Everything wrong with us springs from our personal refusal to submit to Christ as King in practice.

Everything wrong with our culture flows from our corporate rejection of Christ as Lord in practice.

One of the cutesy (and therefore most repulsive) ways we’re naturally wired to express contempt for Christ’s rule over all of creation is by paying lip service to Him as King while dismissing His Word anytime it conflicts with what we want to do. From education and economics to law and civil government, we’re inherently inclined by our sinful, selfish little hearts to do (and rationalize and justify) what we want in these realms regardless of what He has said. Put another way, we like to claim Christ as Lord in word while making ourselves lords over our own lives in practice.

We like the thought of Jesus as our co-pilot.

But Jesus as pilot?

Jesus as in total control?

Jesus as ruling King right here and now over every realm of creation in every area of life? (See: Everything orbits the Son.)

Do we want that?

Do we want Christ as King for real?


Of course not.

We want Him as a nice, happy, compliant and supportive little prop.

That’s the kind of “King Jesus” we’re into. That’s the kind of “Jesus as Lord” concept that we’re down with as Americans (and as people in general).

Until He chooses by His grace for His purposes to supernaturally intervene by raising us from spiritual death to life by the power of His Gospel, we’re doomed to cling to the mirage of our autonomy and the resulting suicidal denial of His rule over everything and everyone in His creation.

Until He saves us from ourselves, we will gladly use Him as a prop but will simply not have Him to rule over us in practice.

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This is what people do. Particularly “We the People” here in America, where Jesus is just another optional god to be viewed and treated equally under the true, reigning god in practice of the American State. This State/God gives us “the right” to openly worship any lesser god, so long as we always remember to keep that god in its proper place (which is, of course, submissive to the State).

We are encouraged in this context to make man – to make ourselves – the measure of all things.

“We the People” are then spun and sold the biblically preposterous (and blasphemous) notion that we are able to pursue law, economics, education, and everything else as we see fit apart from explicit attachment and subjugation to the Nature of God as revealed in His Word. (See: Presuppositional Law: Where we begin with law determines where we end.)

We can “believe in” and worship Jesus if we like (as children are free to “believe in” Santa Claus), just as the Muslim has a “State/God-given ‘right” to openly worship Allah, and just as a Satanist has a “State/God-given ‘right” to openly worship the Devil. (See: Note to ‘Merica: There is no “God-given right” to worship false gods. Repent accordingly.)

We call this “freedom”.

We call it “liberty”.

Welcome to America, where Satan rules in practice…while “Jesus is our co-pilot”.

May God grace us with a Spirit of repentance, reconciliation, and submission to Him as Lord in all things…while there is yet time…


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