There’s much to mourn in Orlando’s aftermath.

There’s also much to thank God for in Orlando’s aftermath…including the opportunity mourn and notice things worth mourning.

As the machinery of mass media and its legion of “experts” from across the political spectrum shift into overdrive in a relentless effort to spin the situation and maintain a narrative that suits their goals and desires, it’s important for us to take a sec to notice what all of the talking heads and experts on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and the vast majority of “religious programs” are not saying.

It’s important to note what they’re not addressing.

It’s important to notice what they’re avoiding, ignoring, and purposefully encouraging us to avoid and ignore.

Along those lines, I’d like to submit five items in this category for your prayerful consideration.

  1. God’s Law is binding upon all of His creation, including even 2016 America. This is a biggie, of course. It’s the linchpin that holds together the proud, paganized, and explicitly anti-Christ construct that we now call America.
    By denying God’s Nature as revealed in His Word as the binding reality upon which all of His creation is measured, defined and sustained (see: Colossians 1:15-20), we’ve mocked the Gospel command to repent of having sinned against God’s Nature as revealed in His Law, and abandoned the Great Commission mandate to become and make obedient disciples of all nations (yes, that would include America), teaching all people to obey all that Christ the reigning King of creation has lovingly commanded in His perfect Word (see: Matthew 28:18-20).
    In short, “We the People” are proudly rebelling against unbreakable Law, imagining that we somehow have the power to define our own reality apart from what God has proclaimed as truth. All we can do in the end is break ourselves upon the unbreakable Nature and Law of God…which is precisely what we seem hellbent on doing right about now.
  2. God has spoken with crystal clarity as to the illegality (or lawlessness or sinfulness, if you prefer) of openly allowing the worship of false gods at any time anywhere in His creation (again, which actually does include 2016 America). So while we as Americans have been pitched and sold the satanic notion that precisely the opposite is true here in “the land of the free”, that is simply not so.
    By mocking God’s clear, loving commands on the subject of religious pluralism, we have begged for the proliferation of Muslims, satanists, witches and the like that He is even now raising up to destroy us.
  3. God has spoken just as clearly with regard to the illegality of the open practice and promotion of sexual perversion. Yet once again we as Americans have decided that “We the People” know better and that liberty, freedom, love, family, and sexuality are not to be bound by the loving Law of God, but are instead to be defined by the ever-shifting, self-referential, and ultimately suicidal thoughts of men acting apart from submission to Christ as King over them.
    So it is here too that we have begged for the tidal wave of rank sexual perversion that is now washing over the land.
  4. We as American Christians must repent of having ever encouraged or promoted sexual perversion as legitimate or legal in any way. Obviously this grates directly upon the man-centered heart of what has come to be All-American patriotic orthodoxy – our proudly heralded “freedom” and “liberty” to do that which God has forbidden (aka “sin”).
    So it is that we will now be pushed even more by many of our favorite “conservative experts” (many of whom will of course be credentialed and highly regarded professing Christians) to defend the “rights” of those practicing sexual perversion as never before
    …and most of our pastors will have little of substance to offer in resistance. Through their steadfast refusal to stand clearly upon the Word of God in detail as the basis for law, economics, government and everything else in God’s creation, most American pastors will be as ineffective in the coming year as they were in the last.
    Through their stubborn commitment to “protecting people from the law of God”, thereby avoiding the identification sin (lawlessness) in detail, they will continue to avoid calling their flocks to repent and pursue holiness in a biblically coherent manner. Thus, more and more “conservative Christian” congregations will become more and more “tolerant” and “loving” of sin…as the trend has gone in America for many generations now.
  5. We as Christians must remove our children from public schools and begin to instruct them in accordance with Scripture immediately if there is to be any hope of turning the tide on this cultural implosion. The LGTBQ conquests that we are witnessing now have all been made possible through generation after generation of American children’s immersion and instruction in the satanic worldview that is the basis of American public schools. Without American public schools having done their part to purposefully shape our culture over the past 100+ years in accordance with the satanic understanding of the pursuit of knowledge first introduced in Genesis 3, we would be nowhere near the overtly satanic cultural condition in which we now find ourselves.
    That said, public schools will become even more aggressively anti-Christ and pro-perversion, hard as that may be for some to imagine right now. But it will happen. Again and again and again steps will be taken in the future just as surely and as purposefully as they have been taken in the past…all while most “Christian leaders” and “pastors” continue to rationalize, spin, enable and encourage Christians to keep right on feeding their children to the beast.
    It’s time to openly rebuke those “leaders” and “pastors”.
    It’s time to get our children out of public schools.
    Right now.

These are a few things to consider in the wake of Orlando.

If you thought the cultural upheaval had gotten pretty weird over the past year or so (which it has), you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Lawlessness kills. Rebellion against the Nature of God as revealed in His Word destroys people, culture, and civilizations…including 2016 America.

This is what makes the true, everything-defining Gospel and everything-restoring Great Commission so supernaturally beautiful and inspiring. The time is now for us to realize this, repent, and do what we’ve been commanded and equipped to do right here and right now.

The blitz is on.

We’re in it.


So let’s play to win, okay?

…all by His grace and all for His glory.


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