When an emotion-fueled zealot can’t manage to stitch together an actual argument to accompany or justify their passion, they tend to double down on emotion and hope nobody will notice. If anyone does notice and dares to point out the problem, then the passionate snowflake in question usually defaults to crybully mode by tripling down on emotion in a desperate attempt to bludgeon, shame, and/or intimidate the threat into silence.

This happens a lot these days in “the land of the free” and the home of the NSA.

While we’re used to seeing (or at least noticing) this behavior on the Left, the most recent wave of Crybully Snowflake Syndrome has come our way through so-called “conservatives” who are eagerly using the dead bodies and blood of fallen soldiers as shields by which to protect themselves from uncomfortable facts and weapons by which to pummel coherent dissent into silence and submission.

Do these “conservatives” care that The Pledge to the U.S. flag was written by a Socialist to promote Socialism?


This easily verifiable fact is something they are more than happy to ignore…while insisting that you do the same, of course. And if you don’t, guess what?

You’re “disrespecting the military”!

So there! Now shut up already and get with the program!

And remember: It’s so-called “conservatives” who are doing this.

It’s these “conservatives” who are defending, propping up, and often outright worshipping rank Socialism in America…while pretending to oppose Socialism in America.

Let that sink in…

Do these “conservatives” even want to hear, much less consider, simple, clear questions like: Would the Founding Fathers take the Pledge of Allegiance?

No way!

And if you persist on asking such glaringly relevant questions, guess what?

You’re “disrespecting the military”!

So there! Now shut up and stop asking these uncomfortable like a good little America-worshipping drone!

Despite (and in direct contradiction to) their claims of being logical, truth-based, honesty valuing, virtue-defending champions of freedom and liberty, these “conservatives” aren’t big on facts, history, critical thought, or the vigorous pursuit of objective truth anytime it conflicts with their preferred (and remarkably pro-Socialism) narrative.

They have no desire to acknowledge, much less address, the simple fact that The Pledge is an explicitly Socialist tool written by a committed Socialist to promote Socialist thought in the minds of America’s young, thereby shaping the American culture into…well…what we have today and the much worse that’s right around the corner.

They have no desire to actually think or promote critical thought when it comes to simple, clear, and incredibly relevant questions like: Would the Founding Fathers approve or reject of The Pledge?

And they don’t want you to think about these things either.

At all.


In this, they are tools and willing accomplices of the Socialism and Leftism that they claim to despise. In their avoidance and suppression of hard truths that undermine their cherished narratives, they’ve become the very things they claim to oppose.

This is the price of idolatry, and we’re watching it roll across our land like a tidal wave of judgment right now.

Rather than acknowledging the overtly Socialist nature of cherished idols like The Pledge, millions of crybully snowflake “conservatives” are instead attempting to fashion shields and swords out of the blood of fallen heroes in order to protect the Socialist beast that’s devouring our culture.

If we honor the fallen, we cannot let this disgusting display go unchallenged.

If we value liberty, we cannot allow these champions of Socialism posing as “conservatives” to succeed in propping up lies and manipulating masses through rank emotional appeals aimed at avoiding the hard realities that we must face head-on if we’re to ever secure true freedom and liberty in the land.

If we love the Lord truthfully we will love America rightly, which requires loving confrontation, correction, and a call to repentance so that His judgment on America might end and true life, liberty, and freedom in America might be renewed.


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3 Responses

  1. The protests and counter protests are not about the Pledge but rather what the flag represents. The protesters are aiming in the wrong direction and causing more division as appears to be the agenda….that is the game plan for Marxism played out Alinsky style. Communist/Marxist backed BLM and Antifa are spearheading this destruction of the nation.
    To be a patriot for our Constitutional Republic is not anti-Christian nor is it anti-Christian to strive for national unity. The flag represents this Constitutional Republic and the individual freedoms and liberties that were in mind with the creation of this nation. The protests should not be against this symbol but should be championing this symbol for restoration of a broken nation and and directed at the miscarriage of justice by our disobedient politicians, judges and bureaucrats.
    I am a Christian and a patriot and this is not an oxymoron. Per Romans 13:1-7 God authorized our governing authority which happens to be the Organic Laws of the United States which includes the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This is what the flag represents. As a Christian I will champion Romans 13:1-7 along with the rest of scripture.
    I am retired military and take my oath of office seriously by defending our God given governing authority. The issue is both rational and emotional….they can't be separated, especially as the Constitution has been made a Washington DC doormat.
    Recently, the funeral home employees wheeled my father out of the house with the flag draping his body as he was a veteran of WW II. My eyes watered heavily due the honor bestowed to my father for his service defending this nation. That flag is now in a triangular frame.

    1. You speak of “the protesters” as though those who refuse the singing of anthems or reciting of The Pledge all do so for the same reasons as members of one monolithic blob. This way of looking at “the protesters” is another marker of a groupthink/American Socialist mindset.

      Similarly, you cannot (or should not, anyway) imagine that you are able set the parameters for all as to what the flag represents. The flag represents, among other things, rank socialism throughout a culture, including the Marxixt-modeled schools in which The Pledge is taken to The Flag.

      Then there’s the “legal” “right” to murder children for convenience (abortion), the “legal” “right” to “gay marriage”, the “legal” “right” to the theft of others’ property in orer to fund various Socialist programs (public schools, Social Security, etc.), and the “legal” “right” to produce, promote, and consume porn, to name just a few of the “cherished rights and liberties” proudly held high and advanced as examples under the U.S. flag.

      As for Romans 13, God’s creatioin of the State and description of power reserved to the *very* limited State (on His terms as described in His Word) is not to be confused with some blanket Hitlerian stamp of approval of anything calling itself a civil government, and it is in no way a blanket command to Christians to submit to all things that a State might advocate or do.

      We have little trouble understanding this when we think of Nazi Germany, but we conveniently forget that the same principle applies to the United States and everyone else. The U.S. government, U.S. Constitiution, and U.S. traditions are to be tested and corrected in light of the Word of God. In Amereica we’ve been conditioned to reverse those roles, making the Constitution our gold standard for law and “We the People” the gold standard for lawmakers. This is rank idolatry and it is killing us.

      The emotional appeals used to try to avoid all of these points and prop up the preferred myths of Americans who have made an idol of America are more and more being revealed as the sad, destructive ramblings of State-programmed drones. Thank God for that!

      Romans 13 LIMITS government radically in ways that many self-described conservative Christians despise. The Word of God makes no room for their mountains of cherished Socialist programs and military adventures.

      Lord willing, “We the people” will stop clinging to our pride and Socialism. Lord willing, we will repent and be freed from them.

      But until we repent, we will only secure our own doom…which is as it must be here in God’s creation…

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