retire After Running Out Of Secular Logos To Rip Off

Benny Hinn Uses Suitcoat To Decapitate Man

Rob Bell Concedes Hell May Be Real After Attending Stryper Concert

Captain America “Pretty Sure” Disney Is A Hydra Operation

Woman Talking From Behind Pulpit Imagines Herself To Be Pastor

Castle Dracula Chosen As New Planned Parenthood Headquarters

Creflo Dollar Residence Wins Bid To Host Olympics

Mother Brushes Off Homeschooling By Admitting She Can’t Stand To Be Around Her Children

Glenn Beck Plans Escape To Kolob On Battlestar Galactica

Elevation Church Constructs Stonehenge Replica As Part Of Pagan Outreach Program

Government Officials Assure Citizens That Privacy Will Only Be Obliterated When Absolutely Necessary

Megachurch Pastor Thankful To God For Rampant Biblical Illiteracy

Hillary Clinton Explains Why Women Must Be Allowed To Murder Their Children With Impunity

Hindenburg Survivors Still Not Convinced Flying Is Safest Way To Travel

NFL Commissioner Pinky Swears To Stop Enticing Teams To Draft Gay Players

US Department Of Education Assures Christian Parents That Everything’s Okay

“God’s Not Dead 2: God’s Still Not Dead” Unfortunately Not An April Fools Joke

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