What happens when a “Christian” organization that rejects the Nature of God as revealed in His Word as the binding basis for law, life, and everything else aims to “confront” a culture that also refuses to have Christ rule over it in practice and in detail?

Well, you end up with “conservative Christian” organizations like Focus on the Family promoting…child sacrifice via abortion.

In How to Murder Your Child Safely—from Focus on the Family?, Jeremy Lundmark of TheologyMix reports:

“It has been recently discovered that for roughly the last four years (2010-2014) Focus on the Family in conjunction with CBD has made a resource available that actually supports and instructs pregnant women on how to carry out an abortion using “the pill.” This resource, sadly still currently available at (see here), suggests that one of the viable options for women in this “life changing” situation is to employ what they call “medical abortion.”

The booklet goes on to instruct women on the proper use, timing, and safety concerns of “the pill.” One of the more disturbing sections comes under a “Do’s and Don’ts” list which states,

Do – Take the Misoprostol [which is a medication used to start labor and induce abortions – SAB] only at the healthcare professional’s office.

Do – Go for a follow-up visit after the abortion is complete to make sure you are healthy.

Don’t – Go to an abortion provider who lacks immediate access to a surgical facility in case you need an emergency surgical abortion.”

That’s the Focus on the Family/”Christian” book store sponsored position these days.

That’s where the logic of secular pragmatism and seeker-sensitivity leads…even when a veneer of respectability via Christian-ish rhetoric is sprinkled ’round the edges.

This is how Christians lead a culture deeper and deeper into the hell of lawlessness. (See: Presuppositional Law: Where we begin with law determines where we end.)

This is why professing Christians are most to blame for the state of our culture. If there is to be any real hope of genuine restoration in this land, it is true Christians who will have to, by God’s grace, lead the way through personal repentance…including repentance of having ever embraced a Focus on the Family worldview that, however sweet, kind, and Christian it may sound, is in fact just another flavor of satanic lawlessness that can only lead to death.


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11 Responses

  1. I'm not keen on Christian "friendly fire", and I don't think SAB is either.

    That said, what makes the message / contents of this pamphlet in any way ministerial, edifying or different from the world's messaging?

    Where are the spiritual "side effects"? Why do we call the baby an "embryo" (in the first written page, "baby" in the last written page)? Encouraging ultrasounds is nice, but how's about a hot-line for people needing council, how about encouraging mothers to be great moms, or thinking of their babies as a b… b… blessing!? How about testimonials of mothers who chose life?

    If an expectant mother is willing to listen to what you have to say, you're going to simply advise an ultrasound (when finances are potentially one of the mother's main concerns), in the hopes that SEEING the baby will change their heart? #Fail

    Even the revised version I viewed 12/3 is inappropriate.

    The irony of a "Family" organization producing propaganda for / on / about abortion pills is stupefying. Board members need to be shown the door for this one. If a family organization would choose to address the pills offered to the market to kill babies in utero, the communication should be entirely negative, so as to highlight the medical / physical / mental / spiritual risks to these destructive cocktails.

  2. We appreciate the opportunity to offer some clarification on Focus on the Family’s booklet titled “The Abortion Pill.”

    The intended audience for this booklet is very specific: abortion-minded women who visit Pregnancy Medical Clinics (PMCs) seeking medical information related to their decision to terminate their pregnancy. It is not intended to sway the reader to a pro-life perspective using ideological or moral arguments. But it is one of many tools designed for use by trained, pro-life counselors at PMCs in the hope that presenting the facts of abortion will help steer the reader in the direction of choosing life.

    More specifically, the booklet is intended to educate—and to indicate the dangers of—a mifepristone/misoprostol abortion as it is currently performed. Its purpose is also to affirm that inside each pregnant woman is a special, unique person—all of this to an audience that, as many Pregnancy Medical Clinic directors have indicated, might disregard a piece of literature overtly directive in pointing women away from abortion.

