What if Ted Cruz’s most vocal, passionate, all-in supporters took any 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-, or 10-year old children that they currently ship off to Temples of the State for “education” and yanked ’em out of that thoroughly satanic system?

What if just half of them did so?

What if just half of the most zealous and determined of Cruz for President people with kids in public schools took that kind of action and decided to train up their children in the religion of Christianity rather than the religion of American Statism?

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It’s questions like these that we’re not supposed to be entertaining as we go about our way trying to “save America” (again) by relying only on pagan approaches (again) rather than by simply obeying the crystal clear Word of God as to how to actually secure and expand a truly free, peaceful, prosperous culture and civilization.

We’re not supposed to seek and submit to the Word of God. We are supposed to seek and submit to the word of Rush Limbaugh, the Republican Party, Fox News, Ann Coulter, and any other favorite mouthpiece of the Pagan Political Right. We’re supposed to keep right on trusting them to help us “Make America Great Again!” by being “practical” and “pragmatic” here in “the real world”.

We’re constantly poked, prodded, and pushed to pour all of our precious time, resources, and passion into campaigning in one way or another for a man to lead us to salvation from the throne in DC…while openly refusing to do what God has commanded and equipped us to do to secure a truly improving, God-fearing culture and civilization.

Think about that.

Think about what profound positive change would definitely come one, two, and three generations from now if just half of the most avid Ted Cruz supporters who currently ship young minds off to Temples of the State repented, reversed course, and began to pursue the clearly expressed will of Jesus on the subject of children’s education.


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  1. Thank you for all your posts on this topic. We educate our children in the UK, and over time I have realised the spiritual power of this way of life. When times are hard — like last week when I reflected on the financial sacrifices and how much “easier” it would be to go out to work and put our children in school — it was your words that came back to me and reminded me of the eternal value of what we are doing, in providing our children with a Living Education.

    Your trenchant writing is very encouraging, as well as challenging.

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