What has unfolded before our eyes, ears, and increasingly frazzled psyches over the past few months hasn’t exactly been a ready-made plot-line for next year’s first great “feel good hit of the summer”, has it?

We’ve got Ebola killing thousands and transmitting at an alarming rate in Africa while making its first appearances off-continent in America and Europe (at least).

We’ve got The Terrorists Formerly Known As Al-Qaeda (ISIS/ISIL/ITBD) dismembering the bodies of masses of murdered innocents as they cut a bloody swath through the Middle East, inspiring like-minded lunatics to do the same in places like…Oklahoma.

We’ve got the radical homosexualization and aggressive anti-Christianization of the culture hitting the home stretch through everything from State-controlled children’s education to corporate-controlled pop-culture.

Meanwhile, we’ve got “churches” on practically every corner in much of America, but most of these churches pitch a counterfeit candy Christianity or “gospel in a bottle” religion, as opposed to the true Gospel and Great Commission of Christ. As such, they’ve enabled and encouraged an American culture of the living dead – zombies who can boldly claim God’s name while openly mocking His Word.

And then we’ve got a fictional economy teetering on the brink under the weight of it all – an economy designed so that a few can create Monopoly money out of thin air without work or effort of any sort, and then use that “wealth” to purchase and control the lives of everyone else on the planet (while piecing together a very “mark of the beast” like approach to economically persecute Christians along the way).

So yeah, it’s a real bummer around here lately.

But why is it all still good at the end of the day?

Why should we who are truly His be happy?

Really happy?

I don’t mean artificial-high, phony-smile, denial-of-reality happy here…I mean the happy that comes from true peace through recognition of Him.

Happy probably isn’t the best word for this then, but it seems to be the one that this culture, in its immaturity, grabs for most, so please work with me…

The point here is that true peace, true joy, and true happiness are all, even (and especially) now in the midst of these storms, perfectly represented and available to us through the Nature and Spirit of God.

God is God.

Christ is the King.

Right now and forevermore.

All of this is purposeful.

And all of this will ultimately glorify Him and benefit His people perfectly (see: Romans 8:28).

It’s all beautiful in the end because it’s all about Him.

And at this moment, despite incredible ongoing displays of vile, rank rebellion on the part of our people in America, God has graced us with yet another opportunity to repent.

Even now, we have the Gospel command to repent, believe and be saved sent forth…but for how long?

Even now, His remnant is at work, by His grace, to complete their mission: His Great Commission to “make disciples of the nations” and “teach them to do all” that Christ the King commands.

Will we see convicted Americans respond with repentance to His Gospel and Great Commission? Will we see our people repent of their idolatry of man-made icons, laws, and lawgivers? Will we see restoration then come to the land through obedience to the Great Commission mandate to do all that Christ has commanded in every realm of His creation?

We just might see these sorts of things, I believe.

And yes, I know that such thoughts seem impossible using every worldly standard of measurement made available to us, but, then again, that’s the point.

Those aren’t my standards.

And they shouldn’t be yours, either.

When, by the grace of God, we focus on His nature as lovingly revealed in His Word as the actual, true source of all actual, true solutions to every problem facing us right here and now, things get much clearer. Much better. Much happier.

And it only gets better from there…eternally…

Keep these things in mind, and I trust that you too will find strength, peace, and even joy in the many battles He has called us to fight and equipped us to win right here and right now.

Soli Deo gloria…and let’s roll!


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