    As Dr. W. David Hager clearly states in the booklet:

    “Despite its known risks, the abortion pill has been called a major medical breakthrough. In fact, some groups go so far as to say that it’s a real step forward for the health of women, even that it ‘saves lives.’ This is just not true. As an obstetrician, I can tell you that an incredibly special and completely unique person is growing inside of every pregnant woman. You can see for yourself, at the Mayo Clinic’s website, that just six weeks after your last period, your baby’s heart has already begun beating and he or she has the beginning of arms, legs, mouth and eyes. Visit and search for “fetal development—first trimester.” Take time to consider all your options and get counseling from someone who does not have a financial or personal stake in your decision. Then choose well.”

    In addition, woven throughout the booklet is encouragement for women to consider having an ultrasound before making their decision. Research clearly shows that if a woman who is considering abortion has a chance to receive counseling and view an ultrasound image of her baby, she is far more likely to choose life.

    Even so, we recognize that some of the other wording in this particular booklet is not as clear as it could be, and that is why it is currently being revised. A new version of “The Abortion Pill” will be available soon.

    As for Focus on the Family’s firm position on the sanctity and value of human life from its first formation with the union of egg and sperm until a person’s last breath, our stance has not changed in the least. In fact, you are welcome to view our ministry’s foundational pillars, clearly outlined here: Information on just a few of our many day-to-day efforts to educate, defend, and uphold these principles may also be found here:

    We hope this brief reply clarifies our intentions.

  3. I am disappointed by this article. I went to the website you linked, found the pamphlet, and didn't see any indication of what it said. So I SIMPLY EMAILED THEM. Less than 24 hours later I received a response that included the transcript of the booklet. It does the opposite of what you suggest. It is designed to explain the DANGERS of the pill and to help these women realize their own worth as well as that of their baby. It does NOT instruct them to take it. Please do more research before spreading rumors about Christian organizations. Even if they do other things you don't agree with, telling lies (mistaken or not) about them will only decrease your own credibility.

    1. The full pamphlet most certainly presents the abortion pill as an option. It can be viewed in its entirely here:
      The fact that the pamphlet describes *some* dangers of the abortion pill *after* presenting it as an option, and all in language dutifully devoid of the most clear biblical reference points on the subject, is quite telling and marks this approach to the abortion issue as a blight requiring biblical confrontation and correction.
      As for your "telling lies" accusation…I am happy to let the Focus on the Family pamphlet and my article speak for themselves. I stand by every word I've written on the subject.
      Thanks for chiming in and have a great day!

    2. Why would a "Christian" org have to explain anything about the dangers of the pill? Why would they have to tell you what the doctor is going to do when giving you the pill and what will happen after you take it? Why would they tell you that not following the guidelines of the medicine will NOT make it safe? Why would they say "Choose well" when talking about "options"? FotF should NOT be publishing any information on abortion pills, options, risks, medical advice, etc. They shouldn't say a thing about "terminating a pregnancy". Rather, it should be worded as "murder" and "preborn" baby and "child sacrifice". Mr. Buss is telling it like it is here. No lies have been perpetuated. Abolishhumanabortion dot com.

  4. Does know what is in this book? Has anyoe contacted them? I've dealt with they as a fiction author and they have pretty high standards. One of the books I've written is for sale with them. They might not even know what's in the book.

  5. Scott, in all fairness, mucho of us were agitpropped via the government skrools. While we were/are Christians and born again, our minds were/are not transformed via God's Word. So, this ultimately points back to leaders that were equally agitpropped via state certified Seminaries, and thus, a problem. I know any mucho way I had/have been agitpropped and it sometimes takes time and certainly washing of the brain via scriptures and/or excellent hell razing websites such as yours and books such as Chilton/North/Grant/Rushdoony/DeMar to even start to understand the world around us.

  6. If I recall properly the 3rd mode of action of the normal bc pill is abortion. That is NOT the morning after pill but the regular bc pill. Also, we must keep in mind that PP purposely makes sure that brats in government school get insufficient doses thereby insuring "legal" abortions and more business for PP.

  7. When you say “the pill” are you referencing any birth control pill, or are you talking about the Plan B/”morning after” pill?

    1. "The pill" reference is from the pulled quote portion as taken from "How to Murder Your Child Safely—from Focus on the Family?" by Jeremy Lundmark of TheologyMix. The same pulled quote lists Misoprostol shortly thereafter, which is "a medication used to start labor, induce abortions, prevent and treat stomach ulcers, and treat postpartum bleeding due to insufficient contraction of the uterus."

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