‘Merica! Love it or leave it!

How many times have you heard that one?

More specifically, how many times have you heard some version of that line in response to any serious biblical testing of America in light of Scripture, however reasonable and respectful said testing may be?

While there are definitely contexts in which a “leave it if you don’t like it” response may be in order, vigorously testing America and all things American in light of Scripture is not one of them.

Not even close.

Yet reflexive defense of America and its icons, symbols, and traditions from biblical critique has become the norm in America…which, in and of itself makes plain that we have become fairly glaring, rank idolaters. We have made an idol out of the American State.

Which is, of course, precisely what the American State would have us to do, and why it does everything it can to instill a State-centered, anti-Christ worldview in which the State is god in practice and Christianity is…well…something to be endured only as much as necessary until it can finally be “educated” out of the American citizenry altogether.

Clearly, we live at a time in which American pride, arrogance, unrepentance and open idolatry of all things red, white and blue has reached such a fevered pitch that even (and often especially) many self-identified conservative Christians are often the most incensed and imbalanced at the suggestion that America may have become not only something less than a shining pillar of virtue and goodness, but actually something quite evil in many fundamental ways and on a scale never before witnessed in human history.

For these folks, to love America is to embrace and adore it with little, if any, critical examination, and certainly not much in the way of biblical testing.

For these folks, to love the American State is to obey and conform to the will of the American State, only using the means sanctioned by the American State (like rigged economic and political systems) to correct or influence the American State.

This is what generations of American State-managed “education” has led us to be: Complaint, cowardly, subservient little drones.

Or, to put it even more bluntly: Slaves.

We’re slaves of the State, and we have been conditioned to love our bondage.

It’s in this context that I offer for your consideration an answer to the “Love it or leave it!” line, first noting a couple of telling presuppositions displayed in the way this question/challenge is usually issued:

  1. The first assumption that needs to be recognized and tackled head on here is the notion that America belongs first to America or to “We the People”, and therefore good, patriotic, America-worshiping Americans are automatically entitled to the land and are also somehow entitled (or even required) to drive (or at least nudge) non-America-idolaters out of the land (if they cannot be nudged into joining in the America idolatry).
    The precise opposite is true: America is owned by God and it is America-idolaters who should and eventually will be driven from His land.
    Let that soak in deep, people.
    It is not America-worshiping Americans who will inherit America. It is the people of God who will own it, live in it, cultivate it and enjoy it forever, all by God’s grace, all for His glory, and all to their eternal benefit.
    Got it?
    This land is His, and He is giving it to His people.
    It is the proud, rebellious and unrepentant who will be swept away from America and every other strip of land in God’s creation.
    The people of God inheriting the land is one of the most clear and pervasive themes of Scripture, and the land mass temporarily known as “America” is no exception to this rule. It’s high time we as Christians started championing this critical point in discussions on this and related topics.

    The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof,
    the world and those who dwell therein

    ~ Psalm 24:1
    (repeated in 1 Corinthians 10:26)

  2. Second, while America idolaters define love of America in an inherently America-centered manner – first and foremost as something measured through an understanding and reverence of American icons, symbols, history, and tradition – a Christian understanding regarding how to truly and rightly love America centers on testing America in light of God’s Word and then calling America to repent, submit, and conform to the will of Christ in detail and in practice. So it is that true love certainly does not seek to shield America from biblical criticism and correction, but rather encourages it as the only path to reconciliation with Christ, who is the one and only Provider of true peace, strength, prosperity, and security.

With these points noted, one seemingly viable answer to the “Love it or leave it!” line is this:

Those who love America more than Christ will ultimately be the ones leaving American land, and those who love Christ above America will be the ones ultimately owning this land.

Put another way: Love Him or leave it!

Put another ‘nother way: If you do not repent and submit to Christ as King in practice, be assured that you will be driven from His land and that land will ultimately be given to His faithful people.

You will love Christ as King.

Or you will be leaving His land.

I hope that this clarification is helpful.

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6 Responses

  1. He Gabrielalanking. Did you know that God says in scripture "i consider the nations as nothing, as less then nothing, and vanity. He could care less for the about your patriotism, especially since it has become an idol in the heart of believers. God desires mercy, not a sacrifice of our blood and money to fight foreign wars for the corporate elite. Love your enemy. I know that verse really rubs many Christians the wrong way. But its not a suggestion, it's a command

  2. It's quack articles like this that give Christianity a bad name. Most folks are aware that the "Luv it er leave it" crowd loves our flag, country, and heritage PRECISELY BECAUSE IT REPRESENTS CHRISTIAN VALUES !

    The flag represents the Christian heritage and values of America's founders, and the ideals of Liberty verses slavery to an all powerful State !

    At a time when radical Leftists and Muslims are BURNING and trampling on our nations flag shouting "Death to America !" while they suck our welfare without our consent….. you write this pew warming garbage ?

    Apparently you have NO appreciation for the sacrifices made throughout the centuries so that people can enjoy a nation which stands for religious Liberty, and the opportunity to pursue their happiness and dreams.

    1. The "freedom" to murder children for convenience…the "right" to openly worship false gods (including the Devil himself)…the "right" to "gay marriage"…the "right" to produce, promote, and consume porn…the "right" to operate strip clubs…

      Anyone defending this "rights" as anything less than overt evils in open opposition to God is either ignorant, deceitful, or some combination of the two. Anyone associating a flag that stands proudly and clearly for these anti-Christ "rights" is…well…the typical American faux-Christian, who has conflated their idol – America – with Christianity itself.

      Just as you've done here.

      1. It's not my first barbecue with you pew warming corporate 501c3 pussies. Always lecturing others…. YET NEVER DOING ANY HEAVY LIFTING YOURSELF.
        My father fought honorably in Vietnam. My grandfather fought honorably in WWII. You enjoy the freedoms and prosperity of this country while at the same time denigrating it.

        You are NO BETTER than the scumbag Libtard Communists burning and trampling on our flag. Your self righteous articles will get you nowhere. You are a spoiled child hiding behind the Bible instead of LIVING it's principles and showing love and appreciation for the blessing of your own country.

        1. Dear Gabriela the bible says in Galatians 5 to let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth but only that that edifices that you greive not the Holy Spirit who a Christian is sealed by for the day of redemption. Scott didn't bash you as you have based hm. You have attacked him personally where Scott is dealing with an attitude of worship of the nation and not worship of Christ. This is a Saul Alinsky type attach and is contrary to the spirit of Christ. If you don't like what Scott has to say, fine, but the personal attacks on his character are of the devil.

      2. As far as being a "faux Christian"…. yes, I am not perfect as you clearly are. But as the Republican leader for Precinct 176 I do stand for Pro-Life, and I strongly oppose homosexual fascism.

        This is a WAR….. not a "battle". We can win but it won't be over night.

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