“A group of Tennessee pro-life leaders said they will not stand behind a bill that would ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected.”

So begins an NBC post chronicling the latest in a long line of bizarrely anti-life moves being made by professional “pro-life” organizations.

The article continued:

“A House subcommittee ultimately decided to delay any decision on HB108 Wednesday, after Tennessee Right to Life President Brian Harris called it “a step backward” for pro-life efforts in the state.”

Don’t let that slide by unnoticed, people: The President of Tennessee Right to Life views the banning of abortions as “a step backward” in the fight against…abortion.

This is hardly the first time that professional “leaders” in the so-called Pro-Life industry have taken such a stance. They do it quite often.

Last year at around this time we posted Why are “Pro-Life” leaders preserving abortion in Oklahoma? Therein we chronicled some similarly disgusting positions being taken by the professionals running the pro-life racket in Oklahoma:

“Legislation has been introduced to abolish abortion in Oklahoma.

So you might be surprised to hear that high profile “Pro-Life” leaders have come out against the bill…but you shouldn’t be.

Why have they come out against it? Why would “Pro-Life” leaders oppose a bill that aims to really, truly, and actually abolish human baby murder?

Because, so say the “Pro-Life” leaders in question, if we actually take that stand on that issue, we might – get this – jeopardize all of the hard work and accomplishments made in regulating the 1,000,000+ per year baby mass murdering industry in America.

Not. Even. Kidding.

They really believe that…and say it out loud!

Their fear-fueled, pagan pragmatic “logic” goes something like this: If we actually dare to trust God (aka “have faith”) enough to stand upon His Word against a satanic American system in defense of the thousands of baby boys and girls being butchered each and every day in the name of “freedom” all across the fruited plain, then said satanic system might do some very bad things to us, and we can’t have that! So we have to submit. We have to cower. We have to comply.”

And make no mistake: Compliance with even the most freakishly anti-Christian edicts from DC has become a primary function of the professional “pro-life” industry. The notion of clearly, courageously and lovingly standing on the Word of God as the basis upon which life is to be understood and practiced in detail is utterly foreign – and actually antithetical to – the thoroughly secularized worldview of the modern “pro-life” movement.

So it is that this “pro-life” movement has escorted the child sacrifice industry safely from one decade to the next, with millions “good Christians” in tow encouraged to dutifully focus on nibbling around the most periphery of edges of the child sacrifice issue rather than dealing directly with the wanton evil of a massive systematic child sacrifice system deemed “legal” and “Constitutional”.

In this, the “pro-life” professionals are leading us to do (at least) two particularly destructive things:

  1. These “pro-life” leaders are leading us to live in fear of everything and everyone but the Lord where the child sacrifice issue is concerned. They tell us to fear being sued. They tell us to fear the courts, the government, and our image as “nice Christians” if we dare take “too hard” of a stand. In all of this defensive fear-peddling, they model anything and everything but the fear of the Lord that is necessary to actually claiming victory over the “Constitutionally legal” child sacrifice system in America.
  2. In accepting the so-called legality of the mass child sacrifice system operating around us and protecting it from serious, axe-to-the-root confrontation in accordance with the Gospel, these (often professing Christian) “pro-life” leaders are leading millions of Americans in a manner that has them begging for the wrath of God upon America. To so often attach the name of Christ in fluffy, peripheral ways to a movement that is actually opposing real, biblically sound approaches to life, liberty, and law in practice is a special kind of evil deserving of a special kind of judgment…a judgment that is falling upon us even now.

The Oklahoma “pro-life” disgrace of last year and the Tennessee “pro-life” betrayal unfolding now have a shared foundation: A pathetic, weak little counterfeit gospel.

Here’s how we noted this foundation during last year’s Oklahoma episode:

This limp-wristed, impotent response to evil is the natural result of the limp-wristed gospel that now defines the American Christian subculture. This is the tragic anti-Christ worldview and mission being lived out by “Pro-Life” leaders all across America, and acutely on display as Tony Lauinger, Vice President of National Right to Life and Chairman of Oklahomans for Life, has recently come out in opposition to legislation introduced to abolish abortion in Oklahoma.

