How important is it for us to love America rightly?

What are the dangers of us loving America wrongly?

The answers to both questions are shining brightly all around us as Independence Day dawns once again upon an American population that is more State-dependent than ever.

We increasingly depend on the American State to take care of our hungry.

We increasingly depend on the American State to take care of our sick.

We increasingly depend on the American State to centrally manage our economy, our professions, our businesses, and our education.

We are inclined to do these things on an ever larger, deeper scale because we depend on the American State to educate our children (just as it has “educated” most of us), even though said education is explicitly anti-Christ in nature, designed to produce exactly what it’s given us over the past 100+ years: Successive generations of Public School product that are each more pro-State and more anti-Christ than the last.

But we keep doing it anyway…we keep propping up the very system at the heart of the cultural transformation we claim to oppose. We keep right on feeding our children and our future to the beast of Statism.

Why is this so?

Because we love America.


Because our love for America has transcended and superseded our love and fidelity to God.

Which is another way of saying that we don’t really love America at all.

We’ve been conditioned to love and worship America itself, above and apart from subjugation to God. At the behest of the American State we’ve made the American State into a precious, untouchable idol. We’ve made the American State into our god in practice.

In making the American State our primary, real-world source for peace, prosperity, security, freedom, liberty, law, and justice, we’ve allowed that state to redefine these concepts at will, transforming them over time into rank counterfeits of the God-given originals, aimed not at producing actual freedom, liberty, or justice for all, but instead used as tools of propaganda designed to lead us further away from freedom, liberty, privacy and prosperity, and ever deeper into the darkness of State dependence.

Which is where our idolatrous, counterfeit “love” for America has clearly led us, and it will continue to lead us down this path until and unless we repent.

Back around Memorial Day of 2015, we shared a similar warning and call to true love for America this way:

“As we roll into another Memorial Day, we must remember to keep the things we hold dear in their place, lest they become the things we hold dearest.

Our families.

Our friends.

Our traditions.

Our things.

Even (and perhaps especially) our country.

If they are to inspire true joy, peace and God-glorifying life, they must be subjected to Him in practice. In every hour of every day and in every realm or area of life.

In the moment that they are not subjected to Him, they become destructive. They become idols. As understandably beautiful, precious and cherished as any of these things can and should be in a proper, Christ-centered context, when we allow any of them to assume top tier status in our lives, they become our god(s) in practice.

Enemies of Christ know this all too well and are all too happy to exploit our loving, adoring idolatry of anything, including America itself.”

Testing America in light of Scripture is not a manifestation of hatred or lack of appreciation for America. It is a demonstration of true love and true appreciation for America.

Critiquing America and calling America to repentance in light of the Word of God is not an example of disrespecting America. It is a demonstration of true respect for America.

Loving rightly requires a coherent, consistent call to repentance and submission to Christ as King in practice and in detail.

This is as true for America as it is for anyone or anything else in God’s creation.

May God grace us with a zeal to love America rightly, inspiring repentance of past and present idolatry of America so that we might find true peace, prosperity, freedom and liberty through loving submission to Christ as King in practice.



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