Since we’re apparently in the process of taking yet another plunge down the postmodern path to State-managed societal chaos and increasing government crackdowns on little things like speech, we probably ought to take a sec to at least notice some of the reasons for our continued march into darkness, beginning with:

Americans no longer think.

We feel.

We emote.

And of all the precious feelings that we cherish and adore, one of our tip-top favorites is the feeling of entitlement that we have where sharing our emotions is concerned. It’s not just that we feel stuff. It’s that we believe that what we feel is of cosmic importance and a legitimate basis for how we interpret reality. This line of emotive non-logic leaves us convinced that the rest of the world desperately needs to hear how we feel so that those listening can adjust their approach to reality accordingly.

Not. Even. Kidding.

We actually feel this way.

And it’s killing us.

We can vent and rant at the drop of a hat, but we’re rarely able to make a solid argument rooted in fact. It’s even more uncommon to witness a loud, proud, passionate political activist (from anywhere on the political spectrum) make an intelligent, non-emotion-based defense their position when needed. And lest anyone think this is primarily or even mostly leftist problem, please think (not feel) again.

The political right wing is loaded to the brim with the same emotion-driven drivel.

Don’t believe me?

Try asking a self-identified “conservative Christian” to coherently defend overtly Marxist/Socialist constructs like American public schools and Social Security while consistently applying biblical standards (or any standards at all, for that matter).

After asking, be prepared to emote.


Try asking a diehard Trump and/or perpetual war advocate from the same supposedly Christian camp to actually explain their “Nuke North Korea!” (or “Nuke Iran!” or “Nuke [insert country here]!”) position in a coherent manner using Scripture as the foundation of that position.

Then watch their eyes glaze over before rolling back into their head like a frenzied/annoyed shark before reflexively returning to regurgitation of the same old tired, emotional, brainless rhetoric that seems to be all that they want or need.

So what’s led us to this sad state?

What’s caused 95%+ of politically active Americans from across the political spectrum to devolve into such easily manipulated pathetic little puddles of emotional goo?

How did we become such a loud, proud, emotional trainwreck of a culture?

Well, public (read: State-run) “education”, for one. When the State is given the opportunity to mold the minds of the young, it will inherently mold those minds in an increasingly State-serving direction, which is another way of saying a more State-dependent direction.

“We the People” have become kept cattle, purposefully trained and encouraged at every turn to feel rather than to think. After generations of State-managed mind-sculpting and State-centered worldview training, we are reaping what our grandparents and great grandparents have sewn.

However thoughts and words like these may make us feel – however tempted we may be to ignore the hard realities of our present situation – please pray that God will break us of our pride and move us to think biblically about what we’ve become…and how we got here.


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