Evil empires are stupid empires.

And why is that?

Because evil empires are built upon the rejection of God’s Nature as revealed in His Word on things like law, economics, war, peace, liberty, freedom, prosperity, and politics.

And that’s stupid.

Really stupid, once you understand and embrace that a foundational truth covering all that exists in God’s creation.

And what “most foundational truth” is that?

So glad you asked.

The fundamental truth in question is that Jesus is Lord.

Really Lord.

Not kind of Lord.

Or only Lord over “spiritual things”.

Or only Lord over some distant, vague, ethereal Heaven out there somewhere nice and far away.

Jesus is not that kind of Lord.

Not. At. All.

He’s not the kind of cute little stuffed animal lord that can be held off at a safe distance most of the time but snuggled during stressful moments for comfort, and He’s not the wimpy, wispy, ghost-like lord who can be kept sequestered in his proper “spiritual” place where He won’t accidentally get mixed up with the many things that define life and culture here in the real world.

Nope, Jesus isn’t that kind of Lord at all.

And why?

Because that kind of lordship isn’t real lordship at all.

It’s a nothing better than a comfortable and temporarily comforting fiction.

It’s a veneer.

It’s a prop.

It’s a lie.

Jesus, to the complete contrary, is actually Lord over everything right here and now (see: Matthew 28:18-20).




He owns it.


He invented it, sustains it, and demands that it be both understood and pursued to His glory.


All about Him.

Art, history, business, and civil government?

His, His, His, and His.

He created them all. He defines them all. He sustains them all in every moment that passes in His creation of time (see: Colossians 1:15-20).

And He’s taking them back step by step right now through His Spirit-filled people and Gospel-fueled Great Commission.

All rebellion against Him in any area of life anywhere at any time in His creation is sin. It is evil. It is suicide. And it is stupid.

Does this help to explain why evil empires are inherently stupid empires?

Does this help to explain the mountains and waves of suicidal stupidity that have been sweeping over and reshaping our culture in America for generations now?

Does this help to explain our public schools operating in direct opposition to the crystal clear Word of God on the subject of children’s education?

Does this help to explain how even many of our most “conservative” “Christians” defend and even cherish such overtly socialistic/satanic constructs as property tax and Social Security?

Does this help to explain how even many self-identified conservative Christians in America absolutely idolize and promote even more spending on a massive (and quite unbiblical) military machine that pursues unbiblical wars by the boatload?

Does this help to explain how it is that we’ve ended up enthusiastically embracing a dramatically prideful, openly unrepentant, Big Government Statist Republican who embraces the LGBTQ movement and personally savages the institution of marriage as the man to save us from a dramatically prideful, openly unrepentant, Big Government Statist Democrat who embraces the LGBTQ movement and savages the institution of marriage?

Our systems are incompetent – purposefully so for the most part so that we can be led through them into ever deeper, ever darker levels of State dependence and bondage.

Our leaders are incompetent – purposefully so as a part of God’s judgment upon us for so proudly and defiantly rejecting His Word as our standard in law, education, economics, art, politics and everything else.

These systems and leaders are incompetent because we are incompetent.

“We the people” are incompetent and will remain so for as long as we refuse to bend the knee to Christ as King in practice and submit to His loving, life- and culture-saving Word in detail.

If we could just, by God’s grace, shelve the American pride long enough to replace it with repentance and submission to Christ, we really would – again, all by His grace – find the true peace, prosperity, restoration and security that we all claim to want but are incapable of finding apart from Him.

So the next time you notice one of the roughly two million mind-blowingly stupid things going on at a massive pace in American culture, please remember: This isn’t gonna get any better as long as we keep looking anywhere but to the Word of God as our standard in law, economics, education and everything else.

Anyone pitching any other standard to use in “fixing” those areas of life is being just plain stupid.

And dangerously so.


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