‘Tis the season for big talk  – very big talk – from professing conservatives in America.

They talk about how government is way too big and outta control. They talk about how we need to return to our founding and/or Christian principles and/or values…or something like that. They talk about how if some major changes don’t happen along those lines right now, we’re all doomed(!!!).

Then they ship their kids off to public schools, routinely cash in any number of State-provided benefits, and actively support “conservative” candidates who pledge to preserve said public schools and State-provided benefits. This is the norm in American “conservative Christian” circles these days, and both wings of the Progressive Dragon – the Pagan Political Right Wing along with the Pagan Political Left Wing – are only too happy to play along. 

The Pagan Right is very much willing and able to pretend to be conservative with its political pitch and rhetoric while advocating, implementing and defending all manner of straight-up Socialism in practice. (For more on this, please read How’s that Pagan “conservatism” workin’ out for ya, Christian?)

That way, Johnny and Jill Conservative Christian Republican can go on and on and on about how much they can’t stand Obama, the Liberals, the Democrats, and what those people are doing to ruin the country, and how they’re gonna vote for American Republican Statist Trump or Cruz or Rubio so that ultimate disaster might be averted…all while suckling from the same Mommy Pig Of State that feeds all o’ those tried and true targets over there on the Left side of the Statist beast. And who wins in this scenario?

The State, that’s who.

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The State maintains and strengthens its position over its dependent piglets with every Medicare payment, Social Security check, EBT card swipe, and Unemployment “benefit” made.

The State-dependence of the vast majority of professing conservatives and professing Christians in America tells us all we need to know about our prospects for a real cultural turnaround anytime soon.

Until men, women, families, and churches take on their responsibilities and throw off the shackles of “help” from the State, there is absolutely zero chance for any of the cultural renewal that pagan “conservatives” claim to want to see happen.

And everybody knows it.

The Republicans and Democrats who pitch “better” public schools, “protected” Social Security”, and “improved” Medicare or Medicaid are not trying to help us. They’re actively striving to make us slaves.

The only way that we can ever really, truly be free people again is to cut all ties of State-dependence.

Not just some ties.

Not just the ones we have an easy time criticizing or personally avoiding.

We have to cut all of them, and completely so, including the ones we feel most dependent upon or most entitled to, since those are the strongest bonds and deepest hooks being used to drag us and our children ever-further into bondage.

Our dependence is the State’s empowerment.

There will be no real push-back against a tyrannical, anti-Crist civil government until and unless these bonds of dependence are severed.

And these bonds will not be severed until men, women, families and churches step up, stand up, and do what God has commanded and equipped them to do.

Only then can we – and will we – have the adult maturity necessary to push the State back into its place and keep it there.

We have a lot of work to do…and, by God’s grace in accordance with His Gospel-fueled Great Commission, it will be done.


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2 Responses

  1. If I recall correctly – We have been down this road, somewhat a few months back..

    The above is true but you are ignoring the Unconstitutional so-called Free Trade Treaties
    that are shipping jobs from our USA!!

    The politicians and corporations continue to ship US jobs as our borders have been swinging gates for decades..

    Some write of 50 Million ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS!!

    As the elite continue their assault on US borders………………..

  2. Wow, Scott, you have been quite busy (as you told me you were). If you do get some time, check out this short video of a reading of Congressman Davy Crockett's experience on the campaign trail. What an eye opener that fits so well with this article.

    Here is a link to some of Davy's writings and addresses to Congress

    Thanx for all your work. Keep shining the light and making manifest the things of darkness. The time of great trouble lies ahead and what is our life that we should seek to save it?

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