The times of ignorance God overlooked, but now he commands all people everywhere to repent. . .

~ Acts 17:30

One awesome – and awesomely convicting – principle revealed in Scripture is that we are responsible for the light that has been given us. Not merely the light that we choose to soak in, choose to meditate upon, or choose to dive into, but the light that has been given to us.

All of it.

Unlike so many in long past generations or in other cultural contexts, we have been given by the grace of God a perfect revelation of His Nature in His Word containing all that we need to navigate every single area of life right here and now (see: 2 Timothy 3:16-17).

Is law covered?

You bet.

What about civil government?


Children’s education?

Oh yeah.

Economics? Business? Art?

Yes, yes, and yes.

The light that we have been given by God’s grace through His Word operating in conjunction with His Spirit in His people is indeed sufficient to guide us to true prosperity, joy, and peace in each and every area of life in God’s creation.

That’s the light that we’ve been given….and that makes us very happy.

It is also the light for which we are responsible…which makes us less happy and more convicted.

This is why we are so prone to be silly. This is why we’re prone to pretend. This is why we’re inclined to avoid light that shines where we just don’t want it to go and this is why we love to cling to the fiction that we don’t “really see” or “clearly understand” that which we actually know God has really and truly made plain to us.

This is why we like to pretend that we “just don’t know” that God has spoken on children’s education or law or civil government or economics in detail.

We have His Word on these subjects.

We have His perfect, sufficient light.

But we like to pretend that we don’t.

That’s just what we as people tend to do.

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In this we pursue what we might call a “vigorous defense of fiction”, namely: the fiction notion that we don’t see what God has clearly revealed. In this, we cherish and strive to preserve our ignorance, or at least the illusion of ignorance.

In this defense of ignorance (or preservation of the illusion of ignorance), we pursue very real bondage.

We pursue slavery – our own slavery and the slavery of our children, grandchildren, and future generations to come.

In our refusal of the light that we have been given – the light for which we are responsible – in matters of law, civil government, economics, and children’s education, we have consigned ourselves and those relying upon us for guidance to darkness and bondage in each and every one of those realms.

Are there things that we really, truly, honestly don’t see or understand in the Word of God, even though we may have read or heard every passage preached through many times?



God opens our eyes to different truths at different times as He perfectly leads each of His people down their personal path of sanctification and growth in conformity to Him.

There are biblical truths that have seemed to explode into vibrant life before my eyes for the first time after reading a particular passage or considering a certain subject in light of Scripture for the 107th or 1,007th time. That happens. And it’s a gift from God each and every time that it does.

I’m not warning here of those instances of honest ignorance that we are all led to overcome over time by God’s obedience-fueling grace in our lives.

I’m writing here to lovingly, respectfully remind us  – each and every one of us, certainly including myself – that we have no excuse for dismissing God’s Word in any detail or area of life to which it speaks.






They’re all His.

They’ve all been revealed and explained to us perfectly by the light of His perfect Word.

The light that we have been given.

The light that shows the only way to true freedom, liberty, and supernaturally vibrant life.

The light for which we are completely responsible.


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