Not all that far from now on down the human history timeline, triumphant Christians will be looking back with gratitude to God for His victory over the likes of Planned Parenthood through the perfect, purposeful use of His Spirit-filled obedient people.

There may well be some who wonder how something like the mass murder and dismemberment of children for the sake of convenience and profit in the name of liberty could have ever been allowed to exist, much less persist for decades, in a land loaded with professing Christians. This will likely inspire increased appreciation and thanks to the Lord for His provision of the faithful few who actually stood firm by His grace upon His Word in this land so that His Kingdom might advance and prevail over all enemies in His creation.

Like Planned Parenthood. (See: Planned Parenthood’s Baby Body Part Trophy Sale.)

Now back to the present, where the battle rages…and Planned Parenthood is losing.

The first thing I’d like to encourage is that we do everything within our power to see to it that they keep on losing until they’re dead and defeated.

To that end, we are well served to remember that the Gospel-fueled Great Commission actually does give us the power to supernaturally resurrect dead lives and that those restored lives cannot help but positively impact the culture in which they live. That’s the practical, real-world shaping reality of the Gospel and Great Commission of Jesus Christ. (See: The Awesome Gospel.)

Every aspect to the unfolding Planned Parenthood saga offers roughly a gajillion opportunities to proclaim and apply the whole Gospel and advance the Great Commission. (See: Jesus Conquers Everything.)

The murderous narcissism of pro-Planned Parenthood perspectives is being made more and more plain by the minute. (See: Save the lions. Kill the babies. Welcome to hell.)

The demonic nature of those who advocate for Planned Parenthood on every level – from Hillary Clinton on down to the grassroots murderously narcissistic wannabe-enlightened lib – is becoming clearer with each inane, insane defense of the indefensible that gurgles out of their mouths. (See also: “Another boy!”, admits the Planned Parenthood ghoul.)

That’s where we are.

The advantage is ours.

The opportunities for gains are huge and numerous.

So rather than buying into the apathy, laziness, pessimism and pre-emptive surrender of bad theologies and eschatologies that have come to captivate (and neutralize) American “Christianity”, let’s repent, believe, and “wage the good warfare” to win on every battlefield in every realm of life as Christ has commanded and equipped His people to do. (See: The devil only holds what we leave in his hands.)

Rather than believing the Devil’s laughably false claims to authority and preemptively surrendering our culture – and babies – to him and his tools, let’s actually believe and act as though we believe that Christ is King and has all authority on earth right here and now (see: Matthew 28:18-20 in contrast to Encouragement from Satan.)

Rather than lazily waiting for the Republican Party to do what it always claims it will do but never actually does, let us – the Church – lead the fight on this front, boldly and clearly standing upon the binding, authoritative Word of God as the standard upon which we must build everything. (See: Just in case you still think Republicans are ever going to actually stop abortion)

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Let us be the ones who lead by example in proclaiming Christ as King, His Nature as the binding reality for all of His creation, and His Word the necessary starting point for any true understanding of liberty, law, and life itself.

Let us be the ones to boldly and confidently use the Sword of Truth to slay the lawless worldview at the root of Baby Butcherers, Inc.

Let us be the ones to lead the way in dismembering Planned Parenthood.

And yes, let’s enjoy doing it…all by His grace, all for His glory, and all to our eternal benefit.



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  1. Scott, this issue has become my top priority these days. Yes I'm guilty of turning the blind eye. But NO MORE. You keep blogging about it and I will keep tweeting your articles, posting on FB and everything else that Christ leads me to do. I suspect some street preaching might in my near future. I am committed to fighting this battle until my last breath or abortion is eliminated. which ever comes first. We are definitely winning (as in already won) this one and building momentum (to win other battles) everyday. It's time boys and girls. The activists are very organized and reinforcements are piling on every day. Take it to twitter and lets unite around this one. When Christ's people come together in one accord, HE does miraculous things. To God Be The Glory. #IamWaldo

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