Do you have two hours a day to focus on your children?

If so, you can homeschool.

That was the short and very sweet point made by a kind Christian woman who called into Stand Up for the Truth on Monday where I was the guest on that day’s show. The subject of the broadcast was children’s education. (You can check out a recording of the podcast by clicking here.)

The program generated more on air phone calls than I’ve ever experienced at Stand Up (and I’ve been doing that show regularly for years). Some of the initial feedback was both defensive of State-run children’s education and critical of the “harsh” biblical position that I was advocating. (See: Statism 101: State-run “education” makes a State-dependent population., Ten answers to those “What about socialization?” questions from public school advocates. and Ten problems with the “salt and light” excuse for feeding children to the State.)

Then along came the beautiful, simple, and powerful point from one gracious and encouraging Christian homeschooling mom: If you have two hours a day to dedicate to your children, you can homeschool.

The sheer quantity of time wasted throughout the typical State-managed school system day is staggering. With discipline and care taken, it would not be a great challenge to cover the necessary subject matter in all areas of study with an average of just two hours a day spent focused on the endeavor.

We are without excuse.

God really has given us all that we need to obey His loving commands to educate our children in an explicitly Christ-centered manner.

If we love our children – really love them as Christ, the personal embodiment of true love defines love in His Word – then we will do as Christ has lovingly commanded and equipped us to do. It really is that simple…challenging, for sure, but simple and clear nonetheless.

It’s all about priorities.

In America, we are diligently taught to value and pursue many things above God, above relationships, and above even our own children.

We’re told that “education” is about securing the most materially prosperous and comfortable path possible. We are “educated” to embrace more stuff, bigger houses, nicer clothes, and more fantastic vacations as the measure of success in life. We are discipled into the conjoined twin religions of American Statism and American Consumerism at every turn.

We’re told that we should hand over our God-given responsibility to Pagan or paganized “experts” who will properly “educate” them in the ways of this religion and worldview.

And then we dare wonder why our culture and each successive generation of State-run school product is more biblically illiterate, more secular, more Statist, and more openly anti-Christian than the last.

We dare wonder why (oh why!) this is happening to our children and our culture when the Word of God makes perfectly plain why it is happening.

It’s happening because we will not obey Christ as King in practice.

It’s happening because we fear man and do not fear the LORD.

It’s happening because we’ve bought into a thoroughly satanic model of the pursuit of knowledge and the purpose of education.

May God grace each of us with the conviction, repentance and reformation necessary to get our priorities in biblical order.

We all need this grace, and desperately so.

Our children (like little Wolfgang Buss, peering intently over the tabletop in the above picture) are depending on us to love Christ more than we love them so that we might obey Him and in doing so love – and educate – them rightly.

Yes, this path may well require us to live in a much smaller or older or “lower quality” home than we might like or even feel that we “deserve” as “educated” Americans. We may even have to…*gasp!*…move in with family for a while.

This path may well require us to shop more at Goodwill than  at the mall for clothes.

This path may well leave us very tired at night without the prospect of an exotic or exciting vacation coming anytime soon.

And yes, this path may even mean eating far more beans and rice than we would prefer at any given time…all while many around us seem to live with far more (temporary) material prosperity because, in large part, they simply handed over their children to paganized “experts” and abandoned their God-given responsibility to secure in their children’s hearts and minds an explicitly Christ-centered approach to the pursuit of knowledge.

But what of it?

What of the temporary material sacrifice that we may be called (and honored with the opportunity) to make when compared to the eternal minds and souls of our precious, God-given children?

What greater joy can there possibly be than to see our own children walk with the Lord as they move through every area of life and subject of consideration in His creation?

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

~ 3 John 1:4

With this beautiful biblical truth in mind, we should again consider the question: Do we have two hours a day to focus on our children?

If so, we can homeschool them.


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