How evil is America?

How vulgar, vile, and openly at war with the God of creation have “We the People” become?

While most Americans (especially most self-identified “conservative Christians”) are desperately anxious to avoid such questions, for those of us interested in dealing seriously with these important things, a great (and readily available) place to look for some answers is to America’s favorite idols.

Like American public schools, the American flag, and the American military.

The state of these three idols can and will tell us much about how far down a path of suicidal insanity we’ve gone and how far we’re likely to continue.

For those who are willing to face hard realities so that true, Christ-centered solutions might be pursued, there was an interesting development on the US military front last week, when it was reported that the Navy is going to name one of its new ships after a well known gay rapist and politician by the name of Harvey Milk.

In Navy Ship to be Named After Pederastic Rapist Harvey Milk, The New American provides the following details (with bold emphasis added):

What do you get when you statutorily rape teenage boys? A prison sentence? Scorn and ostracism? If you’re “homosexual rights activist” Harvey Milk (shown), the answer is a U.S. Navy ship named in your honor. . .

Former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards (D) once quipped before his 1983 gubernatorial contest that the “only way I can lose this election is if I’m caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy.” It appears that at least one of those eventualities is no longer a disqualifier for public office — or for being honored by those already in it. And when we’re naming Navy vessels after pederastic rapists, we have to wonder for how much longer the good ship America can stay afloat.

Back in December we made one of our typical wildly unpopular posts on the subject of the US military, entitled How can a “broke” country have the biggest military in the world?

Therein we shared the following, which seems worthy of reconsideration in light of the US Navy’s pending launch of the USNS Harvey Milk:

I thought about starting things off here with some numbers, like maybe the cost of a new aircraft carrier (about 13 billion dollars) and the cost of running just one of the several major naval fleets currently operated by the United States.

Or maybe the cost of constructing and maintaining the gajillions of U.S. military bases sprinkled around the globe.

Or perhaps the total annual military budget alongside the inconvenient (and thus routinely ignored) mathematical reminder that the United States is not only broke, but diving deeper into debt by the second.

But who cares?

Do numbers even matter anymore?

Do things like math and economics have any sway at all over the apparently untouchable principle of relentless American military growth and adventure?

The way that self-described “conservatives” – many of whom claim to be Christians – toss concepts like honesty, consistency, and responsibility right out the window at the drop of a hat when the subject of military budgeting is concerned is one of the more egregious examples of how good ol’ American “conservatism” has become utterly detached from (and disdainful of) reality.

The Chinese are ramping up their navy? We must build more ships! And pronto!

The Russians are daring to flex their military might near their national borders? We must build more ships! And more planes! And more other stuff! And pronto!

It’s just automatic.

It’s reflexive, and ridiculously so.

Never do we even begin to entertain the comically obvious principle that maybe, just maybe, a broke country shouldn’t have a giant military.


Did he really just say that?! But…‘Merica!

I know, I know…this is all pretty much heretical from most Americans’ perspective these days, anyway, but isn’t it still just the most basic sort of common sense idea? Isn’t it the sort of foundational conservative principle that most American professing conservatives claim to revere as essential?

If you have no money and are already in debt, stop buying stuff!

Especially really expensive stuff!

Broke countries shouldn’t build bigger armies. They shouldn’t build bigger navies. They shouldn’t plan expensive wars here, there, and everywhere across the globe.

The loud, proud willingness of American “conservatives” to suspend the God-made laws of logic, math, and economics isn’t helping America. It’s killing America…and serving as yet another example of the judgment of God pouring out upon a proud, unrepentant (and did I mention broke) people.

It’s as though all rational measures of math, economics, and fiscal responsibility just don’t apply to us when we want more stuff…like ships, planes, tanks, guns, rockets, bombs, ammo, etc., etc., etc.

It’s as though we actually believe that the rules of economics and mathematics can – and should! – be suspended any time they conflict with our desire to have “the biggest, baddest military in the world”.

And why?

Because we put our faith and hope not in God, but in our stuff.

May God grace His people with the zeal, passion and opportunity to stand firm for Him even as the forces of American Empire ramp up and come crashing down all around us.

That empire is dying.

The Kingdom has come.

Soli Deo gloria…and let’s roll!


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One Response

  1. Is America broke? How much revenue is being generated annually by taxpayers? These are interesting questions that I would like to hear your opinion on, if this were an article about fiscal responsibility. But, in the title of your article, you took aim at the U.S. Navy over the decision to name a ship after Harvey Milk. Yes, Milk was gay. Since he was killed in 1978, it seems odd that this would trouble you so much. If it’s because he was gay then fine, it’s your blog, you can say what you want to. But why devote the majority of the article to the perceived lack of fiscal responsibility? Do you have any idea how much of your tax money is actually spent on defense? Let’s say that for the sake of argument you made $50,000 last year. Of the money you paid last year, you, and many other people reading this may have contributed thirteen cents. That’s right, from your taxes about thirteen cents total goes to defense spending. But, in a nation of 331 million people, each contributing more or less based on their income, this is possible. So the crux of your argument is that you are angry. But, based on your allocation of words you, as Christian, are angrier about thirteen cents, than the Navy naming a ship after a gay man?I’m confused. I’ve read many of your arguments here, and while I don’t agree with you on almost anything really, you can be a much better writer than this. The question you should be asking yourself is this, is this website my ministry, or is this merely a tool like Twitter to launch my anger out into the universe? Maybe you can find someone who you trust that can edit these articles before you post them. Lastly, I feel as though you should read Jeremiah 29 verses 1-9. Because while God is specifically addressing the Jews in captivity, we as Christians are also exiles and should conduct ourselves accordingly.

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