Way back in ’09, which, in light of all the wackiness that has transpired since then, sure does seem to be an eternity ago, Newsweek published We Are All Socialists Now as its cover story.

This was an interesting statement and makes for a interesting question, both then and now.

As with any statement or question of significance, the first thing that we have to do is define our terms. That said, if we embrace a fairly uncontroversial, nearly universally held basic understanding as to the meaning of Socialism in practice, we should have little trouble seeing that the Newsweek proclamation was, and is, true.



But true nonetheless.

And true, I would argue, for the vast majority of the most politically active self-described “conservative Christians” in America.

The reasons for my saying this are many, obvious, and generally ignored by those who love to pretend that they’re “good Christian conservatives” when, in practice and in fact, they are quite clearly Socialists.

Want to test theory this on some of those self-identified conservative Christians?

Want to test yourself? (If so, immediately give yourself at least one gold star for bravery in the pursuit of truth.)

Just ask the following questions:

Do you believe that the American public school system in place now should be improved/strengthened or eliminated/removed?

Do you believe that the Social Security program should be improved/strengthened or eliminated/removed?

Do you believe that the Medicare program should be improved/strengthened or eliminated/removed?

You ought to be able to stop after those three simple questions are answered and have a very good sense as to weather you are questioning an actual Socialist, regardless of whatever they claim to be.

The State-controlled American public school system alone embodies multiple planks of the Communist Manifesto, yet how many self-described “good Christian conservatives” want to “strengthen or improve” that explicitly anti-Christian, pro-Statist institution?

The painful reality is that most Christian conservatives in America, through their detachment of political and social ideas from Christ’s nature as revealed in His Word, have become often the greatest, most proud, vocal, and effective tools for the advance of Socialism in America…all while imagining themselves to be “conservatives”.

This is just the sort of “foolishness” that Scripture warns of again and again. (See: Romans 1)

Just as with the concepts of liberty, freedom, and justice, there is only darkness as the ultimate end of a “conservatism” that is not in harmony with and submission to the nature of Christ the King as revealed in His Word.

That is the reality that American “conservatives” are validating even as you read this now…and theirs is the worldview against we must “wage the good warfare” through the supernatural Gospel and Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

It wasn’t very long ago that I was one of those “conservative first” folks whose political, economic, educational, and social ideas were based much more on tradition and idolatry than they were founded upon the Word of God. Now, by His grace, I better understand (and still have a long way to go, of course) and hope to encourage others to test their notions of America, patriotism, law, and law-givers in light of Scripture, rather than testing Scripture in light of American tradition, American patriotism, the Founding Fathers, and the Constitution.

I do this because I love America and Americans…enough to proclaim repentance so that they might be restored before this present judgment escalates and destroys us, as it has done to so many proud rebel cultures throughout history.

All we have and all we need to find and establish true hope, peace, joy, and prosperity right here and right now is the supernatural Gospel and Great Commission of Jesus Christ, the true ad reigning King of creation.

So let’s stop being Socialists and Statists who pretend to be conservatives and get to the productive business of making disciples who lovingly strive to obey all that Christ has commanded.

You sure won’t find that solution flowing from Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, or the most “conservative” national figureheads of the Republican Party.

Any guesses as to why?


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