As we roll from last week’s story of the American Surveillance State spying on an American President-elect into this week’s story of the American Military Industrial Complex clawing its way to within talon’s grasp of securing yet another war on the other side of the planet, we are well served to note two primary attributes of the tyrannical nightmare state described in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four:

  1. A comprehensive surveillance system designed to control and suppress the State’s citizens, and…
  2. A State commitment to perpetual war overseas.

Which brings us neatly to ‘Merica, the self-described “land of the free” and home to both: 1. A surveillance state system the likes of which would make a Gestapo or KGB chief weep with envy, and 2. A massive debt-funded, globe-spanning military machine hell-bent on advancing Orwell’s perpetual war model at every opportunity, even if it has to create those opportunities itself (which it often does, and happily so).

Combine that with the American State’s Supreme Court- and Left/Right paradigm-fueled war on family and gender, and we should at least begin to get a clue that, after generations of the same basic, pagan approaches leading to the same basic, satanic results, none of this stuff is accidental. None of it is coincidental. And none of it is gonna get better until we start dealing  honestly with the flagrantly evil system of systems operating openly, and ever more aggressively, all around us.

Statism kills.

Even when it wears red, white, and blue.

Even when it sings patriotic songs.

And even when it pays lip service to God.

Statism inherently wages war on true liberty, true freedom, privacy, property rights, families, babies, and everything else; and it does so purposefully.

That “purposefully” bit is both the part of the equation that we most need to understand. It is also the part that we most want to ignore, dismiss or avoid (at the behest of every American Corporate/State tool and mouthpiece, of course).

So please take a moment to stop and think biblically.

Stop waving your flag for just a sec.

Set it down.

Stop swilling down the Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, CNN or MSNBC talking points.

Stop swimming in the raw sewage of Pagan Left/Right propaganda that dominates the culture and professional pagan media.

Instead, open your Bible.

Read it.

Dive into the details.

See what God has clearly said about the role and limitations of the State.

See how God has defined reality for all of us, whether we like it or not.

See what His unbreakable Law says about how all things must function in order to persist in His creation.

Pray to Him for clarity.

Test your beliefs in light of His Word. Test your traditions in light of His Word. Test even your most cherished thoughts, relationships, concepts, and possessions to see to it that they have not become idols – idols that are easily and eagerly used by those waging war on all that is truly good.

Before we can confront and correct the coordinated efforts of the American Anti-Christian State, we have to recognize those efforts for the coordinated, destructive, and purposeful things that they are.


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