As the culture war rages and severe (yet temporary) losses mount, the “good guys” are heard again and again to lament the bizarre, surreal, and unbelievable nature of it all.

How can America be falling apart so quickly?

How can the pillars of our culture and civilization be so successfully assaulted and brought to ruin in such a short span of time?

How can traditional morals, traditional ethics, traditional values and the traditional family be seemingly on the verge of extinction here in “the land of the free” when, just a short while ago, they seemed to be very much alive and well?

Well, two things:

  1. What we now call “traditional”, but once called Christian morals, ethics, and family values have definitely not been alive and well for some time now in America. Oh sure, there’s been a veneer of health in place for generations, and sometimes that veneer has been very effective in cloaking the rot that’s in truth been spread far, wide, and deep throughout the culture. But make no mistake: This ethical, moral, and family rot has been advanced in America for longer than any living American has had a heartbeat.
    Here’s a hard but hopefully helpful example: Consider that what we are encouraged to describe as “the greatest generation” – the World War 2 winning generation – were the parents of what we now recognize as the generation through whom the culture basically came off the rails – the ’60s counter-culture generation. In this we see plainly and dramatically that the great institution of family and the great calling of parenthood was vigorously shoved off a cliff by the parenting and family related choices of…”the greatest generation”.
  2. The term “traditional”, though used almost uniformly by the “good guy” conservative individuals, organizations, churches and media types, has become one of the more clear signs of our own blindness to reality. By making endless appeals to traditional values as a means by which to defend things like traditional marriage, rather than standing clearly and unambiguously on the Word of God as the standard upon which these things are to be measured, understood, and defended, we have traded in the clarity and certainty of Christ for the vagueness and marketability of the tradition of man.

Until and unless we repent and stop making that trade off, we can expect more of the same “bizarre, surreal, and unbelievable” cultural collapse that we have been watching blow up and smolder around us.

You see, these losses aren’t really bizarre at all from a Christ-centered perspective. They aren’t really surreal. And they are anything but unbelievable.

They are the entirely believable and inevitable consequences of pursuing law, life, and liberty apart from explicit subjugation to the Nature of God as revealed in His Word.

They are the hard earned wrath of God being reaped by a proud “We the People” who will not have Christ to rule over them as King in practice.

This is why the “Pro-Life” movement is a vulgar farce.

This is why our economic system produces ever deeper debt and bondage.

This is why our approach to “law” and civil government produces nothing but increasingly laughable displays of rank corruption and abuse.

This is what happens when you build upon tradition – American or otherwise – rather than on the crystal clear, life-enabling Rock of Jesus Christ.

So let’s stop trying to defend traditional values, traditional ethics, traditional marriage and traditional family by avoiding standing clearly upon the Word of God in detail and in practice as our only real hope for defining, much less preserving, true life, true liberty and true freedom.


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