Not so much, it turns out.

Back in February, we asked: Would Ted Cruz endorse Donald Trump for President?

Responses were swift and plentiful from many Cruz-loving politically active American evangelicals. Their battlecry went pretty much like this:


Ted Cruz will never ever never ever NEVER endorse Donald Trump!

How dare you even suggest such a thing!

Cruz is a man of honor and Christian conviction!

Cruz is a man of his word!

Cruz is a man of Christian principles!

Cruz is a champion of Christian values!

On and on it went.

Then, on Friday, Ted Cruz formally endorsed The Donald for President.


Looks like a whole lotta people were very, very, very wrong about their guy here. Looks like they were fooled. Looks like they were duped.

It also looks like God has given them (along with the rest of us) yet another giant, shimmering warning with regard to the America idolatry and propensity for easy manipulation through that idolatry that now permeates and defines the professing Christian subculture here in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA.

So it’s not all bad.

Not at all.

There’s a lot to be thankful for.

We’ve been given yet another chance to wake up, repent, and submit to Christ as King in political practice.

In this context, it seems like a good idea to revisit some of what we shared back in the February post that “dared to question” Ted Cruz & Friends:

“We as Christians have to stop being such easy marks. We have to stop playing these pagan political games by pagan political rules and expecting something other than the proliferation of paganism as a result. We have to start thinking – and actingbiblically in the realm of politics, trusting in God to perfectly handle our obedience to His Word.

The more we see the likes of Cruz come along and effortlessly capture the often irrational, panic-driven, fear-fueled and hyper-emotional devotion of millions of professing Christians, only to do the equivalent of leading those people to support the likes of Donald Trump for President, the more clearly we should see that we have been and are continuing to be played.

We are being nothing better than easily manipulated whores for our political and/or American idols.

And we are whores without excuse. Our God has spoken clearly, and He will not be mocked…especially by a people proudly claiming His name while trampling His Word.

We have a lot of repenting and reforming to do, apart from which we will only sink deeper and deeper into the darkness now rising all around us.

This is why hard questions like this are so important to ask and answer right now. (And why we keep asking them even though it costs us much in short term support.)

Would Ted Cruz endorse Donald Trump for President?

If so, what does that tell us? (Whether we want to know it or not.)

If so, what would that model for us?

Fidelity to Christ as King?

Or something else?”

Looks like we have some answers, whether we like ’em or not.

Looks like we have some clarity, whether we want it or not.

So the question now becomes: What will we do with the clarity provided through these answers?

Will we finally see the writing all over the wall and repent of our America idolatry?

Will we finally reject those who relentlessly pimp said idolatry?

Will we finally ditch our pride and admit that we’ve been fools?

Will we finally repent and stop defending the very chains that bind us?

Will we finally stand for Christ as King in political practice on His terms as recorded in His Word in accordance with His Gospel-fueled Great Commission?

Or will we just join Ted instead?

Like we always do.

All while “wondering” why (oh why?!) America is going to hell on a rocket, of course…even though we’re the ones who keep fueling the rocket.

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3 Responses

  1. Do you really think that God was pleased with Jephthah for keeping that foolish promise? Jephthah murdered his own daughter instead of falling on his face and pleading with God to forgive him and maybe asking God to take his own life instead of the life of his daughter. The ninth commandment is thou shall not murde. There is no way God was pleased with this man for the murder of his daughter.

  2. Do you remember Jephthah, the judge of Israel?

    Do you remember how he made a foolish promise to God, and then ended up having to sacrifice his only daughter?

    He did it because he was a man of faith, and a man of honour.

    So, way back in the early part of the campaign, Ted Cruz said that he would support who ever won the Republican leadership. It may have been a foolish promise, but once spoken a man of honour will keep his promises, foolish though they may be.

    I now believe that Ted Cruz is a man of honour. Maybe next time he won't make such a rash promise?

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