What a difference a summer makes, am I right?

We now have “gay marriage” (pronounced “gay mirage“) in America, where we like to beg for the wrath of God upon us by pretending to make it “legal”. (See: “Supreme Court” Votes for Wrath of God Upon America.)

Then there’s “Transgenderism”.

You can’t check out in an American grocery store without being barraged with “Caitlyn” Jenner fluff propaganda pitching and promoting the new normal of “transgenderism”.

Throw in some polygamy, which is now all but a done deal in the new American normal of Orwellian undefined marriage and family, and you begin to get a sense of where we are and where we’re going, which leads us neatly to…


As in, the next new “alternate sexuality” that we’re already being encouraged to reconsider.

In I’m a pedophile, but not a monster, published this week at, Todd Nickerson chronicles the challenges that he and those captivated by the “alternate sexuality” of pedophilia face and asks that we reconsider our assumptions regarding those who are sexually attracted to children under the age of 12:

“So, please, be understanding and supportive.  It’s really all we ask of you.  Treat us like people with a massive handicap we must overcome, not as a monster.  If we are going to make it in the world without offending, we need your help.”

This plea for understanding and support comes at the end of a lengthy article in which we are told all sorts of things about how confused we are on the subject of pedophilia in America. Mr. Nickerson goes into great and often disturbing detail, boldly owning up to his sexual attraction to little children:

“I’ve been stuck with the most unfortunate of sexual orientations, a preference for a group of people who are legally, morally and psychologically unable to reciprocate my feelings and desires.  It’s a curse of the first order, a completely unworkable sexuality, and it’s mine.  Who am I?  Nice to meet you.  My name is Todd Nickerson, and I’m a pedophile.”

So this is an “unfortunate sexual orientation”.

Not a sinful one, of course, but we’ll get back to that dirty word in a minute. (And by “dirty word” in our cultural context, I of course mean sin, not pedophile or pedophilia.)

But please take a moment to note what Mr. Nickerson provides here as the (supposed) barriers to his acting out on his sexual desires for small children:

Now let’s just take a sec to briefly consider these points, but in reverse order.

article continues below


First up is the psychological inability issue. As definitions in the realm of secular psychology shift regularly, this hurdle will be relatively easy for pedophiles to clear in a relatively short period of time. With the very recent history of certain psychological proclamations pertaining to homosexuality serving as a fresh and painfully pertinent example of shifts from one end of the spectrum (it’s a disorder) to the other (it’s perfectly cool), there’s no reason to believe that a similar shift can’t come when it comes to an adult pursuing sexual relations with, say, a “consenting” 11-year-old.

Next we come to the moral inability component, which is so obviously open to constant and radical revision in our Brave New America at this point that I’m not gonna waste my time or yours elaborating on the point here.

Which leaves the legally inability component, or, put another way: No real hurdle at all. Once “We the People” decided that we able to make law apart from subjugation to the Word of God, every wicked thing, including pedophilia and the even worse that will follow, became inevitable at some point here in “the land of the free” and the home of the self-described “brave”. (See: Presuppositional Law: Where we begin with law determines where we end.)

So even according to Mr. Nickerson’s list of present inhibitors to the open pursuit of pedophilia in America, there’s no real basis for expecting anything but the open pursuit of pedophilia in America in the not-too-distant future.

And isn’t this the great point? The great lesson? The inevitable end of “We the People” as god in practice?

Isn’t this where our approach to law, liberty, freedom, and life itself had to ultimately lead?

Once we decided that we were free to make law and define reality as we liked, wasn’t is just a matter of time before we got to where we are now?

Isn’t the tragic evidence of this painful truth all around us?

We openly, proudly sacrifice our children in any number of ways here in America, and we’ve been doing it for generations now.

We are even now openly murdering and dismembering thousands of our own baby boys and girls each and every day, sacrificing them on the altars of convenience and profit in the name of “freedom” and “liberty”…all under the “legal” supervision and protection of our beloved State.

And those children that we do allow to live we freely sacrifice to be trained in an explicitly anti-Christ, pro-Pagan worldview by our beloved State.  (See: Statism 101: State-run “education” makes a State-dependent population.)

So if we’re willing to surrender our children to explicitly anti-Christian mind-sculpting and even “legally” protect the murder of our own babies to the tune of 1,000,000+ each and every year here in “the land of the free”, then why not pedophilia? (See: Selling murdered baby parts in America? Sure. Why not?)


Why not?

Isn’t pedophilia only to be anticipated as inevitable in a land “free” from the rule of Christ as King?

Isn’t “legal” pedophilia just as reasonable and legit as “legal” abortion to a people that will not have Christ to rule over them?

If we will not stand clearly upon the Nature of Christ as revealed in His Word as our basis for defining, understanding, and pursuing everything in His creation, we are, (and should be) doomed.

“We the People” – one at a time – must repent of our desire to make ourselves god in practice.

We must repent of our desire to perpetually redefine everything from law and liberty to family and sexuality to suit our whims, feelings, and desires.

We must repent of our suicidal rebellion and lovingly submit to Christ as Lord over every realm of life and creation.

Until and unless we repent and submit to Him, we should prepare for the inevitability of “legal” pedophilia in America…and the even worse to come.



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  1. I have no doubts,wher'e heading for more pagan behaviors ,what else do barbarians do? eufphanaia,beasteality,slavery??we are asleep in the night.Satan is rallying.

  2. This is just sick what the hell has this world come too. any man or woman touches my children in a sexural manner they better be ready to meet their creator. I will torcher and kill their ass

    1. This doesn't sound Christ-like. Secular authorities rule at the dispensation of God. If you do what you want to do, then you will go to jail yourself. I reported my kids' teenage uncle this year for touching/poking my 3 yo D. Since most of these crimes go unreported (1/4 girls before age 14 and 1/6 boys before age 16 are victims of this), the authorities take allegations VERY seriously, even if there turns out to be no criminal case, as there usually isn't for a number of reasons. I did what I had to do to keep my kids safe, and having the cops descend upon my ex -in-laws' home one night and put their teenage son into cuffs while they separated and questioned everybody was shocking, as was its intent. Cops, CPS, medical and counseling support. I was impressed and humbled by the tremendous response. For now, that's how it is in America. In Spain? The age of consent is 14. Then again, look at Spain, which used to be a military dictatorship within my lifetime, and is now breaking apart, irrelevant on the world's stage.

    1. I will give a helping hand to those of you that need it. I have a good understanding of your problem. come over I have a real cheap bullet for you. I'm only trying to help the word.

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