Not so long ago, in a galaxy not nearly far enough away…

Actually just a few weeks back and in this galaxy – on this very planet, even – there was a particular mansion-wandering mega-consumer and hyper-capitalist who was basking in the glow of his most recent multi-gazillion dollar earning success story. Well, this particular success was much more effects than story driven, but I digress. The bottom line here is that, in the wake of the record setting and pop-culture shaping impact of his latest cinematic creation, the mega-consumer in question was taking the opportunity to do a whole lotta interviews and take a whole lotta shots at those who he perceived to be enemies.

Fair enough.

No complaints there. Actually, I love it when this kind talks. The more, the better.

One clip that I saw featured this guy in-between taking shots at Glenn Beck, blathering on about how his freely chosen and exuberantly pursued way of life is killing mommy earth and the rest of us right along with her. He didn’t put it quite that way, of course, because he and all elite liberals progressives are entitled to live as demigods among the sacrificial masses, but his ramblings did appropriately focus on the truth of global warming and how anyone who denies the truthiness of said truth is a moron.

He completely believes in global warming. He completely embraces a lifestyle of material excess and resource swilling without limit. And he completely thinks that something should be done to save mommy earth from the certain and imminent death she faces at the hands of…guys just like him. But not him. Get it?

Clever guy.

You know the type. A luxury indulging, sacrifice-for-others preaching, mommy earth wrecking, egomaniacal, truth murdering machine. A man after Michael Moore’s own overworked little heart.

Fortunately, before I even had time to allow the rants and raves of  eco evangelist Captain Avatard to settle in deep enough to inspire anything more serious than a chuckle, God graciously provided me with a pretty sweet curve ball in the form of a simple but very comforting and exciting notion. It had little to do with any of Avatard’s complaints, attacks, rank hypocrisy or “challenges” to Glenn Beck. Nope, quite appropriately, this beautiful thought just left the flailing whiner cold while moving me along to subjects of actual substance and joy.

The concept went something like this: Someday, and soon, the arts will be restored along with the rest of God’s fallen, corrupt creation. They will be elevated to heights currently inconceivable to the human mind. And that’ll just be their starting point. It’s all up, up and away from there, if you can imagine that…and you can’t, really.

Each and every Christian will play an active role in this process.

Every creative spark and impulse woven into their uniquely crafted bodies, minds, and spirits will finally find perfect fruition through unfettered expression, exploration, and enjoyment without end. They will constantly improve, grow, learn and, above all else, praise the Lord eternally through the ever-improving practice of their God given talents in an environment free from sin, corruption, decay, and Hollywood.

Painters will paint. Builders will build. Dancers will dance. Writers will write. Every talent and desire will be realized. Perfectly.

New forms of expression will be unveiled and cultivated. New goals will be discovered and attained. New challenges will be identified and overcome.

All without end.

Creative expression, joy, and praise will be intertwined eternally to the glory of God and the bliss of His children. We will learn more and praise Him more completely with every step taken towards a better understanding of His nature through the endless revelations resulting from the practice of His arts.

For many of us, this truth can be a great comfort as we struggle, sacrifice, and face the often intense persecution that we are promised as we obediently serve Him here in this dark and dying world.

Every obedient father who sets aside many a personal aspiration, dream and preference while diligently working to honor his family obligations in a manner not of his choosing will one day be rewarded. Every obedient mother who similarly sets aside personal ambition and goals for the sake of honoring her family obligations will one day be rewarded. Every child who sacrificed much and was persecuted for doing so in a culture at war with God, truth, and genuine beauty will be rewarded. Every child born and every adult afflicted with a limitation or handicap, from the minor to the extreme, will one day soon find themselves there, in that place, free to fly without restraint.

This is where Christians will one day be.

This is where they will dance…sing…write…build…explore…craft…play…and laugh. Laugh as never before.

And while in this quickly coming world there will be laughter the likes and depths of which we cannot now comprehend, there will also be a place where there is no laughter.



And there will be many people in that place.

There is much in the way of sad irony here, as those who effortlessly quote and reflexively submit to a plethora of Christ-less pop culture icons yet have no desire to learn of or submit to God through His perfect Word will never even have a taste or glimpse of the coming world where true artistic talent will bloom unrestrained. They will know nothing of what great art – even in its earliest stages – can be. They will wonder about this place, but they will never know it. They will be banished forever from its light along with the rest of the fallen world of darkness that so captivated, defined, and ultimately consumed them.

Those who wanted heaven but never wanted God will have neither.

They will be separated from all that is beautiful and good.


Theirs will be an unending conscious torment coupled with and amplified by the full realization that everything beautiful and good is unfolding in its undiluted form at that very moment – and every moment to come –  in a land that they will never see. There will be eternal weeping. There will be gnashing of teeth.

And, quite possibly, infinite Avatar sequels.



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