The mind-numbingly incoherent, inconsistent and unbiblical rational offered up by this Vice President of National Right to Life is built upon two things:

1. A dismissal of the supernatural power and everything-defining necessity of the Gospel.

2. A thoroughly anti-Christian approach to the political realm (the two tend to go hand in hand, with the former inherently promoting the latter).

You can hear for yourself Lauinger’s attempted defense of the indefensible by listening to the excellent interview conducted by Jeff Durbin of Apologia Radio. While listening to this long-serving “Pro-Life leader” offer up wave after wave of pathetic, sadly sub-biblical explanations may be hard to stomach, we have to do it if we really, truly want to understand why we have been (and will continue to be) utterly and completely failed by the satanic approach to law, politics and pretty much everything else that has been enabled and encouraged by the many “Christian leaders” in America who share worldview foundations with Tony Lauinger.

This is what happens when satanic pragmatism and the presumption of human neutrality become centerpieces of “conservative Christian” political thought and action in a culture. This is what happens when the Gospel is set aside in favor of making “practical” appeals through the godless systems to which we’re told we must submit over and above any claim to authority made by Christ in His Word. This is the pride and blindness that enables and preserves the ongoing “legal” mass sacrifice of innocent little image-bearers of God all across “the land of the free” and home of the self-described “brave”.

Put another way: “Neutrality” has a body count.

With these foundational worldview issues noted, let’s pick up where we left off on the NBC article:

“We agree on the purpose, but disagree on the strategy,” [Tennessee “Right to Life” President] Harris told the committee.

He said the ban is unconstitutional. The U.S. Supreme Court and several circuit courts have ruled that states cannot criminalize abortion before viability. Harris said viability is generally about 22 weeks from conception. A heartbeat is detectable anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks.

“Running legislation that is documented, is guaranteed to be found unconstitutional based on existing U.S. Supreme Court doctrine is not a good use of our resources,” Harris argued.

And there you have it.

Fear the courts.

Fear being sued.

Fear loss of status and reputation.

Fear looking foolish in the eyes of the world.

Fear anything and anyone but the Lord…and concede that child sacrifice is “legally” protected activity.

The rank cowardice and betrayal of this perspective being advanced by “pro-life” leadership cannot be overstated. It is arguably one of the clearest signs of the darkness of our time and the lateness of the hour.

Back to the NBC article:

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Micah Van Huss, R-Jonesborough, said he believes a fetus is never not “viable” and believes that life begins at conception.”



“At conception”, you say?!

But…but…the courts!

And the Constitution!

And our precious money!!!

And our cushy pro-life establishment jobs!

And…and…and… [insert gag reflex sound here]

The NBC piece mercifully drew to a close as follows:

“Harris said passing this bill is a danger to the work his group has already done and to existing laws in the state. He said it would be a money pit for taxpayers in Tennessee. The state of Texas recently spent $4.5 million on lawsuits filed against a similar bill.

The bill will be taken up against next week in the House Health subcommittee. It’s scheduled for discussion on March 8. A Senate version of the bill, SB0244, filed by Sen. Mae Beavers, R-Mt. Juliet, will be discussed in the Senate Judiciary committee. A date for that discussion has not been set.”

Moloch has a lot of friends in America.

One of them is Tennessee Right to Life…who will surely be standing in defense of the “legality” of child sacrifice when the Heartbeat Bill is back before subcommittee next week.

Wake up, American Christians.

You’re being played.

Pro-Life, Inc. isn’t out to end mass child sacrifice in America.

It’s out to regulate it…while raking in mountains of cash along the way.


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  1. Scott while reading the first part of the article I was wondering why the pro-life people would refuse to stand behind this bill. I really think you hit on at least one hard core reason, their cushy jobs. But I also would like to submit another, this is how they "serve the Lord" in their minds. Think about it, these people get up each morning to march against abortion and minister to mothers who are heading to the slaughter house and maybe save some babies from the ax. If they didn't have this they wouldn't know how to serve the Lord. Sick I know but some people believe that they have to be "doing" something for the Lord instead of living for him every moment in every decision.

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